Uranus – Pluto Square “Dance” 2012 – 2015


It is no mystery that the energies of a square aspect via astrology can certainly be felt within our collective soul’s consciousness, and we have one now that fully engages from above that promises to bring forth some intense changes down here below throughout early 2015.

Uranus in Aries SQUARE Pluto in Capricorn
Welcome to the Uranus Square Pluto “Dance” if you will. The “hype” of this astrological alignment has been buzzed about in the past few weeks as the square began to form at the 08 degree of these two cardinal signs in early June. Yet, the “dance” of this energy will be happening numerous times until the 15 degree of Aries and Capricorn in the next couple years. The official kick off initiates 24 June at 5:12am EDT/2:12am PDT as the first Direct Square occurs.

The Times Are Gonna Change (Slowly, & Unexpectedly)
This becomes a passage when the understanding how to properly utilize our free will is more important than ever. While squaring off energies are typically viewed as challenging, blocking and hard- there is the opportunity from Aries and Capricorn to examine how these two areas of the life are ideally meant to take on more determination and spiritual energy through the strengthening of the will. A structure wishes to be shown to you here.

The Calling for New Leadership
As we look to the collective, overall we can expect inventive ways to tap into authority, character and independence to bring forth endurance and stability between these leadership energies when the aversion of explosive and fanatical reactions is adhered to, no matter what shows up as an apparent “obstacle.” It will take a lot of time to respond in the SILENT LISTEN to know what these are really about.

While Saturn will start to move forward again in Libra 25 June, the majority of this long term transit transpires as Saturn enters Scorpio come 05 October 2012; where it will unfold even more intense changes for the collective consciousness while visiting this most esoteric, regenerative and transformational sign until it completes in September 2015. Mysteries to be solved come out of the woodwork, and responsibility to true power and scope within our lives will be alive and well like never before in history. In as much as the Mayans understood how much the speeding up of time would present situations that are to bring forth a true sense of death and rebirth for our world, these will undoubtedly be occurring not only from the requests that Saturn in Scorpio ask of us all, but from those that the simultaneous Uranus/Pluto Square in Aries/Capricorn will equally present to handle.

How Patient Can You Be?
As with any kind of planetary promise of change, it will be the difference of the response verses the reaction to what unfolds that will make all the difference in how our free-wills will adapt. The utilization of PATIENCE is one very strong ACT IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE that will bring any soul the resolve that is meant to transpire. What will be a very reflective energy to keep an eye on will be how Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, will currently transit through Scorpio; as the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is currently transiting through Capricorn. As two of our most influential outer planets team up in a sextile energy between these two water and earth signs, some grounded and deeply receptive channels will be available to allow patience be anyone’s guide, but it is the slowing down of the fast movement that the modern day world is now so accustomed to that will ask for us to pay attention to it.

Some people feel right now that our world at large is taking a little bit too much Prozac, for lack of any better analogy. Certainly many parts of it sure are, but the illusion of life’s ride will be over soon. The Mayans were quite insightful so many eons ago to note just how much the human race would have sped our Mother Ship up at this time. We are filtering through a period in history where instead of life being presented to us as glorious- especially through the medias and people in high power’s means- we have fallen short on the free-will of choice that it is all in the eye of the beholder.

What A “Square” Means
When planets meet up at any 90-degree angles from above they cast down the potential to be felt energetically as a total block. Yet, squares are looking to seek the creation of a future foundation. As this is now in how Uranus -the planet of innovation and originality, and indeed the unexpected- is channeling in Aries, will speak sternly at times to Pluto -urging the slowly changing responsibility, stability and learning through experience while in Capricorn- it is time to heed the call to action. Those who are not willing to simplify- which means getting in touch with trust, what is natural, and retreat back to the ways things were always meant to be before man completely complicated our planet as the Mayans said that he would- will have the hardest times ahead.

“Resistance is futile.”
Those who choose via the free-will to remain in it in the next couple of years will be ones for whom the “gloom and doom” will ring ever so loudly. Get ready to move out of whatever apparent comfort zone currently exists. For those who step graciously and willingly out of this present darkness, the Light ahead will be ever-ready to happily shine upon them. It is time for the “real” REVOLUTION to begin, that which honors TO UNITE IT IN ONE TRUE LOVE ROUTINE TO LIVE IT RITE OVER EVIL. Be with LOVE, and that EVOLVE is always going to win over any conflict that comes your way.

Numerologically, the degree points of the many times this Direct Square “Dance” of Uranus and Pluto will unfold throughout the early part of 2015 are more than interesting to note.

How the future details of how the square “dance” continues on:
19 September 2012 @ 06deg Aries/Capricorn
20 May 2013 @ 11deg Aries/Capricorn
01 November 2013 @ 09deg Aries/Capricorn
21 April 2014 @ 13deg Aries/Capricorn (Grand Cardinal Cross)
14 Dec 2014 @ 12deg Aries/Capricorn
16 March 2015 @ 15 degrees Aries/Capricorn

What It Means For Your Sun Sign
The Uranus – Pluto  Square “Dance” will demand that the world LISTEN up, which takes a bit of that SIT IN SILENT TIES to do so. Remembering the slow pace of patience and what it truly requires is of fabulous assistance here.

