LunarOScopes, 04 May Taurus New Moon, Let’s Begin

SharitaStar.LunarOScopesN18“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham

Recognize Your Feelings Are Powerful Allies
We intentionally create our lives through emotion, which in turn, directly allows us to manifest accordingly via our thoughts as The Law of Attraction promises. Lunar energy from above is astrologically in charge of how the messages of our human emotions play out in precise timing. We are always offered the chance to evolve and align down here below, yet equally we must remember we energetically cannot solve everything we may need to in our lives all at once. Everything meant to emerge has a precise rhythm and measured motion in our timing.

As we become deeply aware of what we are feeling in our lives -when we move away from fear and tune in to our source that knows it is a vibrational and expanding being- we have leverage, control and clarity to move through what the contrast of our lives may be bringing towards us. If we choose resistance to what is, our thoughts only block what is meant to be inspiring us. Thus, we miss our opportunities, neglect to heal and recharge, surely keeping us in a downward spiral we feel no control within.

Ask yourself this question. Why do I ever feel stuck or dissatisfied? 

Answer. If you are not tuned into your feelings, your thoughts naturally are not focused and intentionally aligned with your desires. Negative emotions will only continue to point out what it is that you do not want if you are not coming from the feeling energy of expansion and choosing to be a deliberate creator.

Law of Attraction Fact: “You get what you think about whether you want it or not. There is no vibrational word for NO. Attention to whatever it is, always means YES.”~Abraham

To naturally allow us the time and space to work with how we can align in our rightful feeling vibration to attract what we want, each month, a New Moon opens a waxing phase of initiating energy favoring creation until we reach the Full Moon, opening up a waning phase allowing for natural correction, reflection and release.

LunarOScopes capture the forecast of these cycles indicating what is meant to begin or conclude, timing when and what specific area of life our Sun Sign benefits by turning our feelings into intentional thought. Of course this generalized view provides one part of our soul story focus, while examining our natal chart -cast from our full date and time of birth- provides us with our personal and deeper dish details.

Honoring Rebirth for Sustainability
New Moon in Taurus 6:45pmEDT, 04 May, Let’s Begin & Initiate
Waxing Phases favor actions involving planting anew and moving forward, as energy increases throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie from 14 degrees Taurus through Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra until the next Full Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio 18 May. This second New Moon of Spring and fifth for 2019 falls within the sign that consciously aims for security, value, determination and honoring our patience.

It is time to build, establish and stabilize within the Taurus area of our life that now intuitively seeks our attention and adaptability concerning what is new. As our free will embraces endurance and accepts that resourcefulness amazingly can assist us to watch our deep-rooted beginnings successfully unfold, we are equally asked to honor meditation with practicality and contentment by our side into our personal pictures.

We feel a strong channel of rebirth upon this particular New Moon, to fully commit to the new we are receiving within Taurus, making sure intuition is our guiding light. This is the first New Moon since October 2018 that has moved away from the 15 degrees point now to 14, asking for forward motion to accelerate our lives. As we deeply understand our old skins are now shed (as long as we honored the last 7 months of healing to work through us), the time is now to keep listening and be patient with the progress we have made.

This New Moon at the 14 degree point of Taurus specifically asks that we deliberately value rebirth where The Bull seeks our determination and need to cultivate adaptability and vision in order to shine in our lives. We are called to listen carefully to the needs of the self and the voice within as more movement and challenge seeks for our careful observation of what must change. As emotional sensitivity swirls around us, the guidance of our instinct will serve us the most to establish the new connections and opportunities this waxing phase naturally wishes to bring towards us which can now begin to take enduring roots.

Spring’s 2nd & 2019’s 5th New Moon is here Dear Star! How will you embrace Honoring Rebirth for Sustainability?

ARIES: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Have, relating to your income, values, possessions and overall sense of security. Opportunities are here to bring long awaited growth, yet be sure to take your time in solitude to listen carefully from within to move forward with them in practical and meaningful ways.

TAURUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with who I Am, relating to your appearance, emerging self, and the mask you wear to the world. Observe the ways your future goals and socialization will ask for your meditative time to sort out any directions you should now be establishing your new roots within as you plant them for optimal success.

GEMINI: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Process, relating to your solitude, retreat, inner work your subconscious and dream state. Career matters are of the utmost importance right now to take in to careful consideration, so be sure to align your unity and not your tendency to remain split concerning them.

CANCER: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Socialize, relating to your future goals, aspirations, friends, groups, peers and ultimate hopes and wishes. Many channels open doors to how you are establishing new truths to stand upon within your life, as your abilities to change your beliefs by remaining teachable are profound.

LEO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Structure, relating to your career, public and professional life and views upon authority. As another strong surge of rebirth surrounds you to take one of the deepest silent listens to be certain the recent process of regeneration has transformed you, know there is no going back to move forward.

VIRGO: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Believe, relating to your willingness to be educated, abilities to grow, stand in your truth and express your philosophies. Undoubtedly you have come to recognize the healing that has been happening for your personal relationships now welcomes changes to ensure their endurance.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Transform, relating to your wealth, sexuality, abilities to transform, regenerate and change. As your lifestyle habits and routines continue to seek for you to listen carefully about how you can serve them more instinctively, you unveil more that securely resets your physical health for the better.

SCORPIO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Relate, connecting to your partnerships, legal agreements, business and personal relationships. Creatively, there are a many things you need to distinctly observe about your means of manifesting, as being more playful within your life aligns your heart space to new adventures.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Serve, relating to your habits, routines, service to self and others, and your physical health. Everything concerning your abilities to nurture and nourish at home now require your instinct and intuition to accept necessary changes -no matter how challenging they appear- are for the best.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Create, relating to your brain children, manifestations, physical children, love affairs and pleasures. Be sure to be responsible to taking proper time to calm your mind and listen to your inner voice, which allows you to communicate in clarity versus confusion.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with how I Nurture, relating to your home, family, closest environments, psyche and paternal energies. So much is redefining the value and security of your life, and every step requires you to slow down and really remember you still have to give gratitude what you already have.

PISCES: It’s time to focus upon the new with how I Communicate, relating to your thinking, mentality, mindset, siblings and neighbors. As the instinctual side of you innately becomes more perceptive than it ever has before, continue to honor the careful listening you have been doing and go even deeper for more answers.

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New Moon in Capricorn
24 December 2011
1:06pm EST

Grounding Practical Feelings

Welcome to the final NEW Moon of 2011! As we have just celebrated the Winter Solstice, it is now time to gather up initiations and embrace the gifts of the season in true forward motion. While the Shadow of the recent Mercury Retrograde still remains until 01 January, be ready for a fresh and favored energy to emerge where The Goat ambitiously climbs in your life.

Moon enters Capricorn
Saturday, 8:47am EST 24 December to Monday, 12:14pm EST 26 December
Depending upon your personal feelings, Winter may not be your favorite time of the year to feel “anew” within. Yet, as life always presents us with change, heeding to the wisdom within winter can be valuable beyond the typical “blues” that tend to be experienced. Remember the Goat’s virtues of stability, patience, responsibility, and ambition- these are the ones the Universe requests we utilize. Our Lunar Lady’s transit through this practical sign requests that we get a little more serious about what we feel, and bring those emotions right down to earth to find a sure direction to flow.

