LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in LEO, 2010

New Moon in Leo, 17 degrees
09 August, 11:08pm EDT

Our Moon and Sun are in alignment once more! A NEW Moon in Leo brings forth passionate and heartfelt feelings as our Lunar Light joins hands with The Lion, Sunday 08 August at 7:23pm EDT, until Tuesday, 10 August at 7:01pm EDT.

As another waxing phase begins, it’s time to get those new ideas and initiations out there to gather in the light. When our New Moon embarks in the dignified energies of Leo -the sign that consciously aims for creative self-expression- the collective is primed to tap into some inspiration and faith. Fire is Leo’s elemental influence, so be alert to the radiating gifts that are meant to unfold- as this New Moon kicks off an loyal and vital force that The Lion wishes to share with the world.

Leo energy must beware of conceited, self-indulgent, and opinionated energies that may arise. When there is plenty of magnanimous leadership around, it is easy to gravitate to not being able to recognize limitations. While a strong sense of pleasure-loving and dramatization mark any Leo passage, the cultivation of humility, altruism, thrift, and attention to detail will allow this transit to reap its’ greatest rewards.

Be sure to check the Leo House, in particular the 17-degree Leo spot, in your personal birth chart to see where a new energy is ideally meant to unfold as the Moon allows a new canvas to be painted upon at 11:08pm EDT 09 August. This is the area of life that requests an initiation in the next two weeks to follow. Seeds that you plant in this section of your Zodiac pie until the next Full Moon upon 24 August are bound to reap a rich harvest further down the road.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. As always, the complete mathematical analysis of the natal birth chart is essential to gain accurate insight into how the Zodiac Wheel personally works for you.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE: New Moon in Leo, 2010

Aries: They’ll be nothing to stop you head strong Rams from socializing right now! It’s time as well to focus upon starting up a new creative adventure to work on, or should you have children, they may require your attention now. If there is a love affair flirting with you, this can easily move on to a higher level.

Taurus: There are a many new things taking root for you that pertain to your home and family life. This passage marks a time to bring heartfelt feelings to where you feel most secure and loved. That sense of déjà vu has a high potential to occur, so listen to that instinct you hear from within, as its’ message is of karmic importance.

Gemini: You’re always thinking and catching thoughts from any direction, yet be ready for some truly inspiring ones to find you now. The mental state will be feeling entirely refreshed as your genius inventions should be strong at this time. The ability to organize your mind is high, urging you to embark upon a needed education pursuit to enliven that need to know intellect of yours.

Cancer: Financially, you should be feeling better about opportunities that have been recently coming your way. Your value system is receiving a boost, and now is the time to focus upon your securities. Take a hearty look at your possessions, and see what really means the most to you, as there may be some necessary new purchases you are about to make.

Leo: The Lion likes nothing else but to be on the stage, and now as this Moon centers around you, it’s a new mask that you will put on for the world to see and those approaches in life see some changes. As much as you can fix yourself into places, there is a new spark which can ignite a different kind of flame for your light to be seen as right now. Humility will allow you to gain the real insight you need, while still letting you see through the entire forest you have reign over.

Virgo: Nothing is feeling logical right now is it? There is a stir within you to find a fresh energy with the inner layers of your psyche (which is not the most comfortable place for your Virgins), the unknown. Your subconscious is requesting for you to pay attention to the most hidden parts of yourself, and don’t be afraid to be of service to what you see, for a new healing wants to happen.

Libra: All has been shining brightly within your friendships and organizations. There have definitely been some re-balancing acts going on lately, and you have probably more than one invitation to get out there and relate to it all. Prioritizing and goal setting in your groups right now allows all of your wishes to come true later on.

Scorpio: Career matters are on the surface right now, and decisions need to be made on where it is all going. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all are awaiting significant changes, so if something different shows up, take it on! You always see the preferred outcomes when you soar above it all, utilizing the scope that your Eagle eye side is so innate at gathering.

Sagittarius: You’ll find that it is fortunate to aim your arrows towards gaining more of that philosophy you love so much Archer. If you aren’t on a trip that’s finishing upright now, you better get to making plans for one later on. However you can find the way to travel, make sure it equally places you in pursuit of something that takes your spirit to the realms of higher education.

Capricorn: Need some financial revisions old Goat? It’s a prominent time to take a look at investments, or take a look at your shared/joint resources. Is there a need for more intimacy in a personal relationship? Now is a fantastic time to focus upon things on a physical level, for you may be finding yourself for once, not thinking about all that work to be done.

Aquarius: Now is not the time to be detached, but to look to yourself to see how to bring new life to all of your partnerships in life. There should be plenty of light in this area for you at present, and be on the look out for warmth to be felt here. There is plenty of friendly energy that urges your one-on-one bonds to solidify to new levels.

Pisces: Is there something that’s been intuitively telling you to improve your routine, personal habits, or health? But of course your psychic powers are working wonderfully dear Fishes, because that is what you should be focusing on! There’s definite changes occurring that deal with how you are of service to the world, so hone in on those habits and patterns- there are new waters you are meant to be swimming in that are healthy ones.

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