in Capricorn

15 July

2:40am EDT

Grounding Emotions

We’re now in reversal mode from the depths of Winter, as we are about to take on a Full Moon in Capricorn, ideally bringing to fruition what beginnings emerged from the Solar Eclipse here upon 04 January. As we now go into reflection mode until the next New Moon in Leo, there’s plenty to gain from seeing how the years’ initiations from the Capricorn area of life have seen their slow and patient process of growth.

Moon enters Capricorn 10:14am EDT 13 July to 4:30pm EDT 15 July

The virtues of reliability, ambition and prudence are natural gifts of a Moon in Capricorn. While instincts may be sluggish, the capacity to apply diligence is more favored to shape our feelings during this passage. The collective gravitates to a practical quality -urged to focus on serious matters and be oriented towards the self- as time in the workplace can bring comfort now. Steadfast, austere and fatherly energies tend to demand more from our Lunar Lady, who ideally is fed what she naturally lacks when journeying with The Goat.

FULL Moon, 15 July, 2:40am EDT, 22 degrees Capricorn

As souls we can take this opportunity to bring forth what needs to now complete and reflect within our lives- with wisdom and responsibility marking our moves. Take the next 2 weeks to see what ultimately has occurred in this area of the life since 2011 began. Visualize a releasing force as the Moon will travel from 22 degrees Capricorn to where 07 degrees Leo energy reigns within the birth chart. This half of your Zodiac Pie is now ready for a look-see and review through 30 July.

For the Collective

While we can now celebrate and see the completion of energy arrive to the Capricorn area of our lives, we are also seeing an interesting pull from Venus and Pluto who, are currently coming off an opposition from 5 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. While Pluto’s changes are ever-intense and gradual, the dynamic of the Venus-Pluto opposition that precisely occurred one week prior upon 08 July, still has a dynamic affect with Venus moving forward at 13 degrees Cancer. As our Moon and Sun wish to offer their monthly yin and yang light show, we also have a request to tie in our sense of values and harmony verses letting go and rebirthing within our lives. Rather than be the magnetic force of resistance, recognizing how Cancer and Capricorn energy can bring achievement through the experience of grounding our emotions, grants amazing security one can ultimately rely on.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Capricorn, 2011

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. If you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Remember it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you. Happy, Happy Reflecting…

ARIES: You’ve already got more energy than most in the Zodiac Dear Ram, but now your fire fuels-up the career, which certainly already has been giving you a taste of the transformations that are on your horizon here. You know what must come to an end- so don’t be impatient in letting it go. The public life is meant to get the review session after all the recent hard work here. Remember equally what is important to focus upon at home, as it brings harmony to all else.

TAURUS: It’s time for the Bull to unlock it’s stance and get onto traveling matters. Think of a place you’ve never been: now is the time to go there! Equally, you have been drawn to higher education and a renewed philosophy on some level, but you may find what you’ve been doing to achieve this will now alter along it’s path. It’s time for a worn-out belief to say bye-bye. There is such pleasantry surrounding your thoughts right now, so keep up that imagination soaring.

GEMINI: This is an intense time that encourages your innate adaptability to be utilized as now they’ll be no stopping the transformations that are unfolding. If there is a personal relationship that needs a physical spark, you’ll not resist the temptation now- unite and conquer! Not happy with your financial investments? Now is a perfect time to investigate how to best revise them. The earning power should be feeling happy, so choose wisely how to make it worth more.

CANCER: Time for some decisions to arrive to the partnerships within your life Dear Crab. There are some people you may want to get your claws out of, and some you’d like to sink them deeper into. This will be no time to hide in your shell, as the reflection you bask in now, is backed up by truly romantic feelings all around. As you sensitivity imagine how you are taking on new and balanced approaches to life, these give back all the more from those you relate to.

LEO: You thought about the whole health kick back in January didn’t you? It may have taken this long to manifest within you to finally let go of worn out habits and routines that no longer serve the King of the Forest. Cast off any laziness and dismiss what must release, as a rebirth is unfolding in this area of the life. Been enjoying those more than telling dreams as of late? Keep writing them down, as they wish to truly relate inner harmony to match that renewed outer glow.

VIRGO: Dear Virgin: Stop fussing over those details with your current creative adventure, and please don’t worry, because you are completing the project at hand! Lingering issues or matters with children come to a resolution. A love affair moves to a deeper level, or out of the picture. Don’t be shy to entertain and be bold in taking the center stage with friends and groups. There are tremendous new forces coming from your hopes dreams and wishes: embrace them.

LIBRA: The home is where you may indeed be finding your heart feeling complete, as you seek to bring your Scales into further balance by finishing a long-term task here. What has been transforming in your family life? Release is ready, and this may come through in a déjà vu experience. However these manifest themselves, a true completion is unraveling on the home front, while all that harmony over in the career and public life is the perfect match to even it out.

SCORPIO: What mental pursuit have you been awaiting to end the investigation of? Now is the time where you will see a course of study, travel plans, or communication related ventures come full circle. You are drawn to the educational realms, and wherever your mind wants to probe, you’ll find conclusions there. Be cautious of anything dealing with transportation, for there may be delays or total re-workings of your plans. Peace comes from believing in honest outcomes.

SAGITTARIUS: Right now you are wise to keep those arrows of yours on the target of how you are managing your money and all those possessions you have. It’s time to part with something, as you have reaped such reward here all year. Ambition finds you becoming more aware of living in your means, and if you are anxious to release any debt, you’ll learn there is a way to complete the mission. Core transformations you experience only make you feel more secure and at home.

CAPRICORN: The Lunar Light show is upon you Old Goat! Get ready for some of your approaches to be released, even if, you may not think they are broken and need fixing. You’re in the realms of realizing what needs to come to a completion within your first impressions about life. There is an old mask to the world you are wearing that needs to be pulled off. This gets you ultimately in alignment with how to feel ever better about those new partnerships in your life.

AQUARIUS: You may feel like detaching yourself from everything, but it will be best for you to bring some new life to your deepest inner world, as the subconscious realms will speak loud and clear to you now. Your dreams are an intense guide to help you release any fears you may have, for what you may be hiding, is not meant to be your enemy any longer. Finding innovative ways to sharpen your own inner saw, allows your physical health to reflect happily in harmony.

PISCES: Take a swim in the sea of friendships and organizations Dear Fishes, as these waters now arrive in a place for you to tread in awhile. Let go of a worn-out hope or wish. Is there more responsibility from a group you belong to that some one wants to give you? Take it on, or leave it if the water is too stagnate. Let that beauty coming from your creative nature keep on flowing strongly. Oh and definitely don’t swim away from that unexpected invitation to socialize.

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