FULL Moon in Libra,
27 Degrees

17 April

10:44pm EDT

Our Lunar Lady is about to illuminate within the first of her three full nights of Spring. The collective’s emotions enter The Scales Saturday 16 April at 2:59amEDT until Monday, 18 April at 2:19amEDT.

As Saturn presently retrogrades, our planet of karma and our Lunar Lady conjunct at 12 degrees Libra, 16 April at 11:17pm EDT. This will be in fair opposition to Mercury @ 14 degrees Aries, and Mars at 11 degrees Aries. The feelings leading up to this Full Libra Moon will be quite deepened, serious, and offering patience and practical energies to compliment Mercury’s continued reflection, as Mars motivates us to bring forth our necessary changes.

It’s that time of the month when our feelings and emotions have the tendency to become intense. When you have the Sun and the Moon in a “full” on opposition to one another- you can expect one of two things: resistance or co-operation. This month as the Sun reaches Aries at 27 degrees -urging our courage and independence to emerge- the Moon equally asks that we take time to filter through our emotional take on relationships and harmony, as she fully reflects in Libra at 27 degrees.

Previous to our Lunar Light show, our Moon will grant equal pull against our outer planets as they journey in Aries. Uranus, now at 2 degrees Aries, and Jupiter, at 19 degrees, presently call upon our originality and optimal ability to grow. As our feelings truly wish to compare at this time, these ideally compliment what is under current examination where The Ram pioneers in your life.

Be open to the request of our Full Moon in Libra. This is a collective calling to look to matters concerning peace, tolerance, charm, and friendliness. Refined feelings and the capacity for comparison and co-operation are strong. Be aware however of lazy, evasive, and co-dependent reactions.

A Full Moon in Libra brings forth a sensitive instinct and imagination. Wherever The Scales balance it all out within your Zodiac Pie, you can expect to feel intensity here this Sunday evening. This also is the area of life that triggers release and reflection for the next two weeks until our next New Moon upon 03 May.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, it is the full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

Lunar-O-Scope, FULL Moon in Libra, 17 April 2011

Aries: You’ve been feeling that pure responsibility to those partnerships, personal or business related. As Saturn requests ultimate responsibility here at present, this is an opportune time to take a good look around and continue to let go of what no longer works within those one on one relations. While the world is rapidly beginning to see a new way of looking at you, this is a time to equally get out of your head and reflect upon your first impressions and instincts.

Taurus: Take a stance Dear Bull and bring on intelligent improvements to your routine, personal habits, and health. Being you innately enjoy acts of patience, recognize what is being let go of is all part of the long-term process happening in this area. Look at the way you are being of service to others, something is necessary to re-examine here. Resist being stubborn to change, for your surrender allows a secure peace to reflect in return.

Gemini: The Twins have been in a diligent task of letting that cleverness out to play! Whether united or divided, that artistic or creative adventure has your full attention. You are far from being done with this task, so remain thrilled about learning from this experience. Children may be on your mind, or require your focus now. Love affairs that have been flirting upon the stage of your life are anxious to figure out whether they’ll become part of the set, or see curtains down.

Cancer: Not that home and family aren’t always on the Crab’s radar, but there are issues concerning them that will find further release now. The Career is sparkling in reassessment at present, but remember there is equal balance you must achieve patiently where you refuel. You love a good déjà vu – and the ones you’ll receive now have an extra special instinctive message to share with you, which this time around, is packed full of wisdom from the experience.

Leo: Time to dive further into re-organizing your thinking. It’s already been apparent the responsibility that your mentality has been requesting of you, and every Lion knows it’s best to be loyal to positive thoughts. Siblings and neighbors also may help you learn from an experience. You should find this to be a fine time to partake in reflection to write, learn, or educate; continuing the patient process of redefining the stable head necessary to rule your forest.

Virgo: If you’ve been in a fuss or worried about the earning power- this is the first thing to let go! Now is not the time to attract more worry, but to refine those detailed oriented skills you innately have that politely serve others. Your value system has seen the beginnings of the redecorating process that is presently unfolding at a poised pace. Now is the time to reclaim your securities, granting them proper room to be able to widen their wealth.

Libra: You always show the good side of your Scales, and now, there is more weigh to carefully add to them. New approaches and letting go of what doesn’t fit into your beautiful and friendly world is the mission at hand. With the new relationships presently springing up, the way you’ll be the best for them is to continue on in total awareness of the stable process that is changing the way the world takes view of you, while your perceptions wisely improve for the better.

Scorpio: You’re quite comfortable in the subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy wants to take you to regal Eagle. There is a deep inner work process you are feeling strongly about, and it’s time to go even further within, and let go of more. Your dream state is a marvelous source of self-knowledge that is able to bring forth balance within your waking world. Enjoy the mysteries here to solve, for the passion they stir not only fulfills, these equally will fascinate your soul.

Sagittarius: You’ve been learning a lot from experience within your friendships and organizations. Further reflection upon the recent roles you play in your groups right now allows your wishes the room to blossom slowly and surely. There is ultimate responsibility calling to you to review what requires release here, so don’t lose your focus before completing the task Dear Archer. Remember all the gorgeous energies aiming in compliment from your creative labors!

Capricorn: That worry really doesn’t serve you Old Goat. Career matters are on the surface right now, and while the pace here has not been quick, you become further engaged as the time for intense reflection unfolds. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all are patiently awaiting significant changes. While your expectation of perfection will not be arrived at yet, the time is now to make these stepping stone reassessments for those ultimate long-term goals.

Aquarius: Responsibility has been stirring within your philosophical outlooks, some of which even the prophetic thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. Your urges to travel may not be going exactly as planned, but with patience these will align in their right timing, with a little extra work involved. Even if you cannot take physical flight, taking a spirited mental journey that reassesses your higher education and what you truly believe, surely gets your originality soaring.

Pisces: Careful planning has been wise for you to be schooling in the area of investments, taxes, shared/joint resources. Take further time to review what may not be stable here. With the dynamic force stirring the earning power, take advantage of it. Been a lack of intimacy swimming around you? Reflecting in some sensual waves continues to guide this leisurely ripple from the roots of your soul as you continue on diving into this ultimate passage of transformation.

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