Mercury’s BIG Trick on Facebook

At the current age of 6, Facebook -which was born 04 February, 2004- is in the spotlight light of being true to it’s life path of the 12’s ‘The Sacrifice- The Victim.’ Upon the 05 May, 2010, the global networking site just so happened to stumble upon one of its’ unexpected Uranus 4 karmic path’s obstacles. This resulted in the need to learn more of those lessons, while adhering to being “the kneeling submissive student” -the motto any 12 energy should take on for ultimate success.

We find Facebook in a current 9 Personal Year, where courage is well-advised to be utilized as opposed to the forces of aggression and conflict. We all saw recognition and reward being reached within 2009’s 17/8 Personal Year. More luck on Facebooks’ side was Jupiter simultaneously transiting through its’ sun sign Aquarius over this time -furthering the giants’ rapid expansion and social popularity to continue to soar- as the world became more attached every day to updating their status.

Yet, even the swift can come upon challenges and obstacles as Facebook follows their 4 karmic path to a tee. May 2010 finds the social networking site in a communicative and “to the masses” 5 Personal Month. Through 11 May, this month pairs Facebook up with a Mercury REtrograde passage in its’ collective 4th house of “home/family.” The Messenger surely played a tremendous trick upon the site’s sense of security and privacy. These are the very things our 4th House provides for us in real life, while for an entity such as Facebook, this applied to the User’s Profile and cyber space “home.”

True to Mercury’s guidance over it’s current 5 Personal Month, Facebook more than quickly responded to the internet glitch that allowed the eavesdropping into the normally hidden chat on one of the sites’ private communicating functions. One thing a 4 karmic path never does, is allow even the most challenging obstacles to stop them. Albeit Mercury may still be back-tracking in the privacy sector of their collective birth chart, but Facebook’s energy in the current 5 Personal Month totally allowed for a speedy response in its’ current 9 Personal Year.

Looking ahead, we will see what other privacy and security measures may be taken into consideration as Mercury completes its’ shadow phase through 28 May. There is a finalization and conclusion coming to Facebook in September 2010. October marks some new beginnings that will emerge. By January 2011, be ready for the “face” of Facebook to look completely different once again.

There are a many things this entity is currently making room for, as the public will see a whole new fresh “face” as 2011 unfolds. Face it Facebook Fans, you can’t stop Uranus from bringing new life to things. As much as users may resist the new changes, an 04 February birthdate will never ever stop re-inventing itself.

Where you “Chatting” 05 May, 2010?