FULL Moon in Taurus
29 degrees Taurus

21 November

Once again, our Moon is in the opposing energies of our Sun! A FULL Moon in Taurus brings forth deep, intuitive, and sensuous feelings as our Lunar Light takes a stance with The Bull, Friday 19 November, 5:04amEST, until Sunday, 21 November at 1:46pmEST.

Opportunity is knocking at the collective’s door at this time of the month when our emotions enter reflection mode. When our Full Moon embarks in the practical and patience energies of Taurus -the sign that consciously aims for security- we are now ready to allow an enduring and resourceful spirit guide our “digging up” of what is best to clear out where the Bull fixes things within our lives. Earth is Taurus’s elemental influence, so look to this passage to allow feelings to uproot, and change the grounding force that may no longer be working optimally.

Taurus energy must beware of dogged, materialistic, lethargic, and obstinate behaviors that may arise. When any possessive energies are around, it is easy to gravitate to unimaginative and reactionary tendencies. While a strong sense of values and patience mark any Taurus passage, the cultivation of enterprise, adaptability, and vision are equally wise to adhere to.

Be sure to check the Taurus House, in particular the 29-degree Taurus spot, in your natal birth chart to see where a release of energy is ideally meant to unfold. This is the area of life that requests the proper reflection in the next two weeks to follow. What you let go of within in this section of your Zodiac pie until the next New Moon upon 05 December makes the necessary space for new things to come in the future.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Taurus, 2010

Aries: There is a direction you’ll be in the mood to lead yourself to that brings on a change within your sense of values as you take stock of your personal possessions. How you earn your dollars may fluctuate. Something that you think brings you a sense of security is ready to fly away, so feel free to make positive choices here now- tossing out things in the home is ideal. But of course you love making impulsive purchases- be on the look out for one at a bargain price that emerges that serves a practical purpose in grounding your fire a bit.

Taurus: It’s your month constant Bull to release an old worn out mask you wear. Be ready for some exciting and stirring approaches that may just unearth your roots a little bit. We know you like slower changes, but right now, don’t resist the release of energy wishing to find you! Avoid surgery over these dates, and take time to focus upon you, as this is the perfect time to re-activate the self. The ways you take in those first impressions also ask you for reflection now.

Gemini: It may not seem logical for both sides of you, but it is time to unite the energies within those inner places and deeper waters in your life. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call for you to really get away from your chatty self, so you can relinquish what is necessary from the past. There is such value in the inner security you’ll discover, and with that cleverness you innately have, what dissipates here allows you to carry on in your communications properly for a long time to come.

Cancer: Your friendships are this month’s lunar focus, so whatever may need to be cleared out, go with your gut to let them go. Hopes and wishes you may have are equally in need of re-examination. If there is a group or cause you’ve been thinking about that no longer works for you, don’t remain in your shell, the time is now to allow those claws to release their grip. Do accept that possible unexpected invitation to socialize, for there is a renewed sense of patience, contentment, and familiarity you’ll gain from attending.

Leo: You’ve been building to redefine what harvest, stability, and reward really mean to you within your career and public life. Now what you no longer need to move forward here, is ready to stop working for you before you take on more acres within the forest your reign Lion. Equally, this is a fantastic time to reflect upon the promotion or start of a new business. There still is a nice recognition to come your way if you’ve done your proper legwork to receive it. Reconsider a reformed view within your take on authority that you have not been responsible to up till now.

Virgo: Inspiration is fueling where you reflect upon your philosophies and what you believe. Feeling that urge to take a trip Virgin? This is a prime time to reflect upon ones you’ve recently had, and how you can make plans for better ones in the future. Reconsider ways to broaden your view of the world at large. While you equally revisit adventures that engage your expansion, there are renewed educational pursuits you can take on here which make the perfect space to serve your traveling and adventurous aims for the long-term.

Libra: You are well equipped to weigh the pros and cons concerning your securities and investments, as now is the ideal time to reflect upon future decisions to be made about any changes in these areas. The doors are now open to rest in review of the transformations that desire completion, as the feelings to embark upon a rebirth strongly find you. We know you are beautiful not to mention charming, and equally know you’ll enjoy the passion you may find being friendly to those sexy feelings that will be stirring in the air- just remember to be patient when taking action!

