FULL Moon in Pisces, 01 degrees
24 August, 1:05pm EDT

“The moon develops the imagination, as chemicals develop photographic images.” –Sheila Ballantyne

It’s that time again for the Moon to bring on that emotional harmonizing with our Sun! A FULL Moon in Pisces brings forth deep, imaginative, and ever-active feelings as our Lunar Lady takes a swim with The Fishes, Tuesday at 10:11am EDT until Thursday, 26 August at 10:49pm EDT. Our present Yang Sun now wishes to bring balance into play with the logical choice of health and serving others is strong, is now complimented by the Yin Moon’s energy in Pisces, where the enthusiasm for sympathy and understanding is the pull back for reflection.

Our Moon, as beautiful as she is when completely full and luminous, also is at a very vulnerable place as all light is shining upon her. The night time loves its’ darkness for a reason. When illuminated, energies and emotions have all the more open channel to let guards down, and possible insecurities revealed. Yet, it is under this intensity that beneficial inner work and healing can be done.

When our Full Moon shows itself in the dreamy energies of Pisces -the sign that consciously aims for understanding- there couldn’t be a more auspicious time to receive impressions that open up our intuitive natures in pure abundance.

For the collective there is the possibility of restless feelings that may create some waves, so make sure you stay swimming in safe waters. When susceptible energies are around, it is easy to gravitate to indecisive, weak-willed, and lazy tendencies. There is great power in cultivating clarity and concentrating on instinct during this passage. Be cautious however of deceptive, self-indulgent, and chaotic feelings.

Be sure to check the Piscean House, in particular the 01-degree Pisces spot, in your personal birth chart to see where a conclusive energy is ideally meant to unfold. This is the area of life that requests a release in the next two weeks to follow. What you ultimately shed in this section of your Zodiac pie until the next New Moon upon 08 September are bound to make room for what is next to come.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, it is the professional mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly will inform you on how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.


Aries: You’re no stranger to exploration Dear Ram, and now, it’s time to dive into those inner places in your life. There is a new self-discovery you are about to unfold. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call to you to really get into your own head. You love taking the lead, so now it’s time to strike-up new ideas about how you spend time alone with one of your favorite people: You.

Taurus: It’s time to take stock of those friendships! If there is an organization or cause you’ve been thinking about joining, don’t be patient any longer. You’ll find you are especially willing to talk to just about anyone right now. Accept that invitation to socialize over this passage, for there is equal mental satisfaction you’ll gain from attending.

Gemini: There is a buzz of energy surrounding you now in the career and public life, so be on the look out for those changes you love adapting to so much. This is a fantastic time to reassess business, and do a little review about your public life. Your relationship to authority may also find some re-workings that should allow you to arrive at an understanding you’ve not been responsible to before.

Cancer: You’re feeling quite imaginative about the directions you wish to take your philosophies now. Remember an old trip, think about taking one, or find ways to broaden your view of the world at large. There is a great deal of sensitivity and intuition surrounding your urges to expand, so be sure to tune-in to your instinct and find some educational pursuits that refresh your spiritual desires.

Leo: If you’ve been thinking about your securities and investments, now is the time to review decisions about any future changes, but make sure these choices are made wisely. This also marks a time when you feel a surge of transformation that has been waiting to find its completion. You’re definitely feeling sexy Lion, and are ready to put your full rule upon the forest.

Virgo: Toss off that logic Virgin, and forget Mercury’s tricks as now is not the time to be shy so you can get cozy with your intimate partnerships. Just temper that possible sharp tongue of yours at this time. From your romantic ties to business contacts, there is all sorts of good fortune coming to final answers you’ve been waiting for. People you reflect upon over this waning period will stay or be released. Don’t get too fussy or worry about the details, for now is the time to hone in on what your deepest intuition speaks to you about the closest contacts in your life. REmember: Love isn’t logical.

Libra: Your Scales, oh balanced one, are so ready to embrace this opportunity with both arms to bring improvement to your health and all the ways you find peace when being of service. There’s a rerouting of your routine you should strive to find the right path to now. Should there be any urges to expand your relationships with a pet, you may find yourself looking for that perfect match, or if you need to let go of one, you’ll find it a good home at this time.

Scorpio: You love what power brings you, and now you’ll find your creative nature is lit up like a light bulb. There is much excitement and confidence behind whatever your current project involves, and this sets off an urge to finish the task. Trust and playfulness are abound, especially any contacts you may have with children. Whether it be your offspring or a “brain child,” these will captivate your attention now.

Sagittarius: One of your multi-tasks has you cleaning the house Archer, as you feel the need to do something different in your home environment. You are so ready for summer to wind down, as you are already anxious for Autumn’s changes. There equally is an energy abound requesting your arrows set aims to focus upon your family life, and rest here just a bit. Be on the look out for those déjà vu and psychic experiences, which have a very open channel for you to receive their important messages presently.

Capricorn: Is it possible to make you any wiser old Goat? Well, you know better than most we never stop learning, and you are ready to bring on another conclusion to your mental capacity. Take time to plan short trip now if you aren’t already on one, or revisit one in your mind. There is a spiritual journey you may venture off on, and you are always one to make sure it remains in the practical realms. This release in your thinking has been working hard to fly away from you, so be sure to allow this one to spread its’ wings.

Aquarius: There are some values you originated some time ago that get you in the mood now to take stock of your personal possessions. There are things around you need to part with. You also may find the way you earn your dollars will shift. There is a deeper understanding that you arrive at which deals with what truly matters to you most.

Pisces: It’s your month Dear Fishes to really let it all go! What you sense about your self-sufficiency takes focus, and that which you may be pioneering comes to a completion and is seen in it’s fullest light. We all know your sympathetic concern runs deep for others, but take this time to be intuitive with yourself. The world has already been seeing you differently than it has been, but before you can get back to helping those in need, recognize your gentle care means more to you now than ever before.