NEW Moon
in Virgo,
15 degrees
08 September, 6:30am EDT

No matter where you live in the world, you won’t be seeing our Lunar Lady over the next few days as she now will perfectly align with our current Sun in Virgo. Our Moon enters Virgo, Tuesday 07 September, at 5:53am EDT until Thursday, 09 September, at 5:01am EDT.

This is our auspicious time of the month to embrace as our emotions welcome all anew. When our New Moon embarks in the detailed-oriented energies of Virgo -the sign that consciously aims for perfection- the collective is ready to get it all in fine working order.

Mutable Earth is The Virgin’s elemental influence, so something grounding recent changes is definitely meant to logically begin. Thus, while our current Sun is in Virgo at 15 degrees, the Moon becomes anew once more when it conjuncts the Sun as it reaches the same astrological point of 15 degrees Virgo.

But… Be sure hold off on those initiations for just a little bit if you are doing anything that you truly wish to see a successful long-term outcome within. REmember that Trickster Mercury is still not looking where he is going until 7:09pm EDT, 12 September. While you will see a trigger at the 15 degree Virgo spot within the natal birth chart, this will have plenty of time to unfold after the 12th under this Waxing Moon period until the next Full Moon 23 September.

The request of all of this current energy in Virgo is a collective calling to look to matters concerning health, purity, routine, service, and efficiency in our habits. Everything is quite intense at present within the senses of our life force, communications, and movement. Now as the Moon aligns, our emotional perspectives join in all the fun.

Your Virgo piece of your personal Zodiac Pie will point to the area of life where you will ultimately feel this concentration upon Wednesday, and the days the Mono is passing through Virgo. Allow an understanding of purity to be explored here, and whilst it is not wise to get hung up in The Virgin’s tendency to fuss over everything, definitely make sure you don’t overlook any details with the remaining time Mercury will toss out a few more tricks until the 12th.

This is also the first time we have experienced a New Moon in Virgo without the presence of Saturn since 2006. For the past 3 years, the Virgo piece of your Zodiac Pie has had an extra layer of responsibility and fatherly observance over it. Wherever Virgo’s energy plays out -even amongst the Mercury Retrograde- you will feel a total difference in what this New Moon will unfold in this area of the life.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, it is the accuracy of the mathematical analysis of any natal chart that will determine how the Zodiac Wheel personally spins for you.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Virgo, 2010

Aries: That hasn’t been your imagination running wild hinting at you to improve your routine, personal habits, and health Dear Rams over the past couple years. If you’ve been headstrong and choose not to focus on this important task at hand, you’ve got a last chance to take charge. Be on the look out for a new way to be of service to others, so take this time to strike up a match here, and get ready to keep the flame going on a new routine.

Taurus: The Bull is taking center stage! Whatever new artistic or creative adventure you’ve been patiently waiting to dive into will begin to take its’ root. Children and your relationship to them takes a different turn now. You’ve been feeling open to explore some love affairs, and this time offers you the opportunity to ponder some uncharted territories.

Gemini: There are a many new beginnings you are about to embark upon within your home and family. Don’t logically think that sense of déjà vu happening is the other side of yourself talking, or that Mercury really is playing a trick on you! Be sure to listen to the instinctive message being channeled to you right now.

Cancer: There’s a whole new thought process Dear Crabs that is ready to enter your vivid minds. You’ve been extra prone to worry over the past couple years, but now you totally know there are far better ways you can spending your time thinking responsibly. If you still need to explore an education pursuit that sharpens your instinct and grants you more logic to curb those emotional reactions- learn it now!

Leo: The earning power has fluxed as of late, hasn’t it your Royal Highness? These last two years truly revamped your entire value system, and now is the time to claim some fresh securities. A new way for you to earn your dollars is about to unfold. Take a hearty look at your possessions, summon up that pride, and allow these new values have the proper room to grow.

Virgo: It’s always fun to be the one to be truly taking it all on a new! These last couple of years might have put the shy back in your Virginal energy, as your approaches and habits learned their lessons if they didn’t truly serve you. You’re humble enough to take this necessary time for yourself without raising the ego bar too high, so go on, let the world begin to see this new side of you that is oh so ready to take off that hiding behind the scenes mask!

Libra: Nothing is feeling completely balanced like you like it right now is it? You’ve been in full responsibility of relating to the inner layers of your psyche in the past couple of years. A few last matters of the subconscious wish to be resolved. You’ve got a whole new energy that your inner world is ready to welcome, and do pay close attention to your dreams during this waxing moon. These are sure to be friendly ones that are pointing to where you ideally need to focus within your waking world.

Scorpio: You’ve brought some nice responsibility to the routines within your friendships and organizations, especially in the past couple years. The roles you’ve been playing in your groups right now allow your wishes the room to blossom. Should you receive a spontaneous social invitation, don’t turn it down- there is a fantastic new opportunity awaiting you here.

Sagittarius: Career matters are on the surface right now, and decisions need to be made on where it is all going. There’s been a lot of transition in this area of the life in the past couple years, but now, the direction you should take clearly unfolds. Your purpose, mission, and reputation have all processes through significant changes, which you, above all signs, have been eager for. Remember if it doesn’t make logical sense anymore, it’s not meant to be a part of your new routine in the workplace.

Capricorn: So much has stirred your philosophical outlooks in the past 2 years, some of which even the long-term thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. There’s an important a trip that’s either finishing now, or you better get to making plans for one! Don’t deny this urge to travel, nor forget to take the time away from your work so you can embark on a new pursuit that furthers your higher education.

Aquarius: If you have some lingering financial revisions, it’s a good time to bring some new life to them- just be sure these are made legally after 12 September! Investments, taxes, shared/joint resources, any of these are well deserving of your attention right now. Not enough intimacy in a personal relationship? Take some time in this area to discover a new way to do something Water Bearer, in that way you like to do it best- your own. There is a fresh regenerative energy at your fingertips that can’t wait for you to transform into it.

Pisces: You’ve learned a lot of lessons in the past couple years about those closest to you, personal or business related. All changes that have been unfolded have truly been for the best. Now, you can clearly see that there is the necessary room for new ones to now formulate and prosper. Under the current Mercury transit, they might get off to a more shaky start, but after the 12th, you’ll intuitively know who you’d like swimming next to you to take on the sea of vast possibilities to come.