SATURN moves forward in LIBRA, 21 July 2010

Our Dear planet of self-reliance and responsibility made a big move in the planetary skies today, precisely at 11:10am EDT. Saturn has been in the sign of Virgo since September 2007, aside from his brief introduction to the Scales upon 29 October 2009.

Saturn took one last stay in Virgo from 07 April until 21 July 2010. We reached 04 degrees Libra upon 13 January 2010, where then at 10:56am, Saturn Retrograded until 2:08pm on 30 May. While in the sign of service, discrimination, and analysis- the collective’s faith has been undoubtedly shaken.

Saturn now moves on to stir-up the astrological realms of Libra for the next two plus years, until it enters Scorpio upon 04 October 2012. The typical passage of Saturn through any given astrological sign is approximately 2- 2 1/2 years. With the recent upheavals Saturn created while in Virgo, it sure seems logical that it’ll take two plus years while visiting in The Scales to straighten it all out.

Yes, Dear Stars, there is hope in the planetary skies! Saturn in Libra is here to bring balance, impartiality, honor, and maneuverability to the limitations the world has recently felt. But, do not think this will magically come without attention to self-reliance and personal responsibility. Saturn only gives rewards to those who have earned them.

Check into that Libra slice of your Zodiac pie to find out the specific area of life where you need to apply attention and focus for the next two years. There will be challenges and new energies presented. However, these are ones that by all astrological standards, that will make you all the stronger for rising up to them. The lessons needing to be learned will become invaluable experiences in your evolution.

Collectively, we are equally requested to cultivate harmony and diplomacy in our lives. Casting off intolerance, insincerity, judgment, opinions, and argumentation serves the common good in the couple years ahead. Saturn urges us all to take an objective view to all of what we experience, and take on passionate involvements in our partnerships.

Those Stars with their natal Saturn placed in Libra, will be in their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Saturn Return during this transit, as will all Libra Sun Signs equally experience the intimate energy of Saturn in their lives until 2012. Our Fatherly Planet not only brings intense changes, but ones that are necessary. Adhering to the self and not relying on others brings ease to these natives.

The time is now to begin to enjoy this peaceful progression toward a completely new sense of balance. Remember what you personally do reflects back to you- remain wise to how Saturn affects your life presently. The Universe will respond accordingly in handsome rewards for the efforts you make.

More to come in a few days on what the upcoming 26 July Uranus/Saturn opposition on the 0-degrees Aries/Libra World Axis will have in store for you!

Namaste My Dear Stars!

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