LUNAR-O-SCOPE: NEW Moon, SOLAR Eclipse in Sagittarius 2011

25 November 1:10am, 1:20am EST

New IDEAS as Reflecting AIDES

Aim high for one of the more auspicious New Moons within this Zodiac Year, as we equally experience the initiations of a Solar Eclipse! This month sees our Lunar Lady kick-off in Sagittarius, which has been perfectly making the space for true new beginnings to emerge here since the Lunar Eclipse in June. For certain the time is now to anticipate a long term passage of fresh energy where those Archer arrows urge to expand within your Zodiac Pie- but we will all do these with a little pause, until Mercury returns to Direct Motion in Sagittarius 13 December.

Moon enters Sagittarius
Thursday 24 November, 8:57pm EST to Saturday 26 November, 10:05pm EST
Whenever our Lunar Lady spends time with The Archer, we are encouraged to gravitate to exploration, education, philosophy, inquiry, along with a touch of luck and good fortune: the natural gifts of a Moon in Sagittarius. Fitfully enthusiastic instincts coupled with honorable, highly independent, and buoyant emotions are ready to be embraced by the collective. Meanwhile, do be on the look out for the mutable fire here to possibly catch you off-guard- as restless, outspoken, roving, and superficial energies may distastefully display themselves.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse 25 November, 1:10am, 1:20am EST, 02 degrees Sagittarius
Early Friday’s Lunar kick-off will cast an easily stimulated instinct that anyone can find inspiration within when true imagination is applied. Embracing the warm, spontaneous and intuitive feelings that wish to spark- ultimately keep any potential for argumentative reactions to emotionally explode at bay. Remember within mutable fire, there are no limits, so the innate wisdom to know when to say when is smart to adhere to.

Be sure to check the Sagittarian House, in particular the 02 degree piece, in your personal birth chart to see where a new start will be stemming from for many months ahead that will require true nurturing, sensitivity, and imagination to accompany it. Any New Moon offers us a precise trigger each month, and when coupled by a Solar Eclipse, we are granted a longer period where seeds planted here truly engage us in a lush energy that we can continue to reap and see reward from.

For the Collective
While any given New Moon brings forth the opportunity to engage in a fresh start to our emotions, we’ve kinda got a “catch 22” where Sagittarius affects us. As new beginnings do desire to aim from where The Archer lives in our Zodiac Pies, Mercury currently requests we take the necessary time for reflection and reassessments, 24 November through 13 December. Ideally, you will take note of the initiations wishing to find you, but for optimal success over the long-term with any of them, it is best that we hold off on signing legal bindings and the activation of anything important until after The Messengers’ forward motion returns 13 December. Check in with your full do’s and don’ts of this current MRx at Minding Mercury Rx in The Archer’s Aims.

Aside from the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, there are plenty of other energies stirring where Sagittarius seeks to expand your life. Venus is just about to conclude it’s journey here, having nicely paved the way over the past couple weeks in this area for harmony and a sense of peace to unfold. With strong request of the current North Nodes’ transit to be diligent to The Archer, this affect truly wishes for focus and perhaps even extra effort to this piece of anyone’s Zodiac Pie. Honor where the North Node is asking for your attention. If you choose to walk away, essential life teachings will be missed out upon, truly setting up karmic repercussions. Tie it all in with Mercury doing his “backwards thing” at present here, and there is quite an intensity that Sagittarius is calling for us all to listen carefully to.

One more astrological “tid bit” is the trine from Retrograding Uranus at 0 degrees Aries makes to our New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Sun at 02 degrees Sagittarius. Checking in where these two spots relate within your Zodiac Pie equally encourage us to take advantage of new opportunities offered- resulting in benefits for a long time to come. There is a wealth of extra intuition and energetic feelings that angle in with this lunation, all in an intense search for freedom and unique ways to revolutionize our lives. As your Sagittarian area of life seeks a new sense of security, Aries is paving the way for further independence to allow it to be comfortable. Understanding this dynamic connection opens a smooth and easy path- truly a wonderful gift from above anyone down here below can choose to be enthusiastic about.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon, SOLAR Eclipse in Sagittarius 2011
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a closer perspective to how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: A fresh philosophy awaits for you to unleash it Dear Ram. Think about taking a trip if you aren’t already in action to do so. You’ll be stirred in the months ahead to travel, even if you only simply expand the mind with some knowledge. Pursue something that puts your pioneering spirit heading towards higher education. As you keep on expecting the unexpected in your approaches and first impressions, be open to a new belief that requires your use of courage to grow and evolve.

