A Quick Word on The Messenger….

Mercury enters Aquarius

27 January
1:12pm EST

We continue to move forward in our present Waxing Phase as Mercury now catches up with our Sun, bringing some communications to where the gathering light recently initiated some new life through The Water Bearer within our Zodiac Pie.

Now through 13 February, mentalities are cleverly stimulated with original, comprehensive, scientific and synthetic ideas. As methods of expression become accurate, agreeable, and at times witty- penetrating and well-drill perceptions are easily able to fill thoughts of what can ultimately be improved upon.

Be sure to be leery of cold, superficial, and detached energies that may display themselves within this area of the life. True to Aquarius form, some unpredictable thoughts may wish to show up, and it is best to embrace them with a friendly attitude as they are processed.

As Mercury squares Jupiter in Taurus upon 28 January, see how these two areas in your life relate, and recognize a structure seeks to be formulated, rather than taking up with the sense of feeling blocked. When we approach the energy of squares with the understanding that we are building out from a corner rather than being pushed into it, there are solutions these two organizational energies are able to emerge. Our Messenger is happy to receive The Optimist’s innate wisdom and fortune to ground what you can truly invent as a new foundation wishes to speak to you as The Water Bearer and The Bull plant things into your life in their own unique and patient ways.

Just before Mercury will take up it’s mysterious swim with The Fishes upon 13 February, it will make an easy flow of conversation with Papa Saturn, who will have just begun it’s Retrograde passage. Listen carefully to what your 29 degree Libra piece of the Zodiac Pie has to say to the 29 degree of Aquarius, for some sound, methodical, cautious, and sobering messages are able to come through loud and clear. The intellect deepens whenever Mercury and Saturn are in good graces with one another, so be sure to check in with what reflection can come through.

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