A Quick Word on The Messenger….

Mercury enters Pisces

13 February

8:38pm EST

Our Messenger now swims where The Fishes communicate sympathy, receptivity, reflection, and sensitive perceptions within our lives. Through 02 March, expect some movement and stirs of change to demonstrate themselves here, in subtle and chameleon like ways.

You’ll find, the typical Mercurial logic is not the path that will bring forth the energies that wish to find you at this time, but a true sense of unraveling the mysterious can emerge to aide in embracing the blessings of this passage. However, be sure not to swirl too much in the mutable depths at this time, for the potential for confused, superficial, and hazy mentalities easily may display themselves.

Stability within the mental plane is not as sure of itself while The Messenger takes up with journeying with The Fishes, so it is an extra cautious time to truly sit and be within STILLNESS to properly receive what intuition is meant to find us here over this passage. Another fantastic opportunity to take a up with the true gift of a LISTEN. I SIT IN SILENT TIES IN TEN: 1,12,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, TEN…. I ENLIST IT.

Looking to 26 Feb, Mercury begins his approach to the upcoming Retrograde request for reassessments. You’ll find the actions that unravel between 26 February and 12 March will be part of what this universal offering for down time in this area of the life wishes to present to you while Mercury Retrogrades for the first time in 2012 from 12 March to 04 April.

Mercury re-enters Pisces once more on 23 March, and returns to forward motion 04 April. He will complete his mission by 16 April for all that he requires us to mentally learn from another versatile swim within The Fishes within 2012.

May your communicative channel be intuitively in the know of where to swim in the weeks ahead. As Rumi once said, “Be silent, like the fish.”

Namaste My Dear Stars.