Full Moon
at 28 deg Virgo
19 March
2:10PM EDT

It is that time of the month again when all of our recent initiations find their strongest light. Our Moon enters Virgo, Thursday 17 March at 4:53pm EDT until Saturday, 19 March at 4:03pm EDT.

The Full Moon typically brings intensity to our emotions, and this month as our Lunar Lady is closest to the Earth in over 18 years, we can be sure that amazingly strong feelings will emerge. Precisely as it peaks in its’ fullness, The Moon becomes Void-Of-Course, which equally asks for us to engage in reflection until it enters Libra a couple hours later.

Mars presently guards our Sun in Pisces; who will be only a mere 10 degrees away from it as the 28-degree Virgo Full Moon kicks-off Saturday at 2:10pm EDT. We truly have a dynamic pull against what is meant to complete as review time begins once more within our lives. As Mars further motivates the recent new beginnings over our Waxing Phase, release wishes to occur in the opposite area of your Zodiac Pie.

Our Moon, as it completes its’ waxing in shy Virgo, also is at a very vulnerable place as all light is shining upon her. However The Virgin serves within you, energies and emotions here have all the more open channel to let guards down, and possible insecurities be revealed. Yet, it is under this concentration that beneficial inner work and healing can be done.

This Full Moon in Virgo requests that the collective looks to matters concerning health, purity, routine, service, and efficiency in our habits. Our present Sun in Pisces brings on the enthusiasm for sympathy and understanding, now being complimented by the Moon, engages in balance with the logical choices of health and serving others.

Your Virgo piece of your personal Zodiac Pie points to where you will feel quite an intensity this Saturday, as well as the area of life to focus upon for release and reflection for the next two weeks until our next New Moon upon 03 April.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, it is full analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE Full Moon in Virgo, 19 March

Aries: Been imagining to improve your personal habits and health Dear Rams? If you’ve been headstrong and choose not to focus on this important task at hand, it’s time to listen up. There is a worn-out way you are being of service to others, so take this time to let go, and get ready for a new routine. Pay close attention to dreams tonight, they will let you know what exactly to do to make it happen.

Taurus: Let The Bull happily out of his pen! Whatever artistic or creative adventure you’ve been putting all your patience into for comes to a conclusion. Children or brain children require your attention now. You’ve been feeling open to love affairs, and it is best to take a stance and ponder where they fit upon your stage of life. Take up courage with any conflicts with friends that may arise.

Gemini: Emotions swirl as you arrive at conclusions that pertain to your home and family. The Career desires more right now, but remember there is still balance you need to place in this opposing area of your life. Don’t logically think that sense of déjà vu is the other side of yourself talking- be sure to listen to the instinctive messages being channeled to you.

Cancer: There’s an out-dated thought process Dear Crabs that must be released. You instinctively know it’s best not to worry, so take this planetary gift and find far better ways to spend your time thinking. Your beliefs are stimulated strongly to change when you do. Complete the educational pursuits that sharpen your intuition and lend you more logic to curb emotional reactions- learn them now!

Leo: Focus intensifies upon your values, earning power, and what is it all worth to you. Now is the time to reclaim your securities. Take a hearty look at your possessions, swallow up the pride, and let go of something so new values will be granted the proper room to grow. Remember the new beginnings that have begun their transformations from the last New Moon? These grow stronger now.

Virgo: Don’t shy away from this magical spotlight! You recent new partnership beginnings now ask for you to try on some new approaches and let go of habits that don’t truly serve you. You’re humble enough to take this time for yourself without raising the ego bar too high, so go on, let the world see those first impressions of yours morph into more practical means you are meant to share.

Libra: Those inner layers of your Scales look for some solitary time to even it all out. Your psyche is vibrant with internal messages it wishes to process. Matters of the subconscious are able to be resolved. Tie up the loose ends concerning the hidden parts of yourself: be friendly to them. Ultimately, these help you further the recent changes you have made in the area of serving others.

Scorpio: There is a request to take a look at routines within your friendships and organizations. Whatever doesn’t serve you here now presents the perfect opportunity for change. Reflect upon the recent roles you’ve played in your groups, and your wishes here will blossom later on. Your creative urges are finding light to shine; so accept the invitation to socialize, it helps them flourish.

Sagittarius: Career matters look to you for decisions that will be made on where it is all going. There is a lot of transition in this area of the life as reflection unfolds. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all are awaiting significant changes, which you, above all signs, are always eager for. Make logical reassessments here now, and leave the dreaminess at home where it belongs.

Capricorn: Your philosophical outlooks are in review and which ones serve you best for the long-term. There’s an important trip that’s either finishing now, you will take, or you are reflecting upon. There is an urge to expand somehow, and idealism is surely by your side to make sure you are optimistically climbing the mountain that leads you to higher education. Stop the fighting within your mind.

Aquarius: Your wealth and financial revisions look for new life to be brought to them. Not enough intimacy in a personal relationship? Take some time in this area to reflect upon bringing in a true transformation here, for this is no time to remain fixed in resistance. Your earning power and sense of value has lots of new energy behind it, so feel inventive in how you can make it all worth more.

Pisces: Those closest to you, personal or business related, captivate your feelings for this lunation, as you’ll sense the request for release and conclusion here. People come and people go, and you’ll have to tap into your intuition, which, logically shows you the answers you seek here. With all of your dynamic new approaches, be sure you keep swimming in the school of courage, not ego.


This Full Moon is the closest one to the Earth in over 18 years!
You will undoubtedly FEEL this lunation!
Take in some wonderful wisdom from Richard Nolle!