Taurus: Been thinking about how to improve securities and finances Dear Bull? It’s a prominent time to take a look at your wealth, along with your shared/joint resources. Yet, be cautious with any long-term investments until Mercury goes Direct. Should you be urged to grow your roots deeper in the intimacy department, a super charged energy is at your fingertips for regeneration and focus here! A core transformation comes through when you spend time in solitude that you didn’t have planned.

Gemini: You love the act of relating Mini Gem, and there is an intense draw to those who are closest to you now. Should your partnerships see flare-ups, this is a fabulous time to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. Deny the argument and kill ‘em with kindness: a truly magical formula that unites a many things, and do look forward to new beginnings here as 2012 unfolds which bond with your groups and organizations to find unusual ways to break though with honoring your hopes and dreams.

Cancer: Your gut is spot on in telling you to embark on new routines, personal habits, and improvements to your health, so strongly grab hold of these ideas with those claws! As you re-examine your means of service to others, should people be acting crazy in the work place- find a way to make them feel right at home. Innovation and originality wish to unfold within your career and public life. How about a new pet? They’ll manifest soon- or enjoy time with those you already have.

Leo: There’s nothing to stop you Royal Lions from socializing! It’s time to engage in a fresh creative adventure, one that will capture your attention for months to come. Meanwhile, Mercury also recommends returning to an unfinished project for equal satisfaction. Any children, or “brain children” require your focus. Love affairs of new and old flirt with you, easily moving on to a higher level later. As you think about how all this is changing your original beliefs, you’ll learn something astonishing.

Virgo: Don’t be shy about what needs to start anew within your home and family life. Domesticated life is where you serve best right now, just steer clear of The Messengers’ miscommunications here! Don’t doubt that déjà vu -listen closely to the instinct you hear from within- as its’ message is of karmic importance. What is changing on your home front has much to do with your wealth and core transformations, whereby an out of the blue legacy may inspire a sudden emergence of rebirth.

Libra: New ways of thinking are ready for you to embrace them in the months ahead. Intellectually there are opportunities to aid in balancing the mentality, but of course let Mercury’s review do its’ reflective work first. Your neighbors or siblings may tip your Scales to learn from them- apply patience along with listening here. As the lover of peace, your challenge is to seek to better understand what’s coming at you unexpectedly within your close partnerships, and let this bring calm to your mind.

Scorpio: New and necessary changes will be seen within your value system, further resulting in an upcoming adjustment of your earning power. Look at your possessions, you’ll know by 2012 when to acquire something new that feels totally worth it. With Mercury reviewing here at present, communications can stir up thoughts to clean-up principles, aiming them in totally different directions. All this nicely ties in with the innovative ways you are finding that you can be of service to others.

Sagittarius: The light shines upon your approaches to become anew Dear Archer, but slow down please to catch the energies that will be of great benefit to you now. You are wise to take a patient pace with The Messenger’s presence up front and center- so you can reflect on that new mask you’ll be wearing for 2012. As the world is eager to see this unveiling, it is even more thrilled to see what alignment your creative juices are going to invent next, originating from beyond your normal ideals.

Capricorn: The inner layers of your psyche and the unknown await your toil. Subconscious urges shift your focus from perfection to work on the most hidden parts of yourself. Best you refrain from overtime right now and really listen. Be silent. Pay attention to your dreams. Hear the opportunity to find a new enthusiasm that works well to lift your soul? You’ll find this strongly connects with your sense of security at home, which is improving amongst the sudden changes you have been seeing.

Aquarius: Be friendly to the energy wishing to bless your friendships and organizations. Set new goals in your groups, which find fresh ways for your hopes and dreams to embrace new life. Go without resistance on that spontaneous invitation to socialize- it’s a fantastic door to an aspiring adventure of future importance. Should a friend have to be released under Mercury’s reflection, you’ll survive. All streams from here let you think more clearly, originally and eccentrically than ever before.

Pisces: The Fishes find themselves swimming with lively currents concerning career matters right now, and there is a new spark that allows all to move forward once Mercury is looking where he is going. News you’ve been waiting for in regards to your purpose, mission, and reputation will have you feeling totally charged up. Tie this in with knowing there is an innovative way your earning power is meant to dynamically change, and your public life will ride the biggest wave of inspiration in 2012.