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2016chateautarot-sstarReflections from the Chapel at Chateau Des Avenières

A definite highlight from my Summer 2016 trip to France was my visit to the Chapel at Chateau Des Avenières.

This more than picturesque setting on the border of the Swiss Alps held more than just a fancy chateau. As I was to continue to discover in the latter weeks of my trip, France is filled with esoteric wonder and ancient divination tools.

Inside the Chateau Des Avenières, is a small, yet stunning chapel that is more than unique in its décor. Its’ entire walls and ceiling are completely covered in mosaic title that brings to life the Major Arcana of the Tarot, astrology and other mystical knowledge awaiting to be read in French.

As a both an astrologer and numerologist, one probably could guess I was absolutely in my glory here. While I do not professionally practice tarot as one of my divination services, I have always sought out my own readings. Equally through decks that where given to me, I studied it in my earlier years to learn and deeply understand there is a distinct connection to both astrology and numerology.

The Chaldean Numerology –which is the method I practice- is considered to be loosely translated from the Major Arcana of the Tarot, viewing the numbers 1 to 22 in their Chaldean Karmic Mysteries.

To Be Continued….


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