New Moon, 1:06pm EST 24 December, 02 degrees Capricorn
There is no better time to tap into discovering some diligent outlooks, some which may seem a little too serious- but reliable these will be to grab hold of. Whichever area of life the 02-degree Capricorn piece of the collective and natal Zodiac Pie falls is where you can expect to see some fresh starts to emerge. Take the next 2 weeks to plant the seeds that will, with proper intention, reap a fantastic harvest in the life further down the road. Should you choose to partake in the tendency for a Capricorn Moon to gravitate to brooding, gloomy or suspicious feelings, you’ll miss the opportunities to recognize the new mountains you are meant to climb in this area of the life.

For the Collective
2011 opened and now closes its final New Moon cycle within The Goat. Looking to how the Solar Eclipse that paired up with 04 January’s lunar kick-off at the 13 degree Capricorn point, as we have evolved through this Universal Year, no doubt we all have seen those new beginnings from last Winter having arrived at a completion of energy where Capricorn affects our Zodiac Pie. As this month’s New Moon emerges, it’s time to take that patient pause and take in what we are meant to take charge of and be ready to initiate as a whole new cycle starts.

Taking note of our Taurus slice of life, we find a nice alignment of communication between this New Moon and where Jupiter is currently transiting at 0 degrees. Our planet of luck, fortune and growth returns to Direct motion upon Christmas Day. Whatever is presently cropping up in Capricorn, Jupiter aides this lunation to bring out this fresh energy with a nice dose of optimism as it trines from the area of life where The Bull firmly plants stability within your life. Expect what feelings come to be expanded, sincere, and most certainly dignified in their outcomes.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Capricorn 2011
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a precise perspective of how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: While you may feel like playing like a kid, it’s time you think about some fresh starts in the career, which are further blessed by your earning power at present. There is some recognition and reward that wishes to bless your public life. Promotions and publicity are easy to find you, as the way you take in those daily dollars boosts whatever business or work you toil in. A new way of regarding authority displays itself, which may deal with a paternal figure in your life.

Taurus: Time to make those travel plans if you aren’t already jet setting somewhere, so don’t be stubborn and miss them! Whether you use your passport or your mind, you are journeying to new faraway places. There’s an abundance of fresh beliefs and higher learning coming your way, which leads to a true spiritual quest. With all the happy energy that has been fueling those first impressions and approaches, if you are bored this winter, you’ve stayed stuck for too long.

Gemini: Mini Gem, get ready for some wealth and to increase what you already have. There are some new starts to emerge within your investments that bring improvements here. Whether it be through a windfall, the ability to have other people’s money work for you shows itself. Make sure you do unite the powerful urge to transform, which truly will align when you spend time in solitude and examine your nighttime dreams. Intimacy and desires for you equally feel alive and well.

Cancer: The relationship blessing is upon you once more! You’ll find yourself in the pursuit of a new partnership, whether business or romance. Should an existing relationship need closer examination, your focus moves here, to any close alliances to flourish for you now. Utilize a healthy imagination and sensitive nature to watch them grow, as you may also find these relate to the groups or friends you already know. Wish well this New Moon, for they will come true.

Leo: If it is new it is for you regarding health, routines, habits, and your ability to be of service. You are stimulated to clean-up and organize a new regime that benefits your personal skills. Your daily routine is motivated to a more serious responsibility. There is a true stability to be found in your work environment, which is gladly met with the happiness happening in your career and public life. Thinking about a new pet? Someone special awaits for their royal master to arrive.

Virgo: As always, it is no time to be shy with the new creative projects that require your flawless detail and attention. There is a vibrancy that arrives to your overall self-esteem. Children or “brain-children” take your focus. Your desire to play, simply have fun, as you captivate the energies surrounding your closest feelings. A love affair flirts. All allows you to be the student as well, as you wish learn something new. Traveling opens up your creative nature all the more.

Libra: Those Scales are ready to find balance by taking up with your environment. The home front is calling to you, as there are improvements to be had within your comfort zone. Your family involvements and ties with parental figures will be prominent. Don’t ignore that deja-vu you receive. Remember, with Saturn presently in your sign, patience is essential or those lessons may appear. That slow pace is bringing rewards within your wealth, so let this transformation in.

Scorpio: The latest mystery to be cleared up finds you probing intellectual ways to reach new goals in your mentality. A short trip may just put everything into the larger perspective you innately know how to see everything from. Those thoughts you’ve been feeling- it’s now time to write it all down. Should you have siblings, you may find they will be requiring your attention as well. As you align the mind, you find your relationships with others so too becomes the victor.

Sagittarius: Your arrows aim now Archer at some fresh ways to take in what you have. Welcome a new pattern of income flow. Ideally, your value system sees some stabilizing overall, as changes ambitiously find you here. Rather than acquiring unnecessary possessions, make wise choices with them. You’ll find these value shifts make your ability to serve even more abundant and your entire state of health equally is thrilled with this new income routine that directs you.

Capricorn: How lucky are you to be the first and last New Moon of the year? And guess what you hard working Goats, the time is now to embrace fresh ways to manage all of your approaches. No stranger to the toil, you’ve got a wonderful new energy and enthusiasm in the sense of how the world views you. With your ability to create also being blessed with plenty of optimism, you are so ready to unleash something fabulous from the self, so let yourself shine on.

Aquarius: Should you choose resistance and not go to that inner place, don’t complain about feeling stagnant. Those subconscious realms await for you to dive deep and reinvent your spiritual self. Take time to study your dreams for they more than ever help you gain a better understanding within your waking world. Becoming intimate with your deepest sense of self, lets in the further alignment that wishes to bring a cozier feel to your home and family life.

Pisces: You’ve got new friends to find in the ocean, along with original goals and hopes that desire to inspire you. A new group or organization truly will appreciate your sympathy and understanding, as you direct your powerful imagination. Whatever unexpected social invitations come your way, go: they are all part of the Universe’s divine plan for your future. Tie it all in with the abundance coming from your thinking and mentality and your wishes definitely do come true.

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LUNAR-O-SCOPE, Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in GEMINI, 2011

LUNAR Eclipse, FULL Moon in Gemini
10 December

Uniting in Reflection

Welcome a finalizing energy in the Gemini area of your life! Coupled by the Lunar Eclipse, think of this as an activator in your natal birth chart that will indicate exactly where you need to focus upon completion and expect some necessary reflection to take place. Now the collective’s emotions get stirred in the sign that strives for stimulating communication on any level. Where will you release an alert instinct in the next two weeks and months ahead?

Moon enters Gemini
Thursday 08 December, 9:52pm EST to Sunday 11 December, at 8:26am EST
Gemini energy must beware of opportunist, crafty, distracted, and irresolute energies that may arise. When there is plenty of logic and observation around, it is easy to gravitate to scattered, unstable, and suggestible tendencies. While a strong sense of cleverness and reasonability mark any Gemini passage, the cultivation of concentration, relaxation, organization, and the power of a SILENT LISTEN will allow this transit to reap its’ greatest rewards.

Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon 10 December, 9:32am, 9:36am EST, 18 deg Gemini
A FULL Moon in Gemini brings forth adaptable and inquisitive feelings. As another waning phase begins, it is time to take those recent new ideas and initiations out there to now reflect in the light from the last New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius upon 25 November. When our Full Moon embarks in the versatile and inquisitive energies of Gemini -the sign that consciously aims for establishing relationships- be alert to the intellectual gifts that are meant to unfold. More so than any other time of the year, this Full Moon grants a keen observational force that the Twins wish to share with the world.

