LUNAR-O-SCOPE, Full Moon in Leo 2010

Full Moon in Leo, 30 January, 1:18amEST

If you’ve had some clear evenings in your part of the globe, you more than likely have been noticing our Lunar Lady gaining light in the past couple days. Our Moon enters Leo Friday, 29 January at 9:10amEST until Sunday, 31 January at 8:23amEST.

We all know the Full Moon typically brings intensities to our emotional process. What will pack an extra punch this month is that our Moon will peak at 10 degrees, Leo, with feisty Mars, in extremely close quarters (otherwise known as conjunct), at 09 degrees Leo, who will not be looking where he is going while currently retrograding. Oh yeah… there could be some turbulence folks, so fasten those seat belts for safety.

The days leading up to and following Saturday’s luminous showcase will bring up drama, opinionated feelings, self-indulgences, and conceited attitudes to those unaware on the collective. Unbridled desires and inflammatory reactions are sure to burst- proceed with caution and be on the lookout for brash, rude, and militant attitudes to be flying around.

For those who are checking their ego at the door: fertile instincts, passionate feelings- generous, confident, and loyal energies can indeed emerge. The stimulation of leadership, enthusiasm, and benevolence are the natural gifts of Mars in Leo, but harder to reach under a Retrograde transit. Gravitating to humility is the winning choice here.

Be sure to check the Leo House, in particular the 09-10 degree piece, in your personal birth chart to see where a release is ideally meant to unfold in your life. This is the area of life that next two weeks to follow until 13 February request you to reflect upon and do a little cleaning in.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice.

Aries: They’ll be nothing to stop you head-strong Rams from socializing this weekend! It’s time as well to focus upon finishing up that creative adventure you’ve been needing to complete. Should you have children, they may require your attention now. If there is a new love affair flirting with you, this can easily move on to a higher level.

Taurus: There are a many conclusions you will be arriving at that pertain to your home and family life. Watch out for the continued domesticated drama, and especially now -don’t react to it- respond! That sense of déjà vu has a high potential to occur, so listen to that instinct you hear from within, as its’ message is of karmic importance.

Gemini: You may be giving into angry thoughts as of late with your “other half,” but dear MINI GEM, you must form a united front with yourself. What are you being driven to learn about right now? This is a much better way to be spending your time- take this time to complete a needed education pursuit that enlivens that need to know intellect of yours.

Cancer: Financially, you should be feeling better about some completions that have come into play. You’ve been revamping your value system, and now is the time to re-anchor your securities. Take a hearty look at your possessions, and what those claws no longer need to hold onto, let them wash away with the tide.

Leo: Really you Kingly Lions, your roar has been too loud! This is no time to be taking everything around you to heart so personally. In fact, removing all focus from yourself right now is a marvelous antidote for this transit. Humility will allow you to gain the real insight you need, while still letting you see through the entire forest you have reign over.

Virgo: Nothing is feeling logical right now is it? There is a stir within you to deal with the inner layers of your psyche (which is not the most comfortable place for your Virgins), the unknown. However, your subconscious is screaming for you to pay attention to the most hidden parts of yourself, and don’t be afraid to be of service to what you see, for a healing wants to happen.

Libra: All’s been a buzz of energy in your friendships and organizations. There have definitely been some re-balancing acts going on lately, and if there is a friend who has been showing their temper to you lately, it’s time to let them go, or work it out. Prioritizing and goal setting in your groups right now allows all of your wishes to come true later on.

Scorpio: Career matters are on the surface right now, and decisions need to be made on where it is all going. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all are awaiting significant changes, but make sure you do not pull out the deadly Scorpion sting. You always see the preferred outcomes when you soar above it all, utilizing the scope that your Eagle eye side is so innate at gathering.

Sagittarius: You are really aiming your arrows lately to gain more of that philosophy you love so much aren’t you Archer? If you aren’t on a trip that’s finishing upright now, you better get to making plans for one later on. However you can find the way to travel, make sure you are in pursuit of something that puts your spirit in higher education.

Capricorn: Need some financial revisions old Goat? It’s a prominent time to take a look at investments, get to those taxes, or take a look at your shared/joint resources. You’ve got regeneration knocking at your every door. Is there a need for more intimacy in a personal relationship? Now is a fantastic time to focus upon things on a physical level, as your drive right now is completely illuminated!

Aquarius: No doubt it’s been a little daunting lately with those closest to you, personal or business related. As much as it may be painful, they are expressing the wrath of Mars, and it’s making you want to be more detached than normal. By the next New Moon, you may be given an ultimatum. However, now is not the time to withdraw, but to look to yourself to see how to bring new life to the situation at hand.

Pisces: Is there something that’s been intuitively telling you to improve your routine, personal habits, or health? But of course your psychic powers are working wonderfully dear Fishes, because that is what you should be focusing on! There’s definite changes occurring that deal with how you are of service to the world, so hone in on those habit patterns and make sure the waters you are swimming in are healthy ones.

For a refresher on Mars REtrograde:
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