Jupiter Goes Direct in Taurus 25 December

A Quick Word on The Philosopher….

Jupiter goes Direct in Taurus
25 December
5:08pm EST

While you may have been told that good fortune was bestowing you where The Bull takes a stance in your Zodiac Pie, this flow of energy has kinda been on hold since 30 August. What’s been happening here in the past few months is some necessary reflection. This time ideally allows the blessings, ease and abundance that this planet innately knows how to cast down through which ever sign it currently in to be all the more appreciated.

As we said back on 04 June when Jupiter entered Taurus during The Month of Gemini:

Look to where The Bull solidifies in all your Zodiac Pie, and rest assured there are blessings and ease unfolding within this area of the life for the next year. The Philosopher planet brings expansion here, all in the constructive force that Taurus operates from. Collectively, our enthusiasm is best aligned within material pleasures- yet extravagant and self-indulgent energies will not be tolerated. Educating our minds within the realms of conventional, sympathetic, and charitable opportunities are sure to reflect back placid results; ensuring our belief in solidarity.

Jupiter only reached 10 degrees Taurus before entering it’s annual period of reflection, as it went Retrograde upon 30 August. Now, as it has back tracked to 0 degrees Taurus, get ready to kind of start all over again with the fun feeling you had in this area of the life from June to August. Hope you’ve all done your reflective homework here. Otherwise, you may not receive the gifts Jupiter will be happy to bring you throughout 11 June 2012, when it will move forward then into Gemini.

See where Jupiter is offering opportunity and optimism for you from the collective perspective:

Aries: Earning Power/Values
Taurus: Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Gemini: Inner World/Subconscious Process
Cancer: Friendships/Groups/Hopes/Dreams
Leo: Career/Public Life
Virgo: Higher Education/Philosophy/Foreign Travels
Libra: Wealth/Sexuality/Transformation
Scorpio: Partnerships
Sagittarius: Health/Being of Service
Capricorn: Creativity/Children
Aquarius: Home/Family/Environment
Pisces: Thinking/Mentality/Siblings

Couple this current waxing phase from the New Moon in Capricorn, and you have a bird’s eye view to see what is cropping up a new and fresh within the life, as this earthen energy relates fabulously right now within your Zodiac Pie. Check out too your last Lunar-O-Scope 24 December!

A truly wonderful and innate gift from Spirit and The Universe upon Christmas Day indeed.
Reap your good fortune well, Dear Stars. Merry, Merry Christmas.

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