Scorpio: Your partnerships- romantic or business, are where you will be finding your probing abilities to research the truth of the matter now. You’ve been already wondering what should be staying or going in this area of the life, so the time is here to make the space that is required. The people you reflect upon over this waning period are of special importance to the successes of your future endeavors. You’ll find some mysteries here will be unraveled, as your sense of security about those you are closest to gets a refresher. Then, you can make practical plans with all of your relationships, and be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

Sagittarius: Aim your arrows towards your health Dear Archer, because all you’ve been feeling as of late is now ready to bring on the improvement! There’s a habit you should let go that will do wonders to bring in some renewed feelings of honesty for yourself. How you serve others has also been in the process of reworking itself, and unleashing a worn-out routine also brings plenty of benefit for your long-term service. Look to let go of old patterns where you are employed. Be extra cautious with pets and their whereabouts.

Capricorn: While you always enjoy the ambitious pursuit, it is your creative nature that now desires your full attention for this request for release Old Goat. Perfection is never too far away from you, and this energy now watches over whatever your current project involves, asking you reassess your inspired ideas. Playful feelings do surround you, especially engaging in any contacts with children. “Brain children” or your offspring captivate your reflection. There is a renewed passion here for you to embrace that is meant to take center-stage.

Aquarius: Ready to re-invent in the home Water Bearer? Reflecting upon improving this area of the life allows your individual way of doing things to flourish all the more later on. Family time is rewarding right now, as they can appreciate your innovative ideas for change, and may not look upon you so eccentrically at this time. We already know you possess a prophetic nature, but be on the look-out for those psychic and déjà vu experiences, as there are important messages you can tap into now.

Pisces: The waters your mentality and thinking have been swimming in Dear Fishes are ready for some recycle time. Your mental capacity is ready to absorb some needed reflection like a sponge. That short trip you recently went on lingers on the brain, and there’s no reason you can’t plan another that will be even more satisfying! Your intuitive mind takes a needed rest here reassessing the realms of your communications, and it’s meant to show a revelation that uproots what logically should not remain in your life now. One more word of advice: patience is required here.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Libra, 2010

NEW Moon in Libra,
14 Degrees, 07 Oct, 2:45pm EDT

Our Lunar Lady is about to rebirth in her first of three empty nights in Autumn. Knowing our Sun is alive and well relating it all in The Scales, the Moon will now naturally have it’s clean slate to gather back in the light from Libra. The collective’s emotions enter The Scales Wednesday 06 October at 3:52pmEDT until Friday, 08 October at 3:52pmEDT. How about all those numbers composing that time frame for balance!?

We know with any New Moon our feelings have the capacity to become fresh, and take on some initiating energies to improve our emotions. When you have the Sun and the Moon right next to one another, the life force joins hands with that of the nurturer. This month, as the Sun reaches Libra at 14 degrees (urging our ability to assimilate logic to make change), the Moon equally asks that we take time to bring on some new emotional takes on relationships and harmony, as she cozies up right next to our Sun in Libra at 14 degrees. The area of life that 14 degrees Libra falls in your natal birth chart, is the one which you can see a birthing of new light to occur accompanied by some stirring change.

Anytime our Moon is not lighting up our nighttime sky, rest assured our Sun is in the mood to let new beginnings start to unfold until once more before the next passage of reflection. Ideally, these monthly conjunctions of our Sun and Moon are a wonderful gift from the Universe, for they ultimately help us naturally strive for putting forth energy back out into the world.

Be open to the request of our New Moon in Libra. This is a collective calling to look to matters concerning peace, justice, charm, and friendliness. Refined feelings and the capacity for comparison and co-operation are strong. Be aware however of any possible lazy, evasive, and co-dependent reactions.

A New Moon in Libra brings forth a sensitive instinct and imagination. Your Libra piece of your personal Zodiac Pie will point to where you will feel a spark of initiation this Thursday afternoon, as well as the area of life to focus upon receiving some fresh feelings within for the next two weeks til our next Full Moon upon 22 October.