Be sure to check the Gemini House, in particular the 18 deg Gemini spot, in your personal birth chart to see where a conclusive energy is ideally meant to unfold as the Full Moon peaks. The particular area of life in the Zodiac Pie it will fall- allows a trigger of energy to be felt for a significant period of time. Think of Eclipses as activators in your natal birth chart that will indicate exactly where you need to focus and expect action to take place for the long term. As we now take up with a Lunar Eclipse, there is a release and completion that you will see unfold as the months ahead come to pass.

For the Collective
This Lunation brings conclusions to what ideally began back from the New Moon June 2011 when we had a Solar Eclipse kick-off in Gemini. As we now see the 3rd Full Moon of a series of 6 release at the 18th degree of the sign, -which began in October in Aries- there is a Universal request that we take stock of the material in our lives and bring forth more spiritual understanding. As we look to this within Gemini, our sharp study couldn’t be more necessary to further upon the logic that is meant to be applied here. Looking ahead to our next Full Moon in Cancer at the 18th degree, we’ll be getting ready for some true feelings and release where emotional attachments are concerned, but for now, carefully examine the thoughts that come to you under this current passage.

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Gemini, 10 December 2011
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

Aries: Thoughts now can be properly placed into a conclusive mental focus that you have been working towards since June. While you are no stranger to striking up ideas, many you have had now come full circle. Take time to consider a short trip if you aren’t already on one. You may find your siblings require your attention at this time, but be sure not to react to them, simply respond. Your spirited mind eagerly partakes in reflection, so do ask questions, as your curiosity brings forth these necessary answers.

Taurus: Your possessions are always of great value to you, but it is time to part with some of them. How you earn your dollars may find a decisive avenue to flow from that saw its’ birth back in June. While you cherish that deep sense of solidarity and security, logic naturally wishes to enter the situation as you honestly ask yourself, what does the material mean to me? Your patience is wise to work smarter with your finances, money, and sense of values. Let go of old roots now so new ones are able to grow in later.

Gemini: As this extra boost of Lunar spotlight shines ultimately upon your ability to reflect, be ready for witty, liberal, and self-oriented feelings to accompany your normal improvisational approach. All that has flowed anew from June completes a cycle. With your first impressions now finding the channel for release, fully commit to taking this time to re-activate the self. With all the self-renewal you’ve been working on the world is innately curious to see the completed new mask you are ready to unveil.

Cancer: You won’t mind going into some deeper waters and take the Crab on a dive into those inner places in your life, and be sure to remember the messages from your night-time dreams. Romanticizing about the past allows a subconscious discovery to unfold. The spiritual, inner realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call to you, and mentally you will require some logic to put it all into the finalizations you will arrive at. The worn out weight of the past can be washed away with the tide.

Leo: Your friendships and organizations take focus and attention. You already sense what no longer works here, and now conclusions will be drawn. If there is a group or cause you’ve been thinking about releasing, cast them out of your royal court. What you recently unleashed from your creative nature finds a way to be seen now. Accept that unexpected invitation to socialize, for there is equal mental and equal emotional satisfaction you’ll gain from attending. Keep your hopes and dreams high, and wish well.

Virgo: There is some harvest, stability, and reward awaiting results within your career and public life, so this is no time to be shy! A project comes to fruition, or a recent job may come to an end. How you view your relationship to authority also requests that you take in some reflective time that you’ve not been responsible to up till now. Clarity comes to you in how to ultimately move forward in knowing how your work is providing the best of service not only to others, but to your specific place in the public eye.

Libra: Inspiration is fueling the end of the path you have been taking your philosophies on since June. Thinking about taking a long trip to balance those Scales? You are comforted by reflecting upon planning one, (that is if you aren’t already on one), yet you equally aim to find ways to broaden your view of the world at large. You’ll reach the peak of expansion within your ideals, as you realize just how much your recent educational and mental pursuits have brought you clarity and peace. Let go of an old belief.

Scorpio: This month urges you to reach conclusions about your securities and investments, as now is the time to reflect upon whether these have been for the best or not. No stranger to transformation, you’ll find there is another turn that your regenerative abilities will find to complete, and this strengthens your passion like never before. It’s no secret you typically always feel sexy, but even more intense excitement unfolds that brings a real peak as you reflect upon thinking about your power in the bedroom.

Sagittarius: Your partnerships will be on your mind, from your romantic ties to business contacts. What needs to conclude and move out of the way here from June’s new beginnings? You’ll find there are people you have been connected with that will not remain in the future picture. Aim your arrow to stimulating conversations that captivate your interest, which more than likely will concern the past. There is definitely a friendly reflection that desires to encourage a renewed optimism with your closest ties.

Capricorn: While your world is practically perfect Old Goat, there are things that wish to conclude in regards to your health and how you bring your impeccable service to others. There’s a routine or habit you are wise to shed that finds its means to an end now. You may think all of your responsible habits are serving you, but take a look around and see which ones may be too tired to keep up with your ambitious pace. Your relationship with pets also is brought to the surface- should they stay or should they go?

Aquarius: There’s a conclusive light that brings full illumination to your creativity. Whatever project you’ve been inventing and stimulating since June wishes to be brought to fruition. While plenty of playful feelings and opportunities to socialize are around, your children, or “brain children” may ask for your ultimate attention now. A love affair may fall out of the larger picture. Enjoy this time to unravel the final touches upon what you originate, as your creative adventures wish to see the light of day.

Pisces: Get out of the water and clean your house Dear Fishes! The home environment requires your imagination and full attention as things come full circle here from June’s initiations. You sense that your family life arrives at a whole different point of view, one that may see necessary conclusions. Appreciate and fine-tune your psychic abilities to the extra déjà vu experiences that surround you: the channel will be wide open and ready for you to receive their important messages. If it feels karmic, you are spot on.

Lexigrams and a Lunar Eclipse
One MORE piece of fun star secret advice comes from the mighty Lexigrams that the title of LUNAR ECLIPSE bestows upon us. As we poetically phrase the anagrams we can derive from within, what wonders will cast their reflective unites this particular lunation wishes for us all to embrace.





FULL Moon in Taurus,
10 November

Releasing from the Core

It’s that time of the year to welcome a release of energy in the Taurus area of your life! The opportunity to uproot what is no longer necessary in your Taurus piece of the Zodiac Pie is ready to be part of your Autumn clean-up. Just where in your life will this determined and persistent instinct wane throughout 24 November?

Moon enters Taurus
Wednesday 09 November, 2:45am EST to Friday 11 November, 3:10pm EST
Opportunity is knocking at the collective’s door at this time of the month when our emotions enter reflection mode. When our Full Moon embarks in the practical and patience energies of Taurus -the sign that consciously aims for security- we are now ready to allow an enduring and resourceful spirit to guide our “digging up” of what is best to clear where the Bull fixes things within our lives. Fixed Earth is Taurus’s elemental influence, so look to this passage to allow feelings to uproot, and change the grounding force that may no longer be working optimally.

Emotions under Taurus must beware of dogged, materialistic, lethargic, and obstinate behaviors that may arise. When any possessive energies are around, it is easy to gravitate to unimaginative and reactionary tendencies. While a strong sense of values and patience mark any journey with The Bull; the cultivation of enterprise, adaptability, and vision are always wise to adhere to.

