Pluto goes Direct in Capricorn 16 September

a quick word on The Transformer…

Pluto goes Direct in Capricorn

2:40pm EDT 16 September

How’s the planet of transformation been allowing you to reflect where The Goat ambitiously climbs within your life since early April?

Reaching back to 04 degrees Capricorn from 07deg- it’s been Pluto’s request in this specific area of the life to review and reassess here. Now, take these gifts and get ready to see some true regeneration and change take forward motion. There is a large scope here you can embrace that shows how the entire picture of power is presently moving within your life.

For the collective, we see a return to further Pluto in Capricorn’s request for the compelling need to achieve self-discipline within our lives. Recognizing what we can preserve, endure, conserve, and make more efficient for the whole will be rewarded.

In this long-term period of change that began for the world in November 2008, modern day materialism is slowly and surely being brought to a sense of death. We can unravel the truth of our future by learning through our experience, adapting to stability, and honoring established wisdom within our lives.

One clue about some very well known established wisdom:
We all must LOVE to EVOLVE.

Namaste My Dear Stars.