Not Your Average Mercury Retrograde


All those regular Mercury Retrograde “RE” rules that proclaim honor reflection, renewal, review, redo, and retreat are about to be up close and personal once again for the second time in 2015 from 18 May to 11 June.

This cycle of reflection occurs in the Zodiac sign of Gemini, where our intellectual awareness and synthesis of spirit calls to be closely examined under the recharge microscope. While Mercury is going to reverse it’s direction in a sign it has natural rulership over, this passage is riddled with extra energetic intensities across the board.

Courage or Conflict?
Mars, our planet of taking action, motivation, desires and drawing upon conclusions will be energetically in the mix as Mercury ask us to review. As Mars equally is transiting within Gemini for the entire cycle, this flavors it with sharpness as well as conflicting action concerning the changes that call within reflection, review & release.

Peace of Mind or Delusion?
Neptune, our planet of the subconscious, mysticism, spirituality, solitude, the inner process, delusions and addictions will be in a tense conversation with Mercury as he is doing his review and redo show. Neptune now currently transits in Pisces, which creates a strong “squaring off” energy to this entire Mercury Retrograde (MRx) cycle, as well as to Mars as they both journey in Gemini.

Squares are known to bring about tense, stagnant, and blocked energies. However, they ultimately create future foundation and strength when worked with properly. As Neptune gets involved in the MRx conversation, it is equally wise to watch for further mishaps the cycle tends to naturally create all upon it’s own, such as:

~Absentmindedness & mental disorganization
~Challenges with getting the details straight
~Feeling repressed emotions  
~Communication problems
~Errors concerning anything that moves

This energy promotes the unconscious mind to play “tricks” upon the conscious one. We always say under Mercury Rx, use the “carpenter’s rule.” This advice under this not your average mercury retrograde is heightened times 10!!!

Extra Mindfulness & Awareness required 24 to 31 May
While Mercury backtracks, he will meet up with Mars moving fwd at 10 degrees Gemini upon 27 May. The days leading up to and after this exact conjunction of two celestial bodies “bumping into one  another” will cast an extra “boost” of the regular “RE” rules, as Mars will absolutely amplify the natural tendencies of the retrograde cycle.

Mars naturally channels the potentials of aggression, anger, conflict & penetration. Equally, it’s pioneering and warrior presence is able to shine with courage and motivation wherever it is journeying by mindful choice of the free will.

Within the Mercury Rx mix, it will be the aggressive side of Mars that will need to be carefully monitored as well. Heated & competitive arguments may surface, (especially in the political arenas or any area that lends itself to controversy & debate) that simply can be avoided with slowing down our pace and choosing to listen more, especially where Gemini energy lives within our lives. Watch for a complete “field day” in the media to say the very least!

As Mars and Mercury conjunct in Gemini, they will directly square Neptune in Pisces, kicking up those unconscious “tricks” even more so. MRx always promotes retreat and review, yet this cycle is fueled with the following potentials to emerge:

~Skeletons from the past absolutely saying BOO!
~Secrets easily being exposed
~Anxieties and nervousness are heightened and “lit up”
~Returning to unhealed addictions and spinning out of control.
~Believing self-deception when one is not fully aware of their truth and motivation
~Relationships existing within duality becoming exposed.

Mastering Mercury Retrograde
The brilliance of this cycle will be wonderful and wise for those who take their time to quiet their minds, think before speaking, and allow the sharp and abundant mental energy to flow with the true cleverness, intuition and genius it can provide.  Creatively, it is a godsend channel of energy to embrace for those willing to listen carefully to it.

Whatever truly needs to be reviewed, redone, and reassessed from the Gemini area of the life, amazing information can be gathered through investigation and honoring decisions made in reflection. Once the shadow passage comes into play 11 to 27 June, taking acting concerning these decisions will be ever powerful for the future.

Sounds like a lot for your free will to consider doesn’t it? This is one reason why we offer the Mastering Mercury Retrograde Program, where Astrology meets the benefits of Meditation.  Whatever part of the world you’ll be living out the not your average Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2015, let’s get you grounded, centered and able to absolutely handle what will undoubtedly be stirring around you energetically during this cycle of reflection.


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