Full Moon, 10 November, 3:16pm EST, 18 degrees Taurus
This offering from Taurus brings forth deep, intuitive, and sensuous feelings as our Lunar Light takes a stance with The Bull. Be sure to check the house, in particular the 18-degree Taurus spot, in your natal birth chart to see where a release of energy is ideally meant to unfold. This is the area of life that requests the proper reflection in the next two weeks to follow. What you let go of within in this section of your Zodiac pie until the next New Moon and Solar Eclipse upon 24 November makes the necessary space for new things to come in the future.

For the Collective
This is the 2nd Full Moon that offers us release at the 18th degree, as the next 4 more to follow until we reach the Full Moon in Virgo in 2012, all will peak at the 18th degree of their sign. We touched upon last month how 18 represents conclusions and endings. Being in the know that Mars, The Finalizer, guides any 9 vibration, the gravitation to courage over conflict will allow successes to occur here. Looking to the 18’s ‘Spiritual – Material Conflict’ as the Chaldeans’ so deeply understood about this cipher, this series of Full Moon passages is sending the message home to humanity loud and perfectly clear that materialism is not to be adhered to. Being ultimately in touch with whatever form of spiritually serves you is how aggressive action can be avoided.

A valuable lesson here within Taurus unfolds by adhering to PATIENCE: I TAP IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE. Remember too, Jupiter is also in Taurus, but much earlier on wherever The Bull rests in your Zodiac Pie, currently retrograding at 03 degrees. While nowhere near a conjunction, certainly the jovial Philosopher still casts a happy tone to allow your releases to be fulfilled.

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Taurus, 10 November 2011
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

Aries: You’ll be in the mood to direct yourself to a change within your sense of values as you take stock of your personal possessions. How you earn your dollars may fluctuate. A worn-out sense of security is ready to release, so feel free to make positive choices here now- tossing out the unnecessary material in the home is ideal. An impulsive purchase is wise if it is at a bargain price- but make sure it serves a practical purpose in grounding your fire a bit.

Taurus: It’s your month steady Bull to release an old worn out mask you wear. Some tired and weary approaches wish for you to un-earthen your roots to them. We know you like slower changes, but right now, don’t resist the release of energy wishing to find you! Avoid surgery over these dates, and take time to focus upon you, as this is the perfect time to re-activate the self. The ways you take in those first impressions also ask you for your patience and reflection now.

Gemini: It may not seem logical for both sides of you, but it is time to unite the energies within those unseen places and deeper ideas in your life. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call for you to quiet your chatty self, so you can relinquish what is necessary from the past. What value you’ll discover uniting within this inner security, and pay extra close attention to your dreams, they have important meaning to your waking world.

Cancer: Your house of friendships captures this lunar focus, so whatever may need to be cleared out, go with your gut here. Hopes and wishes you may have are equally in need of re-examination. If there is a group or cause you’ve been sensing no longer works -don’t remain in your shell- allow those claws to release their grip. Do accept that possible unexpected invitation to socialize, and grab on to the patience, contentment, and familiarity you’ll gain from attending.

Leo: Time to redefine what harvest, stability, and reward really mean to you within your career and public life. Completion is ready to emerge within that forest you reign so well Lion. Equally, this is a prominent time to reflect upon the promotion or start of a new business. A nice recognition can come your way if you’ve done your proper legwork to receive it. Reconsider a reformed view within your take on authority that you have not been responsible to up till now.

Virgo: Inspiration fuels where you reflect upon your philosophies and your beliefs. Feel that urge to take a trip Virgin? You may now reflect upon ones you’ve recently had, or how you can make plans for more perfect ones in the future. Reconsider ways to broaden your view of the world at large. As you equally revisit adventures that engage your expansion, renewed educational pursuits make the perfect space to serve your traveling and adventurous aims for the long-term.

Libra: While you always weigh the pros and cons, now these focus upon your securities and investments. Now is the ideal time to reflect upon future decisions to be made about any changes here. The doors are open to review the transformations that desire completion, as the feelings to embark upon rebirth strongly find you. With your innate beauty and charm, enjoy the passion in being friendly to those sexy feelings- just remember to be patient when taking action!

Scorpio: Your partnerships- romantic or business, are where your probing abilities research the truth of the matter now. You’ve been already wondering what should stay or go here, and now is the time to make the space that is required. The people you reflect upon over this waning period are of special importance to the successes of your future endeavors. You’ll find more mysteries will be unraveled, as your sense of security about those you are closest to gets a refresher.

Sagittarius: Aim your arrows towards your health Dear Archer, and feel the improvement! There’s a habit you should let go that will do wonders to bring in some renewed feelings of honesty for yourself. How you serve others has also been in the process of reworking itself, and unleashing a worn-out routine also brings plenty of benefit for your long-term service. Look to let go of old patterns where you are employed. Be extra cautious with pets and their whereabouts.

Capricorn: While you always enjoy an ambitious pursuit, your creative nature now desires your full attention for this request to release Old Goat. Perfection is never too far away, and this energy now watches over whatever your current project involves, asking that you reassess your inspired ideas. Playful feelings surround you, especially those involving children. “Brain children” or your offspring captivate your reflection. A renewed passion here awaits to take center-stage.

Aquarius: Ready to re-invent in the home Water Bearer? Reflecting upon improving this area of the life allows your individual way of doing things to flourish all the more later on. Family time is rewarding right now, as they can appreciate your innovative ideas for change, and may not look upon you so eccentrically. We know you possess a prophetic nature, but be on the look-out for those psychic and déjà vu experiences, as there are important messages you can tap into now.

Pisces: The waters your mentality and thinking swim in Dear Fishes now find some recycle time, as these are ready to absorb some review like a sponge. That short trip you recently went on lingers in the mind, and thoughts float off to one that could be even more satisfying! Your intuition takes a needed rest here reassessing the realms of your communications, and reveals what logically should not remain rooted in your life. Siblings or neighbors capture attention too.

Questions? Comments? Sharita Loves Them! E:


LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW MOON in Scorpio, 2011

Core Renewals

This New Moon in Scorpio brings our collective focus to acute instincts and intense imagination involving our core, as The Eagles innate gift of gaining scope within the life soars amongst us. The path of this Lunar beginning encourages the gathering of magnetic, determined, and regenerative feelings throughout this 2nd Waxing Phase of Autumn through 11 November.

Moon enters Scorpio
Wednesday 26 October, 11:08am EDT til Friday, 28 October, 10:45am EDT

With any New Moon occurring in a water sign, our emotions have all the more tendency to become a powerful force over us. This month, as the Sun reaches Scorpio at 3 degrees (representing idealism, philosophy and higher education), the Scorpio Moon equally asks that we take this time to embark upon new beginnings through our emotional take on transformation and self-control, as she kicks off some true aiming initiations within this piece of any Zodiac Pie.

New Moon, 26 October, 3:56pm EDT, 03 degrees Scorpio

Be open to the request of our New Moon in Scorpio. This is a collective calling to unlock some new energies concerning our determination, sensitivities, and power to investigate. Intense feelings and the capacity for reliving past experiences are strong. Be aware however of stinging, self-tormenting, and defiant reactions. However your free-will wishes to accept this captivating force, gravitating to honesty will bring out your greatest rewards to come.