This is a wise time to take a good look at your natal astrological chart and see just how the 06 to 15 Aries/Capricorn degree points exist within your souls’ star map from above, and the insight it offers you now for these next three years down here below. Being in the expectation of the incredible changes to come within these areas of your life will allow your adaptability to let in the new structure between them. Taking this personal perspective, along with your collective horoscope read on this will bring much understanding to how the beauty of “As Above, So Below, So Within, So Without” is flowing through your present incarnation. A ‘Uranus/Pluto Square-O-Scope’ from the collective’s vantage point, if we may….

Aries: Undoubtedly, you are in the know of all of the unexpected changes already in motion around you. These are bringing forth a true innovation for the entire sense of what “I Am” within your life. This is a time for really letting in all the originality and individuality that you can, for the world is seeing you far differently than it has in quite some time. Everything you perceive about your first impressions and approaches is in a true revolutionary passage, so if it is different, you are on the right track! Now, bring this to create that foundation that is looking to form from the other ongoing transformation where “I Structure” within the life. Your career and public life is one of the most powerful places for you to recognize the current presence of transformation. What doesn’t work for you here is spinning out the scenarios to leave. As you relate this to how the mask you wear to the world is being revolutionized, you can bring on your rebirth like you haven’t in quite some time.

Taurus: You’ve been hearing the inner call to bring reinvention to where “I Process” for quite a pass, and there have been some marvelous break-through experiences in how this is unfolding for you. Do pay close attention to those wild night-time dreams and what they wish to relate to your waking world. Those subconscious realms and ways of experiencing your truest sense of intuition are being broken down from all the old ways and the eccentricity here is something to behold. Not always easy for the rooted Bull to manage, but you can be thankful this is not occurring over-night. Looking to where “I Believe” is calling in compelling ways to you as well, as equally you are being asked to honor the truest sense of transformation here. Whatever rebirth is meant to be playing out in your entire understanding of your higher education and foreign relations, let these changes come and allow you to grow in powerful ways. As you let your idealisms regenerate, you’ll find happy channels that will bring marvelous results reflecting back to you.

Gemini: Where you find your ultimate pleasures from how “I Socialize” is what is moving and shaking in ways you have never been able to imagine before. Those friends and contacts showing up from seemingly bizarre places are all meant to bring innovation to what you truly hope, dream and wish within your life. Such originality currently streams from this area of your life, so if it all seems a bit “off-course” you are indeed on the right track! In your innate way of relating it all, you are able to truly take the energy here to where “I Transform” and make a structure that will support you for years to come. See how the people you are meeting are able to make that wealth better, for you have such a strength to captivate your social ties to work with regenerating your core- from the depths of your soul to the richness that wishes to bless what you have in to so so so much more value than you have ever experienced in your life up til now.

Cancer: While your area of life where “I Structure” is having more than its’ fair share of reinvention, it is the time to recognize the stranger this is seeming, the better off you will be. Definitely not the energy the familiar Crab always likes to be amidst. But, in it you are, and if originality is marking your career and public life at present, you are swimming with the right current. These courses of change are allowing you to also reinvent your relationship to authority as well. Now, looking to where “I Relate” is the other area of life that is working to manifest powerful changes that come from all of your partnerships, from romantic to business. Any kind of one-on-one relationship is up for intense rebirth, so if you are seeing that theme of death/rebirth here, know some people will stay, and others will naturally go. The partnerships that truly serve you are able to bring those innovative changes to your career, so as this structure wishes to form, those emotions of yours should be in response and not the reaction.

Leo: Your request to learn in ways like you never have before is originating loads of new understanding where “I Believe.” Educational pursuits, higher learning and the breakdown of your old philosophies are currently happening with plenty of innovative energies behind them. Your contact with foreign travel and culture is also where you’ll find a re-inventive force dominating the life at present. Don’t resist it. If you take a bit of persistence down to where “I Serve” within your life, you’ll wonderfully discover how much power you truly to have to reign over your forest with. With all of the transformative action happening in what you truly do to serve the world, you can tap into a strength here that will set you up in a relaxed intensity that equally brings peace to your health. If you think your beliefs and your ways of service will not change in these years ahead, oh what a roar may bellow from the Lion’s liar. Be kind to your heart, and you will see just how much the earth starts to reward you in return.

Virgo: So much has already been requested of you to tap into unexpected ways where “I Transform” and now, this gets a slight more intense. Thank goodness you already know how to adapt and enjoy change! The core of who you are is seeing all kinds of different avenues for this to unfold, so seemingly, the more bizarre, the better. Ground-breaking ways for you to take what you have and turn it into wealth are the ones to pay attention to, and ultimately, the way this wishes to solidly happen is from whatever is regenerating where “I Create.” Investors are ready to support your brain-children should you need, but they will want all those T’s and I’s dotted, your specialty of detail. What you can birth to the world now has an amazing force guiding it to cast a regenerative light upon the world, so if you are still being shy, find some confidence and recognize your truest sense of power comes from shining upon the stage of your life. This, makes you feel the richest rewards, that are felt the most right within your core.

