Our planet of Love, Dear Venus, entered Pisces, 7:10amEST, 11 February. For the collective, affections and our feelings towards love are now tender, devoted, and easily swayed. We are soothed by gravitating to beauty, music, poetry, and all kinds of those romantic dreams. Our emotions through 07 March are effortlessly shared, while compassionate acts and self-sacrifice are brilliant ways to seek harmony. As much as the world may seem topsy-turvy -the spirit of peace is in the air- just beware of falling to inert and lazy energies.

A Venus in Pisces is a fantastic transit to celebrate LOVE under, and we thought it only apropos to add some Lexigram wisdom to the mix before your horoscope advise for the upcoming BIG day of celebrating the very thing that fuels any soul:

When you LOVE, you EVOLVE.

Truly, the real REVOLUTION urges us to UNITE IN LOVE, NOT EVIL.

LOVE 365days of the year and you will always EVOLVE.

Take time to LOVE the EARTH upon this Valentine’s Day and your HEART will EVOLVE!

Be sure when you LISTEN to your partner, or anyone needing your ear, you are SILENT!

VENUS-SCOPE: Wondering how you’ll receive and feel about LOVE this Valentine’s Day? Check out how Venus’s current energies in placid and sympathetic Pisces are surrounding you! If you know your rising sign, have a read of this sign too, for it typically will also apply to exactly where Ms. Harmony is gracing your individual chart on a more personal level.

Aries: This may be a quiet time Dear Ram, when you’ll be drawn to love in unselfish and unconditional ways. Be careful not to become the sacrificial lamb with others today, as Venus may be creating uncertainty about how you feel about things. Surely you have all the means to find creative ways to express your deepest thoughts.

Taurus: There is electricity in the air for your love affairs! Should you not be attached already, there may be some bolts of lightening that bring on a love at first sight! You’ll also find you may want to extend thanks to your adoring friendships and let them know you truly care.

Gemini: You’ll be very practical and look to perfect how you want to spend your day of love, needing to take your mind of issues concerning the workplace. Be cautious of exhibiting aloof, less demonstrative, or non-affectionate behavior. We know your need for logic Mini Gem, but remember to take time off from thinking about the work that awaits to be done.

Cancer: This is an exciting time when your optimism, feelings of joy, and enthusiasm simply want to come out to play. You’ll find adventurous ways to demonstrate your affections, and trying on a little world culture to do so will bring much reward. Beware of putting the idea of love on a pedestal, and don’t break the bank in your celebration of it.

Leo: Passion is so in the air for you today Lions! Even with Mars currently retrograding in your sign, you are ready to express your feelings on a very intense level. Be aware of feeling like it’s all or nothing. There is a wealth of emotion you’ll find swirling around, just make sure you utilize some control and negate any jealousy that may be aroused.

Virgo: Dear Virgins, it’s your time to blossom in love! You feel so comfortable about making commitments and sensing the beauty in your intimate relationships. Satisfaction can also be found in artistic pursuits, and you most certainly are not feeling shy about expressing what you feel.

Libra: Even though you are the sign that loves to relate to others, you may be looking too much for perfection in your partner or areas of love today. However, even your possible nit-picking is still an expression of love because you are only concerned about something that needs fixing. There will be practical ways love is shown to you today.

Scorpio: Nothing is holding you back Regal Eagle from being confident about what you love! Everyone will know how you feel, as you generously express yourself with a passionate and dramatic flare. This is a fabulous time for you to reach out to children, as well as gravitating to creative ways to show your loved ones exactly what you deeply feel.

Sagittarius: As much as you are always aiming to be out in the social scene Archer, you’re feeling like you want to stick close to home and be cozy. You have a nurturing vibe at your fingertips, and are more than happy to cook up a fantastic meal. Be sure to let your family know that you love them too.

Capricorn: You’ve got some spark going on Dear Goats to be more charming in your articulations concerning love. Nothing will satisfy you more than having a intriguing and intelligent conversation, as you are urged to communicate your feelings in this way. Love may come at you from two areas, so be sure you are, as always, making a wise choice about it.

Aquarius: As much as you love all humanity Water Bearer, your ability to be less detached in your affections is strong. If you feel that your love is true, you’ll be more than thrilled to find pleasurable ways to appreciate it. There is much sensuality and beauty surrounding you now, allowing a fabulous flow to keep on bringing that new life to all that you see.

Pisces: There’s plenty of confidence and excitement marking your expressions in love, and you have a definite direction you want to take them in. Be cautious of not adhering to patience, or being aggressive in how you desire to demonstrate your passion. You’ve always got tremendous chemistry at your fingertips, and now it’s as vast as the oceans you swim in.

for “Definitely Dance!”

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