Venus enters Capricorn 26 November

A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Capricorn
26 November
7:36am EST

Our planet of harmony and seeing both sides of the issue now is journeying where The Goat climbs ambitiously within your Zodiac Pie. What can we expect from Venus’s time with Capricorn throughout December 20th?

There is a collective calling for a constant affection- which just may result in sincere, lasting, protective and shy displays of love as we continue into the holiday season under Mercury REtrograde. What one is wise to avoid here is the gravitation to sensing limitation, challenges, and that nothing will ever happen at all nor develop within our ability to bring forth peace from within as our holiday season now is on.

Venus does wish to cast a pleasurable tone and excellence to your Capricorn house with anyone’s natal chart at this time, wherein she is offering the lessons to learn of developing self-reliance and eliminating unwanted restrictions to seek harmony through.

By 01 December, Venus conjuncts Pluto -in the midst of his long-term transformations here- at 06 degrees Capricorn. What you may see at present already going through a regenerative process, gets a nice wave of agreeable energies to aide it further along.

As the Moon recently passed through here from the 26 to 29 November gathering up in the waxing light, we had a trigger of new energy surge in this area of the life. Look forward to Venus, to make sure balance will continue to unfold blessings until the kick off of a complete fresh energy finds you here upon Christmas Eve when our next New Moon in Capricorn unfolds.

What about you? What area of life does harmony wish to find you in December?

Aries: Career/Public Life
Taurus: Beliefs/Philosophy/Higher Learning
Gemini: Wealth/Core Transformation/Sexuality
Cancer: Partnerships
Leo: Health/Being of Service
Virgo: Creativity/Children
Libra: Home/Family
Scorpio: Thinking/Mentality
Sagittarius: Values/Earning Power
Capricorn: First Impressions/Approaches/Mask to the World
Aquarius: Hidden World/Subconscious/Inner Process
Pisces: Friendships/Groups/Dreams/Wishes

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