Give Yourself a Mini-Reading!

The Star Secrets Wheel highlights the planetary connection between astrology and numerology, while demonstrating how they intertwine. The glyphs, (the symbols) for each sign and planet are also included, which you will learn more about in your full reading. To start your own discovery now, click on any piece of it to explore that number, planet, or astrological sign.

Numerology The Outer Wheel

All numbers break down to a singular digit that becomes the underlying guidance that is part of our entire soul's understanding through our names, birthdays and that we see along our individual journeys on earth.

What's Your Karmic Path? This is the calendar day of the month that you are born on, and determines part of your character like your Sun Sign, and its the most influential number that is examined as it works side by side with your Sun Sign.

If it is a single digit then click on that number. If it is a two digit number, add them together.
(e.g. 25th: 2+5 = 7, 10th: 1+0 = 1)

Planets The Middle Wheel

The planets are the binding force that grant the patterns of energy and cycles that are displayed through our numbers and signs. Whether you are examining numerology or astrology, it is the planets' influences that you channel through your experiences, and that is read and understood in your full analysis.

As you go around the wheel, you will start to see how each piece of the pie, is simply the planet as it relates to the sign and number it guides. In astrology, Mercury and Venus have rulership over two signs, so you willl see the 5 and 6 repeated as the numbers follow suit.

Astrology The Inner Wheel

Here is the natural order of the Zodiac, starting with Aries and concluding with Pisces.

What's Your Sun Sign? Click on your sign to learn more about your character. If you are born on a day when the sun switches signs, (known as the cusp), it is always best to consult an astrologer or an ephemeris to make sure which sign you really are. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as “being both signs.”

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