For the Collective

We’ve all already seen some stirs of communications backed up by the optimal outcome of harmony being brought to the Scorpio area of the life, as Mercury and Venus are equally in transit here paving the way since mid October. Now, as we gather once more, it is favored to take time to further our fresh starts where The Eagle’s eye captures the scope of life. Look to where 05 degrees Capricorn is toiling within the Zodiac Pie, as Pluto makes a nice co-operative power to this New Moon. Jupiter, Retrograding at 05 degrees Taurus, in close opposition to this lunation, requests that we find a fortunate integration between these opposite areas of our lives. All will prepare us for the next release as we gain in this esoteric light till release unfolds in Taurus upon 11 November.

Lunar-O-Scope, New Moon in Scorpio, 26 October 2011

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a closer perspective to how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: Surely you’ve been feeling the urge to focus upon your investments, taxes, shared/joint resources for the future. With communications of The Messenger and the pleasantries of Venus- now is the time to make your moves. Transformation now takes you in directions you’ve never known before. As these deep changes emerge, there is a stir within your deepest sense of personal regeneration which moves forward intensely now. The bedroom may also spice right up.

Taurus: You’ve been determined to share your feelings about those closest to you as of late, personal or business related. Try to steer clear about being fixed to what has past, and let it be your teacher to now bring on a fresh attitude with any partnership. There are new seeds that are ready to be planted in all of your relationships. Whatever ones may have closed over the past 6 months, only have transformed you to allow the pleasantries that wish to greet you here now.

Gemini: Your routine, personal habits, and health have been seeking both sides of you to unite to bring on some regeneration. But, you must stop moving to soak up The Eagle’s intensities! What’s new in how you are being of service to others? Seek improvements to embark upon here. Relationships to co-workers find new ways to deepen within co-operation to move optimally forward. It’s perfect timing for that new pet you’ve been pondering or cherish ones you have.

Cancer: There is a new artistic or creative adventure that awaits your imagination to flourish within. While you more than likely have seen movement and inspiration with those already underway, there is a fresh energy that wishes to find you. Children can be source of joy and require your focus now. While a new love affair may already be entertaining you, you’ll now figure out whether they are meant to become something you bring the curtain up or down upon.

Leo: Home and family have been reigning in the Lion’s forest, and there are issues concerning them that will find a new way of being now. This has been a great time to truly understand what this area of life means to you, and it’s time to allow regenerative energies in here to allow something to change it for the better. Play close attention to any déjà vu – under this especially psychic new moon you’ll be sure to receive an extra intense and powerful message.

Virgo: You’ve really been having some fun re-organizing your thinking Dear Virgin. Your tendency to doubt has been subdued as of late, it is still best you remain in positive thoughts now. When you sense something deep, keep going there. Taking time to write, educate, or learn should delight your intellect, but be sure you don’t get stuck in too much logic. Your mentality is thrilled by these urges to allow a complete transformation to shine upon you here now.

Libra: Your earning power and value system have been urging your investigation, as now is the time to think about new ways to balance your securities. As Mercury and Venus may have already been pleasantly communicating, a new income stream is available to you. A real bargain can display itself in your possessions, so check out those sales! Tap into the true renewal and rebirth within your entire sense of what you have- ideally wishes to keep you at peace.

Scorpio: It is the time of the year to bring it all on anew Eagle! As Mercury and Venus have been stirring thoughts of harmony within your passionate and magnetic world, there now are new approaches that await your investigative energies. There is a different way the world is about to see you, it’s time for a fresh approach to find you. Receive your first impressions differently and you’ll be thrilled to remain mysterious with the new mask you are about to put on.

Sagittarius: There’s been a plenty of arrows shooting off in your subconscious realms as of late that wants to take you into your inner aims Archer. Your inner world is now ready to go even further within, as some matters of the subconscious wish to find new ways to reveal themselves to you now. There’s a fresh path to your sense of spirituality you unravel that once revealed, surely will have you aiming higher than ever before. Write your dreams down and study them.

Capricorn: Have you been adhering to Mercury and Venus’s recent requests listen to what should be laboring with your friendships and organizations Old Goat? You may find yourself examining new roles you play in your groups right now, so listen to this ultimate responsibility. This task at hand does require a rebirth, as maybe some traditions here need revitalizing. Accept that unexpected social invitation- it will bring you something grand for your long-term goals.

Aquarius: Matters of work and toil have been seeing energies swirling, and now there is a new invention that finds rebirth in your public life. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all await and welcome new changes now. Intense and passionate new life is being brought to the career, so detach yourself from any stagnation that may be holding you back from your own truth. Your individuality is ready to find an original way for you to refresh your view on authority.

Pisces: For sure you’ve been thinking about another adventure or ones you’ve been on Dear Fishes. The waters are safe now to travel or make plans to. Even if you only take a trip in the mind- you are urged to find some real higher education that awakens a new philosophy in you. A current of new beliefs flows easily to you now, and you’ll be eager to express them. Your gravitation to the psychic realms or and spiritual journey should be especially rewarding.


LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW MOON in Libra, 2011

New Understanding

This New Moon in Libra offers the opportunity for true forward motion since Mercury’s last Retrograde passage. This lunation equally brings initiations building from energies relating to Saturn, who has been slowly and surely requesting responsibility within The Scales since last fall. Be open to a path of friendly light to now bring forth diplomatic, tolerant, and sincere feelings throughout this Waxing Phase until 11 October.

Moon enters Libra
27 September 12:51am EDT to 29 September 12:05pm EDT
When you have our Lunar Lady passing through the balance of The Scales, we have the ideal opportunity for comparison and co-operation to emerge within our lives. By tapping into a sensitive instinct, there isn’t a better Moon passage to gravitate to peaceful, hospitable, charming, and friendly feelings under. The emotional imagination becomes refined, as it eagerly looks to please and engage in harmonious channels. Be aware however of any possible lazy, evasive, and co-dependent reactions.

New Moon in Libra, 04 degrees, 27 Sept 7:09am EDT
This lunation marks the first of three empty nights we’ll see for Autumn 2011. As with any New Moon our feelings have the capacity to become fresh, and take on some initiating energies to bring improvements to our emotions. The area of life that 04 degrees Libra falls in your natal birth chart, is the one which you can see a new light to emerge within, bringing much originality and innovation to life as we then wax and increase for these next two weeks leading up to the Full Moon upon 11 October.

For the Collective
Saturn is currently at 18 degrees Libra, not too far away from this New Moon’s kick-off point. While the Moon will continuously make its’ short visits with Saturn each month when it returns to The Scales- The Karmic Adjustor is slowly and patiently moving in this sign until the Autumn of 2012. Each and every month, we explore our emotional side here and allow changes to unfold at Saturn’s preferred pace. Being in the recognition of how this long-term passage is gradually but surely bringing responsibility, wisdom, and learning through experience to the Libra area of our lives will result in our stability to manifest.

It’s equally a true “planet party” in Libra for this month, as we also see Mercury and Venus close by at 02 and 15 degrees Libra, respectively. Communications and the pondering of values are all swirling within this Universal offering for starting anew. One can certainly say, after the recent Mercury Retrograde, the essence of Libra to align some balance back into our lives is more than welcomed. All is set for a new level of understanding to reveal itself wherever The Scales harmonize for you.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal (natal) charts’ advice. It is, however, always recommended to have your natal chart cast by a professional astrologer to ensure you are in the know of how the true mathematical relationships of the Zodiac Wheel work individually for you as life moves ever forward.