Libra: So while those Scales have been seeing themselves unexpectedly tipped at times where “I Relate,” it is a time of improvement within this area of your life. All those new partnerships, business and romantic that have been showing up, really are meant to let your originality out to play. Relationships suddenly moving out of the present picture, are not ones that belong to the new life being brought here. You have a strong sense to tap into a true humanitarian understanding, which wishes to make strength with what “I Nurture.” The transforming energy surging from your home, family, and immediate environments is at times a bit dominating, but you will find these intense changes all have something to do with growing those one-on-one relations. Never mind the arguments here, for your innate way of seeing both sides of the issues will make the outcomes of peaceful resolves your dearest friend. De-ja vu is strong with you in these times, so listen to it well as going with your gut is more powerful for you than ever.

Scorpio: You are in pioneering times within the presence of where “I Serve,” and these, as of late, are at times even a little outlandish for your regular resilience to withstand change. Improvements to your health are calling to check-out breath-through ways that you can tap into, and your routines equally find out of the blue ways that they can change. The way you serve the world is rather up for grabs in the course that it will reinvent itself into for this pass, so being open to these innovative possibilities are the ones to pay closer attention to. You’ll be the spotlight of responsibility in the next couple of years in multitudes of ways, but as you tap into the regenerative force at play where “I Communicate” you will not miss the connection to how your thinking is meant to intensely alter. This is a time when your mind is truly ready to let go of the past patterns, let them die, and birth into the new mental light that is ready to bring structure to that which you are here to truly be of service to within this world.

Sagittarius: You already know how much excitement is happening where “I Create,” and now, this is ready to move to the next level. Make sure you are not missing any of the pioneering ways your creative nature is exploding with brain-children right now- this is truly a time when you are reinventing everything that you create with originality backing you up 110%. Now, these manifestations are ideally looking to have some strength formulate to all that “I Have” as you are in present request of knowing how much intensity your earning power actually has. Your entire sense of worth and value is a regenerative place right now, and if you let your creations aide in what calls for rebirth here, you’ll have aimed your arrows in the right directions. This will take a bit of focus from you, oh divine multi-tasker, to ground what you have in relation to what you are creating. If how you have been earning your daily bread is not making you smile, get busy and see what your mutable soul can do to make the change.

Capricorn: Yes, how about all of those unexpected occurrences that have unfolded where “I Nurture?” Bet you did not see any of that coming, but that is what innovation and originality does when it visits your area of home, family, and immediate environments. Couple this with the other intense permanent changes with your life in the past couple of years Old Goat, where you understand your sense of “I Am.” Now we said resistance is futile. It’s fairly certain you have realized that all of your approaches and first impressions have deeply transformed, and the world has begun to look at you very differently than it ever has before. While you love the tried and true, this doesn’t mean any tradition has been lost for you, but whatever old patterns do not work between these to areas of the life, you bet the unexpected is showing up to transform them. As you journey through this present incarnation, these years are hands down some of the most amazing in your evolution. The more you are open to the new you and recognize this is your security, your souls’ power soars.

Aquarius: Your thinking cap is more than on innovative alert where “I Communicate.” While you are already the sign that brings new life to everything, it is this area of yours that is really exploding with ideas and ways that see some true and original sparks fly for quite some time to come. If you are stepping out of your box more than normal, keep doing it, and let that eccentric mind of yours take incredible flight! Unexpected turns may surface with neighbors and siblings, but just be ready to lend that brotherly and sisterly oriented thinking of yours to make peace. As you take your conscious mind and go to where “I Process” you’ll find that you can tap into those powerful prophecies of yours like no time in your existence. Night-time dreams will always tell you which way to go in your waking world, for these more than likely are revealing quite the precognitive messages in rather intense ways. Be sure to take solid time in meditation or ways to quiet the mind to let the strength of your subconscious mind be able to clearly send its’ transforming messages.

Pisces: Wondering about all of that “zany” energy swimming in the area of what “I Have?” It’s time to get innovative where you earn your dollars, as a true re-inventive force is bringing in unexpected changes to how you bring home the dollars. You know better than any sign in the Zodiac how to adapt, yet, you must take those silent listens to not be deceived by what is next to come. It’s time to truly get original in what you value and what you have- for the old ways of worth are just not the ones that will be floating in your seas. Look to where “I Socialize” to find the strength to tap into the ways these two areas of life can create a new sense of solidarity for you. You have amazing power to hope, dream and wish well, so if these have been under the regenerative scope for you as of late, it is time to let the rebirth in. Old wishes may go, but new ones associated with the groups and organizations you are a part of are meant to be fast friends and help you earn now in original ways.

Throughout the last alignment upon 17 March 2015, may your Aries & Capricorn slices of life restructure through their challenges for change in a resilient strength that only thinks well and feels good in the LOVE to EVOLVE Dear Stars.

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