Saturn is currently at 08 degrees Libra, not too far away from this New Moon’s kick-off point. While the Moon will continuously make a its’ short visits with Saturn each month to the Scales- The Karmic Adjustor is here in this sign through the Autumn of 2012. Each and every month, we will explore our emotional side and allow changes here to rapidly occur. Equally recognize how this long-term passage is slowly but surely bringing responsibility, wisdom, and learning through experience to the Libra area of life.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal (natal) charts’ advice. It is, however, always recommended to have your natal chart cast by a professional astrologer to ensure you are in the know of how the true mathematical relationships of the Zodiac Wheel work individually for you.


Aries: You’ve been getting a little preview since last fall of the next couple years ahead about those closest to you, personal or business related. As Saturn currently resides within this area of your life, he’s asking you to take a good look around and take on responsibility with those your relate to one-on-one. What is showing up new here, it most certainly is for you!

Taurus: Where can you improve your routine, personal habits, and health Bull? We know you like to take your time, so recognize this opportunity as the beginning of a long-term process in these areas. Take a look at the way you are being of service to others, for there is fresh ways to take your stance to do so. Don’t try on any stubbornness, for you’ll really appreciate the peace you will receive from initiations that begin here now.

Gemini: The Twins are in full gear making something new! There is an artistic or creative adventure that awaits your cleverness to launch. Children can be on your mind, or require your focus now. Love affairs may also be entering upon the stage of your life, and more than likely you’ll figure out they’ll become part of your active and ever-alive stage.

Cancer: Not that home and family aren’t always on the Crab’s radar, but there are issues concerning them that will find a new ways to blossom now. The Career should be already seeing the beginnings of a regeneration, but remember there is still balance you are meant to achieve where you refuel. You love a good déjà vu – and the ones you’ll receive now have an extra special instinctive message to share with you.

Leo: Time to organize your thinking your Royal Highness. You’ve been a little caught up in the preview of the next couple years, but every Lion knows it’s only best to think positive thoughts. Now, there are plenty of options here to move forward with and apply wisdom to. The doors to write, educate, or learn open wide now for you to properly prepare for the clear and responsible head you are meant to gain stability in that insures you to rule your forest from the heart.

Virgo: If you’ve been in a fuss or worried about the earning power- this is the first thing to logically bring a new energy to! Now is not the time to attract more worry, but refine those detailed oriented skills you have that love serving others. Your value system has seen the beginnings of the redecorating process that will unfold in the next couple of years, and now is the time to claim your securities, and make the necessary plans that will grant them proper room to grow.

Libra: You always show the good side of your Scales, and now, there is more weigh to carefully add to them. New approaches are everywhere amongst your midst, that wish to bring a fresh face to how the world grabs its’ first impression of you. It’s always a pretty mask you wear, but you’ll find some different shades and hues that you wish to present that will enhance you all the more!

Scorpio: You’re quite comfortable in the subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy wants to take you to regal Eagle. You’ve been sensing it deeply since last fall, but now, it’s time to go even further within, as some matters of your inner world are ready to find some amazing resolutions. Enjoy the mystery that will take a bit of time to unravel, and the clues on where to start to scope out your search become available to you at this time.

Sagittarius: There’s some people or things to bring your attention to your friendships and organizations. The recent roles you’ve played in your groups right now allow your wishes even more room to blossom. You’re preparing yourself for ultimate responsibility here in the next couple of years ahead, so don’t lose your focus before completing the task at hand Dear Archer, be sure to look before you aim!

Capricorn: You are worried aren’t you old Goat? That thing you love so much, work, and toil, and what career changes may need to be made take weight at this time. There’s been a lot of feelings coming on since last fall about where it’s all headed, but now, an answer you’ve been waiting for unfolds. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all are awaiting significant changes. Don’t wait for your expectation of perfection in this case- as the time is now to start thinking about what can be new and bring you prosperity for the long term.

Aquarius: There’s been a stir of responsibility in your philosophical outlooks since last fall, some of which even the prophetic thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. There’s an important a trip you are about to embark upon, or you better get to making plans for one! Don’t deny that urge now to travel, even if it is only in the mind as you take on a fresh pursuit that brings you to higher education.

Pisces: If you have some lingering financial revisions, it’s a good time to bring some new life to them. Investments, taxes, shared/joint resources, any of these are well deserving of your attention right now. Don’t keep swimming away if you’ve been feeling a lack of intimacy- you should feel a current taking you to some lively drives in this area. Take some time to venture into safe new waters and make some sensual waves.