Aries: Take a look outside yourself to all you relate to, personal or business oriented. As Saturn has been letting lessons be learned within this area of life, it will now be time to take on more responsibility with those you partner with. While you are normally fearless to strike up conversation, the ability to flirt away at present is strong, and matters of love are on your mind. A wonderful time to embrace new co-operative acts, know they most certainly are for you!

Taurus: Like you haven’t been reminded over the past year to bring improvements to your routine, personal habits, and health Dear Bull. We know you like to take your time, but you can expect to see impressive progress within this long-term process that is unfolding, as there are more ways to seek balance here. Look at the way you are being of service to others, there is a fresh way to take your stance to do so. Forget about being stubborn, for peace is looking for you.

Gemini: The Twins are definitely ready to make something new! There is an artistic or creative adventure just awaiting your cleverness to engage within it. While you may have been feeling Saturn’s restriction here over the past year, expect a little lightening up with Venus and Mercury here to inspire you. Children can be on your mind, or require your focus now. A new love affair may also be entering upon the stage of your life, and it is more than ok to be responsible to it.

Cancer: While home and family are always on the Crab’s radar, there are issues concerning them that will find new ways to blossom now. Harmony awaits to find you where you refuel. Saturn may have not always made it seem easy here in the past year, but remember, it’s all about learning what’s truly important about your security. You love a good déjà vu – and the ones you’ll receive now have extra special instinctive messages to channel to you.

Leo: Time to even out your thinking your Royal Highness. If you’ve been a little caught up in Saturn’s restrictions here, it’s time to wisely listen. Every Lion knows it’s only best to think positive thoughts, as those experiences have only been for your own good. With Mercury in the mix, moving forward and applying a steadfast patience here opens your doors wide to write, educate, or learn. It’s time to truly roar within your new thoughts, new forest, and new heart.

Virgo: Stop fussing and worrying about the earning power- this is the first thing to logically bring a new energy to! Forget about attracting more worry- instead refine those detailed-oriented skills you have that love serving others. Your value system has been seeing a slow and methodical restructuring, be patient here. Look to Venus to aide in claiming your securities, and make the necessary plans that will grant them proper room to grow. Treat yourself to something new.

Libra: You always show the good side of your Scales, and now, there is more weigh to carefully add to them. Remember, Saturn wants you to do nothing in a rush or be too-risky at present. As you see new approaches saying hello right now, these wish to bring a fresh face to how the world grabs its’ first impressions of you. While it’s always a pretty mask you wear, you really feel at peace with trying some different shades and hues that will enhance your “I AM” all the more!

Scorpio: You’re quite comfortable in the subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy wants to take you to regal Eagle. You’re wise to not deny the retreat from the world, as you have been sensing the deep responsibility to your inner world and dreams last fall. As this area of life is activated strongly by all of Libra’s current transits, it’s time to go further within- you will find some amazing resolutions for the spirit. Enjoy these mysteries that wait for you to solve them.

Sagittarius: Your attention to your friendships and organizations has certainly been requested from you over the past year, and you have been wise to place it here. The recent roles you’ve learned about in your groups allow your dreams even more room to blossom. You’re preparing yourself for ultimate responsibility here that still has one more year to work through, so don’t lose your focus before completing the task at hand Dear Archer, be sure to look before you aim!

Capricorn: Cast off the worry old Goat. What you love so much –work, toil and career- are amidst a long patient process of change. Those feelings coming on since last fall about where your public life is headed; make one step closer to the answer you’ve been waiting for. Your purpose, mission, and reputation are restructuring for the long term, as you continue to learn from your experiences. For now, seeing what’s new here is happy to communicate with you.

Aquarius: Responsibility has been visiting your philosophical outlooks since last fall, creating changes even the prophetic thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. There’s an important a trip you are about to embark upon -even if it is only in the mind- a fresh pursuit wishes to bring your aims to higher education. While Saturn may be trying to curtail old worn our beliefs, it’s time to allow some new ones in, and Venus and Mercury are gladly here to help you originate them.

Pisces: It’s a good time to bring some new life to any lingering financial revisions. Investments, taxes, inheritances, shared/joint resources- any of these have good energies coming from Venus to balance things properly. Remember however, Saturn will not reward impulsive or greedy decisions here right now. Equally, there is a new current of intimacy taking you to some lively waters in this area, intuitively allowing you to make some serious sensual waves.




NEW Moon in Virgo

28 August

Feeling Purity

This New Moon in Virgo brings forth a peaceful energy to unfold as Venus is close by to make sure our initiations run smoothly. However the Virgin’s purity affects you, find out how this Lunar trigger can benefit you to take charge of what is meant to move forward within this next Waxing Phase.

Moon enters Virgo 28 August 2:13pm EDT to 30 August 2:25pm EDT

Lunar energy in Virgo calls for us to look to matters concerning health, order, routine, service, and efficiency in our habits. Our life force and values already have been playing together in a harmonious channel for us to tune into. Now as the Moon aligns, it’s time for new feelings to be explored here- removing any sense of doubt. Whilst it is not wise to get hung up in The Virgin’s tendency to fuss over everything, Mutable Earth is this sign’s elemental influence, so something grounding is definitely meant to logically unfold.

New Moon, 28 August, 11:04pm EDT, 05 degrees Virgo

No matter where you live in the world, you won’t be seeing our Lunar Lady over the next few days as she perfectly aligns with our current Sun transiting at 05 degrees Virgo. This is our auspicious time of the month to embrace as our emotions welcome all anew. As our New Moon embarks in the detailed-oriented energies of Virgo -the sign that consciously aims for perfection- the collective is ready to get it all in fine working order within the Virgo piece of the Zodiac Pie.

For the Collective

While Mercury will be officially going forward, he isn’t moving too quickly quite yet. Coming off the Retrograde at 18 degrees Leo upon 26 August, he will have only just reached 19 degrees Leo by 28 August. By 01 September, he is back to his average degree per day pace. As a new Waxing phase initiates, there is gathering energy to reap from once more. Upon the next Full Moon 12 September, The Messenger reaches 5 degrees Virgo to allow a communicative energy to further stimulate what will have begun anew here.

Venus’s blessings are close by as we celebrate new beginnings with The Virgin for 2011, as she transits at 08 degrees Virgo. Plenty of harmony and peace surround what is cropping up fresh within this area of our lives. While you still may feel those communication and movement issues from the station of Mercury, Venus is eager to make sure we take in a most pleasurable experience coupled with moral beauty and purity.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE New Moon in Virgo, 2011

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. If you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Remember it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

Aries: That hasn’t been your imagination running wild hinting at you to improve your routine, personal habits, and health Dear Rams. Don’t be headstrong and not focus on this important task at hand, for it’s time to take charge! There is a new way to be of service to others, so take this time to strike up a match here, and get ready to keep the flame going with some new routines. It’s equally a perfect time to consider a new pet, or spending even more quality time with yours.

Taurus: The Bull takes center stage! Whatever new artistic or creative adventure you’ve been waiting to dive into will now begin to take root. Amazing peace and harmony can be found here. Children and your relationship to them take on a different journey. Don’t be stubborn to those feelings to open you up to explore some love affairs, as this time offers you the opportunities to ponder some uncharted territories. You feel so fabulous entertaining, why not throw a party?

