SATURANUS-O-SCOPE, 26 July 2010 Opposition

1:07pm EDT, 26 JULY
World Axis, 0 degrees Aries/Libra

Since 04 November 2008, our big and outer planet players of Uranus and Saturn have been doing their periodic tour de force that occurs every 25 or so years. When you take Uranus -the planet of originality, eccentricity, and the unexpected- and put him head to head with the tradition, responsibility, and learning through experience of the karmic adjustor Saturn, the outcome is sure to bring break-through resolve to the collective energies we thus see unfold.

The first of these passes occurred the very day the United States elected their current President Barack Obama, upon 04 November 2008, while Uranus was still in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo, at 18 degrees. American humanity finally concluded that it no longer needed to discriminate what color a man’s skin is to allow him to be elected to lead their country.

The next three face-offs of Uranus and Saturn also fell within the polar energies of the Fishes and the delicate Virgin. 05 February 2009 at 20 degrees, 15 September 2009 at 24 degrees, 26 April 2010 at 28 degrees. One can certainly say since President Obama became elected –and whether you agree or disagree about the job he has performed thus far- our world has continued to become more complex and riddled with economical restructuring. Saturn in Virgo audited anyone who was not responsible, while Uranus in Pisces allowed all hidden secrets needing to be revealed to become exposed.

Hard times? Not really, if you look to the reality of the situations. Saturn doesn’t put up with people doing things in ways that they should not. He sets down serious and extremely hard lessons to learn from. Yet, if one was conducting themselves with integrity, and greed was not an element in their picture, you see who is still standing.

Now, as Saturn has now recently entered Libra upon the 21 July -while Uranus currently retrogrades at 0degrees Aries- this final confrontation promises to be an intense one as the 0degrees point of Aries and Libra is none other than that of the World Axis. Whilst the global energies at present are undoubtedly in the midst of tremendous shift, the collective is requested at this time to truly examine our responsibility to co-operation while it stirs revolutionary ideas abound about how freedom can ultimately still be attained in unions.

The world as we know it is changing. Those who resist realizing we are meant to take it all down a notch -from the materialism and excessive ways of living that have conditioned society to co-dependency- will continue to see be seen falling high off their thrones. Whilst we are meant to live better with less at this period in history, the close square of Retrograding Pluto at 03 degrees Capricorn is equally setting off a new found structure as Uranus and Saturn oppose one another that bestows we return to tradition, efficiency, and discipline within all forms of power.

There is an ultimate satisfaction the collective can tap into that deals with Saturn’s request that we relate to others more conscientiously than we ever have before. Uranus urges we brings forth new and innovative ideas that, will allow our independence to be channeled into revolutionary forms of enterprise that pioneer positive solutions for humanity. While selfishness is not part of the future, self-worth most certainly is.

And what about YOU!? But of course, you are personally affected within your natal birth chart by this historical planetary passage. The current transits of Saturn and Uranus are in opposing houses within your astrological map of the heavens, calling upon two specific areas of your life to arrive at their own conclusion about how to achieve ideal harmony. Recognizing that Saturn has what Uranus needs and vice versa in order for true completion to occur, is key to not allowing these energies to fall to resistance in your life.

So, once more, we have designed a hmmm, what shall we call this… a current SATURANUS-SCOPE? (Definitely like how these two planets can find such a perfect balance within their very letters!) From the collective horoscope perspective, you can find sound advise below as to how this last opposition will be affecting you. Remember, it is the full mathematical analysis of the natal birth chart that is equally helpful in gaining all angles of the bigger picture. Should you know your rising sign, and if it falls early within your Ascendant, (typically before 10 degrees) then read that sign’s advice, as this more often than not, will apply to your natal birth charts’ current transits.



Aries: Have you been feeling the surges of the unexpected upon all of your approaches Dear Ram? As Uranus is truly trying to break down what you no longer need to pioneer your truth in life, Saturn is bringing on the responsibility to all of your intimate partnerships. Utilize that virtue you need working on the most, patience, right now over the next couple of years with all that you relate to. Trust that if you don’t exercise courage, Saturn will make your lessons here all the harder to learn. You’ll get a little break from Uranus as it will tie up some unfinished business in Pisces mid-August through mid-March 2011, but after this, gear up for the innovations to unfold in your life one after the other for a few years to come.

Taurus: All is coming to a most poised pause in your ability to be of service and how those inner processes work patience Bull. Your subconscious realms may have already been witnessing some eccentric channels open up, and this, may be throwing your stance off just a slight. Have no worries you will be uprooted into new ground in the many years ahead that Uranus will be here. Saturn urges you to equally look to how you perform your work for others, and see what further co-operation is necessary to bring your services to life. Your overall health is especially not to be ignored over these next coupled of years, so don’t even think you can be stubborn about it.

Gemini: Wow, The Twins are going to just love all of the excitement that is coming into the friendship and organizations part of the life. If you meet up with the unusual in this area, know you are in the right place, for you’ll so go against the norm here for the next few years. But, what will require some of your focus and diligence through the fall of 2012 is your creative abilities, which now, will be gravitating you to work extra hard to achieve them. Don’t let Saturn get you down here, for if you stumble upon feelings of imperfection, don’t let this tip you into an unbalance. Your innate cleverness is meant to master and learn a more responsible way of handling all that your mind wishes to communicate. Children can also be an area of focus and where extra attention is required. If you’re planning on expanding the family, this may very well open up new life to be born.

