2017 Sun Sign Affirmations

starrynightHello Dear Star,

With so much to filter from what’s going on in today’s world, there is no better time to look within and have affirmation you are honoring Being the Light in 2017. Your individual life absolutely matters in the greater part of the whole.

Find Your Sun Sign below and enjoy affirmation concerning where you can apply personal focus and align peace of mind in 2017.

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2017 Sun Sign Affirmations


Embrace Education & Listen to Your Truth

I AM Learning from my Relationships
This is a powerful year ahead to recognize the growth you can experience from those your relate to one on one. Seek to understand, then be understood.


Find Positive Ways to Be of Service

I HAVE Healthy Habits & Routines This is an expansive year ahead to recognize the growth you can experience as you understand you are able to enhance your habitual life and overall state of health.


It’s Time to Shine Upon Your Stage of Life

I COMMUNICATE Creative Ideas This is an abundant year to recognize the absolute potential your creative nature is able to express. Learn something new with children, creation and love affairs.


You Grow the Most Right at Home

I NURTURE My Home & Family Life  This is an important year to recognize your innate “chicken soup for the soul” abilities to receive new learning from your closest environments. Your psyche equally heals.


Let Your Mindset & Communications Thrive

I CREATE New Ideas & Positive Thinking This is an amazing year to recognize you can make anything happen as long as your mindset is fully on board. Where your attention goes, energy will absolutely flow.


Bring On a Boost to Your Earning Power

I SERVE New Values & My Security This is a potent year ahead to recognize you are able to bring abundance to all that you have through reeducation. Learn how the practice of gratitude can enhance your life.


It’s Time for The World to Watch You Grow

I RELATE to If It is NEW, It is for ME This is a stunning year ahead to recognize you are able to watch the power of positive change educate you as a whole new emerging self now witnesses the upside of life.


Time Alone Favors Your Healing Rewards

I TRANSFORM As I Listen from Within This is a profound year ahead to take solitary time to help clear the karmic mist and process energy subconsciously. Your dreams teach you about your waking world.


Be Open to Learning About Your Goals

I BELIEVE in What The Future Holds This is a prophetic year ahead to know the future is shaped by how you aim at it. Allow education to enhance your hopes and wishes, as you receive wisdom from your peers.


Be Ready for Recognition & Rewards

I STRUCTURE My Career & Public Life This is an ambitious year ahead to know if education, expansion, foreign travel and new philosophies surround your work place: pay attention and embrace this time of growth.


It’s Time to Take Action with Your Beliefs

I SOCIALIZE My Truth & Wisdom This is a positive year ahead to recognize you are adapting to new truths as long as you are willing to be educated. As fresh philosophies and travel shape you, synthesis is yours.


Learning Enhances Your Truth State of Wealth

I PROCESS to Allow My Regeneration This is a transformative year ahead to recognize you are moving through core energetic changes. Your learning experiences find you in an important and abundant rebirth.

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