12/12/12: Don’t Forget about the Two and the Zero

12/12/12 is not 9….
On this 12/3 Karmic Path and Universal Day of the
‘Sacrifice – The Victim’
One will periodically be sacrificed for the plans or intrigues of others. The number 12 warns of the necessity to be alert to every situation, to beware of false flattery from those who use it to gain their own ends. Be suspicious of those who offer a high position, and carefully analyze the motive. Although duplicity is not always present, forewarned is forearmed. There is a degree of mental anxiety, caused by the need to sacrifice personal goals to the ambition of others. A secondary meaning of this number should be considered. The figure 1 is the teacher (whether it be a person or Life itself.) The figure 2 is the kneeling, submissive student. Sometimes, the result of severe emotional stress and mental anguish creates amnesia, forgetfulness of lessons previously learned. 12 represents the educational process on all levels, the submission of the will required and the sacrifices necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom, on both the spiritual and the intellectual levels. When the intellect is sacrificed to the feelings, the mind will be illuminated with the answers it seeks. Look within for the solution.  Attention paid to the requirements of education will end suffering and bring success. ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs
A Universal Day brings forth the energy for the collective to adhere to the Chaldean Karmic Mystery behind the particular calendar date of the month. We have 12 opportunities each year to take note of what it means to allow our HEART to a “kneeling submissive student” within our larger part upon this great EARTH. Anyone born to the 12th day of any month also has these wise words to unlock to profoundly understand their persona and innate talents from the Chaldeans as their personal Karmic Path as their soul evolves within this incarnation.
On this 11/2 Lifepath and Current Personal Year of 
A Lion Muzzled ~ A Clenched Fist’
 This is a number of hidden trials and treachery from others. It represents two members of the same or opposite sex- or two opposed situations. In either case, compatibility of interest is lacking, and interference from a third force must be conquered. Difficulties may also arise from the illusion of separation.  It’s necessary to unite divided goals to avoid a sense of frustrated incompletion. The third interfering force can be a person or an idea; and it can take the form of a refusal to see the other side as an obstacle to harmony. The origin of the separating force must be identified, an attempt made to seek compromise. Occasionally, conflicting desires within one’s own self are seen as in a reflecting mirror. Two forces or two desires stand apart and must ultimately unite for happiness. Yet, each must remain individual, even after being joined, for each possesses its own worth.~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs
A Lifepath brings forth the very energy any given Sun Sign in combination with their chosen Karmic Path will walk upon all throughout the life. This often is the mission of the soul, that is the very yearnings in which it is undeniably drawn to as it continuously evolves. Call it the personal “yellow brick road” wherein if you adventure off of this numerologicial path’s natural course: you’ll not find the satisfaction your Spirit seeks in this incarnation anywhere else. 
A Current Personal Year marks, birthday to birthday (solar return to solar return) the dynamic force behind the entire years events that lie ahead. We all evolve in 9 year cycles, in where every 9 years, we repeat the same energy, and keep moving forward in our soul’s process. Whatever year we are presently within from the 1-9, we can know exactly how to time our lives. The action upon our stage will unfold in the precision that this underlying and more often than not unseen layer of mathematics is able to provide as stellar insight for any soul. 
Whether one follows the 11 Lifepath or is within this Current Personal Year, it is a time for co-operation, emotional development, purging, alignment, and recognition of genuine feeling and healing within the life. Every 9 days out of our calendar year, another soul is born to this path to follow in life or enters this Personal Year Cycle by celebrating another “New Year.”
12 December 2012:


Word Ponder: LIFE

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” -Soren Kierkegaard

LIFE. Big topic here to take on just a mere ponder of huh? Well, aside from it being our FILE, we are constantly involved in it the very moment we first draw breath, until our vessel is no longer useful to us once more. Even when we are sleeping, that subconscious part of ourselves typically comes to speak to us in a myriad of symbols and language that ideally can be translated to show us what we should be doing within our “carpe diem” daily routines of being alive.

Life, because of another small mystery involving TIME being MITE, is always being presented to us as something we should grab hold of, cherish, and savor. While the moments of any of the lives we have had wrap it all up into ONE EON, it is this life -the one we are currently in- that is the most important one to honor. But Life itself, some how, no matter how mite that time goes by, is remembered for all eternity.

Life itself is guided by a name expression, just like any person is, through the mathematical calculations of the letters composing it. Our ancient Chaldeans had a true winning formula on their hands when they attuned the letters of our alphabet to particular numerical vibrations, which is based upon the 8 natural notes in the musical scale. Like a zodiac sun sign, the calculation of a name expression casts fascinating insight and advice for us to utilize.

Our last word ponder was about LOVE, which carries the numerical expression of the 21’s ‘The Crown of the Magi.’ As we look to the name expression of LIFE, its’ Chaldean Karmic Mystery -that of the 17- carries the meaning of ‘The Star of the Magi.’ Love… Life… Magis… There sure seems to be a magical formula here!

No matter what Life we are looking at, the very understanding of how any soul should lead it is so true to what the Chaldeans wisely claimed the 17 to be: “This is a highly spiritual number, and was expressed in symbolism by the ancient Chaldeans as the 8 pointed Star of Venus. The Star of the Magi is the image of Love and Peace, and promises that the person or entity it represents will rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of earlier life, with the ability to conquer former failure in personal relationships and the career. 17 is ‘the number of Immortality,’ and indicates that the person’s (or entity’s) name will live after him.”

So remember in your own LIFE, those early years, the growing pains, the things we all need to do to “figure it all out” are MEANT to happen! Your Life promises you that there will be a personal rise in the insight you will attain within your spiritual being as those images of love and peace are applied all along your evolution.

People often talk about life being too hard. To a certain degree, this is true when you have the singular influence of Saturn, guiding the singular 8 energies behind Life. Yet Saturn, (through his job of presenting strict lessons we have to learn to grow properly), wishes to only grant us the ability to be responsible. Life is about Saturn’s lessons of learning through experience, gaining stability, and fully embracing one of the very important virtues that allows all the rest of it to unfold: patience.

Another gift of Saturn is finding the true worth within whatever it is he has influence over. Saturn, is far too busy to ever be wasting that mite time in life. Undoubtedly you’ve heard a many people along the way say, “I just want life to be worth it.” Guess what? Take heed of Saturn’s wisdom here through the 17, and you’ll find LIFE is indeed worth every breathing moment.

Then, once you’ve achieved all your spirit is meant to in this present gift of life, it will be remembered for all eternity. No matter who we’ve been before this incarnation, all of these lives are distinctly imprinted in our soul’s library of memories. Life is eternal. It never dies. Our vessels do, but our spirit remains forever.

So, don’t give way to the LIE, and be sure to avoid those what IF’s of LIFE!
YOU are the STAR and the MAGI of yours!

Namaste Dear Stars!

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