Gemini: There are a many new beginnings you are about to pleasantly embark upon within your home and family life. Don’t logically think that sense of déjà vu happening is just the other side of yourself talking! Be sure to listen to the instinctive message being channeled to you right now. If you haven’t gotten around to cleaning in awhile, you’ll be inspired to get everything neat and tidy. Enjoy the nurturing energy that surrounds you, so stay home, cook and cozy up with peace.

Cancer: There’s a whole new thought process Dear Crabs that is ready to enter your vivid minds. You are prone to worry, but now you totally know there are far better ways you can spending your time thinking. Harmonious thoughts are nearby for you to soak up. Been pondering whether to explore an education pursuit that sharpens your instinct and grants you more logic to curb those emotional reactions? Don’t linger anymore, it’s time to learn it now!

Leo: The earning power is primed for some real happiness, Royal Highness. Your entire value system is ready to claim some fresh securities. A new way for you to earn your dollars is about to unfold. Take a hearty look at your possessions, summon up that pride, and allow these new values have the proper room to grow. Between Venus’s added punch here and the blessings Jupiter is currently casting down to your career, you are one lucky Lion reigning over the forest.

Virgo: It’s always fun to be the one to be taking it all on a new, so this is no time to be nit-picking or too shy! Your approaches and first impressions are thrilled with finding harmonious ways to serve you. You’re humble enough to take this necessary time for yourself without raising the ego bar too high. The world now begins to see a new side of you- so it is time to take off that worn-out old mask- and the new you is prettier and more peaceful than ever been before.

Libra: Time for your Scales to become balanced as you apply focus to the inner layers of your psyche. You’ll equally find some peace by going within, as matters of the subconscious wish to be resolved. You’ve got a whole fresh energy that your inner world is ready to welcome, and do pay close attention to your dreams during this waxing moon. These are sure to be friendly ones that are pointing to where you ideally are meant to solve the puzzles within your waking world.

Scorpio: It’s time to look for some fresh feelings to emerge within your friendships and organizations. Enjoy this passage that is able to introduce some new faces that are looking to engage in harmonious activities with you. The roles you’ve been playing in your groups right now allow your hopes and wishes the room to blossom further. Should you receive a spontaneous social invitation, don’t turn it down- there is a fantastic new opportunity awaiting for you here.

Sagittarius: Career matters are on the surface right now, and decisions await to be made on where it is all going. The direction your public life takes clearly unfolds under this passage. Your purpose, mission, and reputation have all processed through significant changes, which you, above all signs, have been eager for. Remember if it doesn’t make logical sense anymore, it’s not meant to be a part of your new routine in the workplace. Harmony is now here to serve you.

Capricorn: There is activity stirring within your philosophical outlooks, some of which even the long-term thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. The time is now to embrace welcomed new beliefs. There’s an important a trip that’s either finishing now, or you are making plans for a future one! Don’t deny this urge to travel, nor forget that it is more than ok to take the time away from your work so you can embark on a new pursuit that furthers your higher education.

Aquarius: If you have some lingering financial revisions, it’s a perfect time to bring some new life to them. Investments, taxes, shared/joint resources, any of these are well deserving of your attention right now. Not enough intimacy in a personal relationship? There is a discovery awaiting for you here Water Bearer, in that way you like to do it best: your own. The fresh regenerative energy at your fingertips can’t wait for you to transform into it, and you feel it at your core.

Pisces: Those closest to you, personal or business related, are the focus of this time of gathering in your life. Venus is equally thrilled to be casting her harmony here to allow fresh partnerships in your life to formulate and prosper. Such pleasure and peace can be found here within any of your one-on-one relationships. But of course, you will intuitively know who you would like to be swimming next to you to keep taking on the sea of vast possibilities to come.

Questions? Comments? Sharita loves them! E:




FULL Moon in Aquarius

13 August

2:58pm EDT

Emotional Progress

Whilst our Sun desires to take center stage in Leo alongside Venus and Mercury, our Lunar Lady prefers the opposite, focusing upon the larger humanitarian picture. This month’s peak of her luminous light celebrates in the sign that loves to bring new life to all it sees, while Mercury Retrograde continues to request review where the Lion roars as well. Reflection comes full circle as we now engage upon the inventive and innovative energies within our Aquarius piece of the Zodiac Pie for the next two weeks.

Moon enters Aquarius

11:47pm EDT 11 August to 8:54am EDT 14 August

Detached feelings may swirl around in the air, but don’t take too much offense. When progressive forces are around, there logically needs to be some time off from intimacy. The capacity to engage in those ingenious thoughts is high. Instincts are typically quite well-developed under an Aquarian Moon. So if some unconventional and independent personalities display themselves to you over these next couple of days, now you know why. They should, however, be friendly to you!

Full Moon, 13 August 2:58pmEDT, 20 degrees Aquarius

As our Lunar Lady peaks within The Water Bearer, it is the perfect time within our summer’s sizzle to truly take further pause within our vacation modes and think about what is worn out within the ways we bring our originality to the world. When our Full Moon shows itself in the inventive energies of Aquarius -the sign that brings new life to everything- it is a great time to bask in our prophecies. As we revisit ideas we have recently been implementing, we are wise to find the time to sit in stillness so we can then ideally listen to our inner voice, rather than get caught up in the “lunacy” that stereotypes a typical Full Moon.

For the Collective

We have an interesting dynamic of planetary pull as we see our Full Moon in Aquarius 2011. Not only is the norm of the Sun in opposition to our Lunar Light show, we find Venus reflects back the compliment of harmony at 19 degrees Leo. Mercury will by 26 August, journey back to 18 degrees Leo, so this lunation has intensities surrounding it that ultimately wish for us all to align how Leo and Aquarius can truly work together within our lives. While Mercury is currently requesting those RE’s and changes, Venus is doing her very best to ensure that these see their end result within the creation of balance and rediscovered values. As the Moon naturally releases in the opposite area of our life, completion is the sincere goal of these reflective offerings.


For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice.

Be sure to check the Aquarian House, in particular where the 20-degree Aquarius spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth improvement within the next two weeks to follow. Properly cleansing in these areas until the next New Moon upon 28 August will make the necessary space for future new beginnings to brilliantly initiate later on.

Aries: Friendships take your attention- who is staying and who should go! If there is a group or cause you’ve been pondering, changes do wish to occur within your organizations. You’ll find you are willing to talk to just about anyone right now, more so than normal. Keep up all that great creative work you are revisiting, these pay-offs are wonderful in September. Accept that social invitation show up that you weren’t expecting, it is sure to show a reconnection you’ll enjoy.

Taurus: Re-workings are bound to emerge in the career, so if you’ve been patiently waiting for a change, you’ll be sending your branches higher and your roots deeper in your public life. There is a conclusion that deals with a current project, or, expect to make a turn onto a different route of responsibility. Your take on authority also wants to say hello. Remember, all of those changes going on in the home are happening for a real reason. You’ll find the renewed security later.

Gemini: Not that your mind doesn’t have enough to think about, a reflective state surrounds your philosophies and beliefs. You have been enjoying your mental refresh and reassessments. Something now is stirring within to embark on a spiritual journey within your idealisms, higher education and how you choose to travel, be that physically or in your mind’s eye. If you aren’t already on a long journey, you find yourself planning one that will take you away from it all.

