Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Scorpio

05 May 
11:35pm EDT
Rerooting Our Core…This Full Moon in Scorpio brings the collective focus to a pure request to remain in the eye of the storm to allow our core to be replanted as another reflective passage begins. The path of this Lunar peak takes us up in the intense winds of change. Should we resist -choosing not to listen to the voice within- the regenerative force of Scorpio will surface hard-bitten verses self-reliant feelings throughout this Waning Phase until 20 May.

Moon enters Scorpio
Friday 04 May, 10:20pm EDT til Sunday, 06 May at 9:39pm EDT
Anytime our Moon is transiting in a water sign, our emotions have all the more tendency to become a powerful force over us. As our Lunar Lady soars with The Eagle, this precisely asks for examination of our core. As we filter our emotions in regards to transformation and self-control, we are able to bring forth an acute instinct and imagination to embrace.

Full Moon, 05 May, 11:35pm EDT, 16 degrees Scorpio
This is the second request for emotional reassessments within Spring 2012. The 16 degrees Scorpio point within the personal Zodiac Pie shows where a magnetic energy is wishing to speak. The 16 is critical to pay close attention to- for this cipher always asks for us to be still, and take up with a SILENT LISTEN. It is imperative with any 16 citing, to be ready for the storm around us, and make sure we dig deep into our intuition to remain in the eye of it in knowing response verses deceptive reactions. Anyone engaged in the ego too high up on their tower in life, will plummet as the 16’s ‘The Shattered Citadel’s’ energy promises.

Matters concerning our determination, sensitivity, and power to investigate will be present. The capacity for reliving past experiences is strong, and relying on psychic energies is prominent. Be aware of stinging, self-tormenting, and defiant reactions. The urge to manipulate should be avoided. Desires will be powerful and channeling them with proper intention is essential for this regenerative force to optimally heal.

For the Collective
We equally will be experiencing this lunation upon a calendar date that is interesting to note. 05-05-2012 is 3 divisions of 5- resulting in the Universal karmic path energy of 5, and the Universal life path energy of 15/6. The 5 is known as The Adaptor, the bringer of permanent changes, movement and communications- especially concerning the masses.  With a 16 degree Scorpio Full Moon, expect some changes that ask for your adaptation, and surrender to the release.

Furthering examining the 15 Universal life path of this lunation, we find any of us as the self (1) experiencing change (5). Again, resisting what is being asked to reroute from our core is not a wise choice for the free-will.  Going with the flow of change, will emerge the 15’s promise of ‘The Magician’ in where Venus’s harmony and peace through the 6 will be the end result. The changes coming are only meant to bring a necessary balance, when one takes on that SILENT LISTEN to recognize this.

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Scorpio, 05 May 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. When we are in proper tune with our emotional beings- we then have the best thoughts flowing in our lives, and the magic of manifestation begins. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice.  Keep in mind, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

Aries: Focus your attention and review your investments, taxes, shared/joint resources, all that “I Transform.” Other people’s sources of money may no longer serve you. Remember just to look, and then take even more time to make your moves because Venus Retrograde that begins 15 May has the brakes on for forward motion here until 27 June. Intense regeneration now takes you in directions you’ve never known before- exploring intimacy and the true depths of your soul.

Taurus: Remain determined and not stubborn to share your feelings about those closest to you, personal or business, all of how “I Relate.” A person from the past may surface, or one equally may be let go of as conclusions form here. You are reflective upon how you ultimately carry out your personal one on ones. Whatever doors have recently closed in your life, recognizing how they have transformed you will allow some new ones to show themselves all the easier.

Gemini: Your routine, personal habits, and health seek both sides of you to unite to bring on some regeneration in how “I Serve.” This requires you to stop moving, at least for a little while! The power you find in stillness brings forth all the answers that wish to come. Take a look at the way you are of service to the world, for there are equal improvements to be made. Time spent with pets is a source of healing and brings unity from the depths of your soul.

Cancer: That artistic adventure you’ve been putting all your imagination into looks for a completion where “I Create.” Children may be on your mind, or require your focus now. Love affairs are being contemplated, and you are anxious to figure out whether they are meant to become something you bring the curtain up or down upon. Take some time to be social and get out there in the spotlight, for there is applause you are also about to receive upon your stage.

Leo: Home and family matters become quite heartfelt, and there are issues concerning them that will find a release from how “I Nurture.” Time spend cleaning in the home rejuvenates and makes room for new energies to emerge here later. Remember there is still balance you need to achieve where you recharge in the Lions’ lair.  Play close attention to any déjà vu – under this especially psychic full moon you’ll be sure to receive an extra intense and powerful message.

Virgo: Time to re-organize your thoughts Dear Virgin, and where “I Communicate.” This is truly no time to be in doubt, for this never serves you. When you sense something deep, keep going there. Taking time in reflection to write, educate, or learn should delight your need to intellectualize, but be sure you don’t get stuck in logic. Something has been holding your thought process back for a long time that urges that regenerative energy to shine upon you now.

Libra: Your value system urges your investigation, for it’s time to re-evaluate your securities within all that “I Have.” A source of earning power may see a conclusion or change. Consider parting with possessions, especially ones you are dependent upon and truly no longer need. Steer clear of impulsive purchases- find bargains. Remember the current feelings surrounding the slow patient process in your life wish to continue to teach what you must learn to evolve.

Scorpio: The most reflective time of the year is upon you now, and it’s your spotlight Eagle! New approaches and letting go of what doesn’t fit into your passionate and magnetic world is the mystery that awaits your detective solution dealing with all that “I Am.” There is a different way the world is about to see you- these last moments of release desire your attention before that new mask can be put on. Let go of a worn out impression you needlessly carry about the world.

Sagittarius: There are plenty of arrows shooting off in your subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy will take you Archer, where “I Process.” You are sensing the workings of that inner world, to go further within hidden matters that wish to be resolved. A re-educational process involving spirituality unravels that surely will have you aiming higher than ever. Take special note of your dreams, as these equally share innate wisdom about your waking world.

Capricorn: Time to hold up on the toil old Goat and labor with your friendships and organizations, and get thee to where “I Socialize.” You may relive a many experiences within the roles you’ve played in your groups. An ultimate responsibility here brings new life to you, so don’t miss the task at hand which requires a rebirth, as maybe some traditions in this area need revitalizing. When you receive that unexpected invitation, don’t use work as an excuse not to go.

Aquarius: Matters of the career and public life is where reflection asks you take a vacation from all of your inventions so you can focus upon where “I Structure.” Your purpose, mission, and reputation all await significant changes. A long-term project here comes to fruition. An intense and passionate new life is on the horizon for your career, but first, you must release from what is holding you back from your own truth. Pondering your view on authority is also strongly advised.

Pisces: What expression no longer is powerful enough Dear Fishes where “I Believe?” The waters are safe now for you to swim in the course of necessary change here. You are finishing up or reflecting upon a travel adventure. Even if you only take a trip in the mind- you are urged to find some real higher education that releases a worn-out philosophy. Gravitate to your deepest psychic realms for genuine rewards, for the unknown here is ready to rejuvenate you.

IT’S ALSO A SUPER MOON! The biggest one you’ll see in 2012!!