Cancer: You’ve already been awaiting quite some time for a career change haven’t you? Uranus is here now to break you through to new ground. Don’t forget his loose ends in Pisces from mid-August through mid-March 2011, but one thing you can expect is the unexpected will unfold here for a few years to come. Sink your pinching claws into innovation, and your imagination is sure to soar! Saturn, on the other hand, is checking out your home life, and wants to bring a new sense of wisdom to how you handle this very opposite energy. The home and family is of major focus through the fall of 2012, and there is plenty you will learn from experience here. However it will manifest, your responsibility to this will become greater and it will teach you plenty about attaining stability.

Leo: Whatever you thought you believed Dear Lion, get ready to be daring and enthusiastic about new ways that you carry your messages to the world. There maybe some unexpected foreign travel to experience in the next few years, and for certain your higher education can’t wait to be improved upon. Saturn will work hard within your own thinking and mentality to make sure you are being self-reliant and adapt to the changes that are to be seen within the next couple of years here. You are going through a serious learning process that will only improve your royal wisdom if you let it. Cast-off those negative thoughts should they arise out of your court, and you’ll reign a new stretch of forest in your mind like the king you are.

Virgo: If you’ve done your personal homework in the last couple of years oh studious one, get ready to now reap some rewards in your earning power. You love a project with details to iron-out, as this one now involves your finances, and setting real goals for the future. Uranus is stirring up unexpected ways you can take on investments. Yet, be cautious, as Uranus here equally can see flux. An out of the blue inheritance is possible over the next few years. With Saturn handling your values and regular income, don’t ignore his wisdom here to be responsible not only when it comes to money, but in what you value in matters of love. There is a definite maturity you will take in the relationship area, so it’ll be up to you to know whether they are to stay or to go. Just don’t utilize too much of your innate logic when it comes to love.

Libra: Now, all Scales, Saturn is nothing to be scared of while he karmically adjusts your life now through the fall of 2012. It is a time when you will find some of the most beneficial rewards if you don’t resist what he wants to you recognize about the mask you have been wearing for quite some time. It’s time for more responsibility in your approaches, and rest assured, the world will see you differently that it ever has before over these next couple of years. What’s fun for you now, will be the unexpected and eccentric relationships that are meant to aide you in the balancing act to clean up your appearance. There are a many dramatic changes that await to unfold in your partnerships for the next few years, and if some people come and go quickly, know this is all part of the Universe’s master plan. You’ll find, you embrace a tolerance for others over these years ahead that even you, didn’t realize existed within you.

Scorpio: There will be a plenty of original ways you’ll be finding your abilities to serve will adapt to in the next few years to come. New innovations in how you deal with co-workers and those who equally serve you will surface in the most unusual fashions. There maybe restlessness you feel in the workplace to change gears completely. Should unexpected health issues arise, know too, these are all part of your soul’s natural transformations, and what will come and go here can fall into the mysteriousness you prefer. Saturn takes on your inner process through the subconscious realms, and urges that you learn from the experiences that your own sharpening of the saw require through the fall of 2012. The rewards of releasing your deepest fears are meant to psychologically redefine you, but your innate self-control is necessary to recognize how to manifest your creative vision and dreams into sound realities.

Sagittarius: Your social scenarios take a more responsible turn through the fall of 2012. There is a level of leadership you will find yourself taking on within your organizations, or leave ones that do not benefit you. Should certain friends exit the scene, they weren’t holding up to their end of the balance it takes to be true alliances. You’ll find you will be very discriminating about whom you are willing to spend your time with now, for you won’t prefer to waste it away. Uranus is exploding in your creative nature, presenting new ways that you can pioneer that multi-tasking brilliance you possess. There may be an unexpected pregnancy in the few years ahead, and your ability to express originality to children will be heightened completely. Love affairs may also come out of nowhere, and present themselves under the most bizarre situations.

Capricorn: It’s been a patient labor of love to wait for the right time, and it is now here to finally make that career move. Thank goodness you love work and what you can structure Old Goat, because you’ll be finding yourself in the midst of your most favorite thing to do over the next 2 years and counting. Much more responsibility will come your way. While stability is still meant to be your guide, don’t miss the opportunities to improve in this area. Should this involve a sudden change in residence, definitely know this is all part of the plan to make life much easier for the long term. If a move is not personally planned, renovations within the home are ideal to perform in the next few years ahead. There maybe unexpected changes in the family, but make sure these do not fluctuate your moods into erratic reactions. Try on a different way to how you react to challenges, and just watch how your ambition will take you only higher up your mountain.

Aquarius: Your ruling planet is spicing up the Universe at the beginning of it all for the next few years, and so too, will your thinking and mentality take on daring ways to invent all you are to continue to bring to life. While you are already revolutionary, the things you can now unleash will shock the world into a genius way of being independent. Saturn will take on your thoughts and make sure you turn these into responsible beliefs. Should you want to find yourself taking on the student role, there is no better time to educate yourself than over the next couple of years. If traveling is in your plans, you will find this will not be so much for pleasure as it will be for business; as well as for the ultimate purpose of attuning your philosophical side with wisdom and the lessons you’ll ultimately learn from these experiences.

Pisces: Get ready to adapt to the flux and sudden change in how you value what you cherish the most in your vast ocean Fishes. You may find yourself earning money in different ways, and it is be a period where your income flow isn’t always the same. The more you tune-in to knowing the unexpected is the way to swim here, you’ll be prepared for anything. The patterns you’ve established in the area of values and love in general will see interesting adjustments. Saturn brings the necessary balance in how you will be dealing with these transformations and all the death and rebirth you’ll see through the fall of 2012. There are assets, investments, and large-scale financial dealings that require a keen eye to watch over them at present, make sure you are getting the fair end of the deal. Should sexual affairs seem mundane, you’ll need some imagination to create a spark. You’ll also redefine your truest sense of personal power over this time, and come out ready to take on the world.