As our planets above grant us the ability to forecast the future, the most frequent question Sharita’s Star Secrets has been asked lately is, Do you know WHO will be the next President of the United States? Without a doubt, there are plenty of astrological and numerological indications that point to the answer of this pressing question. Yet, if this answer was revealed before Election Day, how many then would exercise the very right we do have of choice, the one to VOTE?!

In the know the United States can be analyzed in the same fashion as any given person- what can be seen is the potential energies that the collective whole of the US will see positively or negatively unfold. In the end, for any person or entity, the choices made then flow from these very energies that are encompassing the here and now. Upon Election Day, the United States finds itself in a 21/3 Personal Year, a 5 Personal Month, marking November 4th as a 9 Personal Day.

WHAT does all this mean, one may ask? As we now circulate within the 3rd year of a current 9 year cycle that the US is experiencing, we are optimally meant to see expansion, re-education, and a return to idealism as a nation. November is guided by the 5’s request for permanent change, major movement and intense communication amongst the masses. November 4th falls as a 9 Personal Day, telling us we can collectively expect to see some sort of ending, finalization and conclusion. By the numbers alone, are we starting to make some sense?

The United States also has a birth chart like any individual person does. As we look to how some of the key outer planetary energy is swirling around the US’s natal chart through current transits- we can see a many more insights pointing to the changes our nation is in the midst of experiencing. Pluto presently sits in the US’s astrological 1st House of our Mask to the World/Approaches. This planet governing over deep transformation as well as death and rebirth denotes that the world is changing their very view of us, while we equally appear different as a nation. Oddly enough, right at the time George W. Bush went into office in 2001, Pluto was at the very beginning of the US’s chart, upon our Ascendant. Not only have we changed our approaches within our country, can we not all agree the world views of the US have altered as Bush winds down the final months of his 8 year term in office?

Perhaps the most significant indication that we, as a nation, are in a time that completely changes our thinking and mentality in ways we could have never expected is Uranus’s current position in Pisces in our 3rd House, which governs over these qualities. Uranus has been in Pisces since 2003- where by this time following the events upon September 11, 2001, we began to slowly see the beginnings of the Bush Administrations’ actions affect each and every one of us on a mental level. The further we have come since, all the more myriad of unexpected and seemingly illusionary tactics have unfolded- causing the end result of doubt in our government and political leaders within the US to occur.

Astrology watches Saturn move in his approximate 2 yr visits through the Zodiac, as a planet that prefers discipline and responsibility to be applied whichever area of life he is. Since the Fall of 2007, Saturn in Virgo is currently in the opposing 9th House (the one that is the outward expression of our thinking) of Higher Education/Expansion/Idealism of the US- requesting us to truly reassess these attributes, and bring tradition back to them. Every 28 or so years Saturn returns to the natal point within the birthchart, and by the Fall of 2009, we will be experiencing a Saturn Return within America, as Saturn enters Libra. These couple of years to follow will further bring us to an awakening and by July 2010 as the US enters into a 5 Personal Year, get ready for even more massive permanent change like never before.

This current opposition of Uranus and Saturn falls directly 3 times over the next year while in the signs of Pisces and Virgo, respectively- oddly enough the first at 18 degrees upon Election Day, November 4th, at 8:35am. We will then see another at 20 degrees February 5, 2009, and the final direct opposition upon September 15, 2009 at 24 degrees. Uranus and Saturn in this position to one another always tells us there is a collapse of structure, while a door opens to the unexpected to bring on an original change, one that is necessary to move forward optimally. Saturn may include some lessons to be learned along the way, if one has not adhered to integrity in their actions.

As we urgently see Barack Obama and John McCain racing to the finish line of their contest to become the 44th President of the United States, there is one thing for certain in the outcome the nation will see upon November 4th. The candidate to be victorious is the one that the Universe innately knows: will transform the world’s view of us back to a healthy view while we take our approaches to a higher level; bring positive change to our thinking; and take that to a new idealism that optimally expands and educates us as a whole. As sure as the soul of the US is made up of each and every one of us residing here in these great United States of America, the choice is, as it has always been, now up to you.


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