Cancer: If you’ve been worried about your securities, finances, and investments, now is an ideal time to take stock of what may need to move around a bit- just make the real moves after Mercury is done reflecting please! (by the way, let that worry go too about the earning power, it’s all going to balance out later.) Also, Dear Crab, a transformation fully illuminates you at present, so know, in the letting go, the rebirth will regenerate you like never before.

Leo: Mercury’s got you in his redoing spotlight Lion, and now, you’re equally receiving a pleasant gift from the Moon. You’re really been thinking about those intimate partnerships -equally from the romantic ties to business contacts- and what purpose do they all hold in your life. Your heart may be heavy if you choose to make ultimatums, so it is best to remain quite upon your stage and realize who can stay to rule the forest with you and who is meant to leave your royal court.

Virgo: You are more than thrilled with this opportunity to bring improvement to your health and all the ways you love to be of service in life Dear Virgins, which is the perfect compliment to what’s reworking within your inner world. If you’ve been looking to let go of a bad habit, you’ll have no fuss in releasing it now. Thinking about a pet? Now is the perfect time to rescue someone, or there may be a hard choice that you need to make about one you already have.

Libra: All the world’s a stage Libra, and it’s you who shines upon it now! Whatever you’ve been personally creating lately, greet the excitement and confidence behind it, as its’ time has come to fruition. You’ll find yourself extra playful, especially loving any contacts with children. Watch emotional intensities with your own if you have them. Friends acting strange? It’s Mercury’s time to bring you reflection here, and don’t forget to remember and refresh your hopes and wishes.

Scorpio: Feeling that it’s time to clean the house Scorpio? You totally put forth some rearrangements within your home environment. Rejuvenation is equally stirring your family ties. Be on the look out for those déjà vu and psychic experiences, which have a very open channel for you to receive their important messages presently. Work is definitely a little zany, so just let Mercury do his thing to revise what is necessary here, and you’ll be all reorganized for the fall.

Sagittarius: If you’ve been aiming those thoughts to send off your arrow to improve your course of study Archer, you’ve got the right target if higher education and idealism revisions are happening to you! Try on a long lost communication for a friendly reconnect- it is the perfect time to get back in touch- and invite over your neighbors please! You’re also thinking about travel as usual, and if you’re not already on a short trip, you’ll find yourself planning one soon.

Capricorn: You are the one who innately knows about value old Goat, and you are in the mood now to take stock of your own personal possessions and what is truly of value to you. Take this time to reflect upon your sense of security, and try something original to improve upon it. There’s also a possession you may be parting with. Don’t forget to make those moves involving the wealth after Mercury is direct, and keep on enjoying the regeneration your core is experiencing.

Aquarius: Cast off an old approach Water Bearer, as that old mask you’ve been wearing is no longer needed. Your original and innovative energies anxiously await to reinvent a few things involving how the world sees you. Engage in self-focus and attention to your image, even if you feel you don’t want to get too intimate with it. Mercury takes your reflection further as you re-evaluate your partnerships, but let Venus show you the harmony that is meant to be found here.

Pisces: As Rumi once said, “You are in deep waters now.” Dear Fishes, it’s time to explore those inner places in your life. There is a break-through awaiting you at the bottom of your ocean. The spiritual and subconscious realms call you to swim in the light of cleansing your psychic soul. It’s doubtful you’ll want any company, so be prepared to take a solitary trip. Meanwhile, all that happens here compliments the renewed habits and routines you are swimming towards as well.




NEW Moon in Leo

30 July

REviewing Benevolence

TIME to bring all anew to the area of life where The Lion reigns in your Zodiac Pie! A fresh start in Leo promises generous and confident energies you definitely don’t want to miss-out on. Yet, it is wise to be in the know with this particular lunation, the communications that Mercury has recently brought here, now will wish to be ideally reflected upon before moving forward. Where are you best to focus upon the typical Mercury Retrograde redo and review from the Universe?

Moon enters Leo 30 July 2:16am EDT to 01 Aug 4:41am EDT

Leo Lunar energy must beware of conceited, self-indulgent, and opinionated energies that may arise. When there is plenty of magnanimous leadership around, it is easy to gravitate to not being able to recognize limitations. While a strong sense of pleasure-loving and dramatization mark any planetary passage through The Lion, the cultivation of humility, altruism, thrift, and attention to detail will allow this transit to reap its’ greatest rewards.

New Moon, 30 July, 2:40pm EDT 7 degrees Leo

As our Moon and Sun align once more, a NEW Moon in Leo brings forth passionate and heartfelt feelings as our Lunar Light joins hands with The Lion. As another waxing phase begins, it’s time to get those new ideas and initiations out there to gather in the light. When our New Moon embarks in the dignified energies of Leo -the sign that consciously aims for creative self-expression- the collective is primed to tap into some inspiration and faith. Fire is Leo’s elemental influence, so be alert to the radiating gifts that are meant to unfold- as this New Moon kicks off an loyal and vital force that The Lion wishes to share with the world.

For the Collective

No sooner do we celebrate our yearly offering for bringing on the new in Leo, than will Mercury begin his 2nd Retrograde Period of 2011. As we embark upon the New Moon 30 July, our Messenger of movement will be starting his station as he slows down to 0 degrees Virgo, only reaching the 12th minute of 01 degrees Virgo by 02 August. Once Retrograde, Mercury takes until 08 August to re-enter Leo, where he will remain until 09 September.

While this Mercury Retrograde will not quite touch back to the 7 degree point of our New Moon in Leo, you can be sure that there is revising that will wish to occur from this area of your Zodiac Pie. It will be wise to take the New Moon’s offering of fresh starts to emerge here and slowly but surely tend to them over the Mercury Retrograde transit. Remember, when The Messenger isn’t looking where he is going, human error is the highest. Therefore, it is best to hold off on true legal signings and any initiations for the future when Mercury is instead asking you to reflect and reassess within this area of the life, 02 to 26 August.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, New Moon in Leo, 2011

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. If you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Remember it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

Aries: Rams, it is really time for you to socialize! Focus upon a new creative adventure to work on, or should you have children, they may require your attention now. If there is a love affair flirting with you, this can easily move on to a higher level. However, all wish to be re-examined as August evolves. As you revisit the familiar energies in this area of the life, see what you may no longer need to continue to bring forth the innovative approaches coming to you.

Taurus: There are a many new things being planted that pertain to your home and family life. This passage marks a time to bring heartfelt feelings to where you feel most secure and loved. That sense of déjà vu has a high potential to occur, so listen to that instinct you hear from within, as its’ message is of karmic importance. As Mercury dips back into where the Lion reigns in your life, expect a bit of re-arranging here- so yes there are weeds too to take out by the root.

Gemini: You’re always thinking and catching thoughts from any direction, yet be ready for some truly inspiring ones to find you now. The mental state will be feeling entirely refreshed as your genius inventions should be strong at this time. The ability to organize your mind is high, urging you to embark upon a needed education pursuit to enliven that need to know intellect of yours. After all that is said and done, unite it with the other side and sit down for that necessary review.

Cancer: Financially, you should be feeling better about opportunities that have been recently coming your way. Your value system and security are ready for the boost, and take focus. Give a hearty look at your possessions, and see what really means the most to you, as there may be some necessary new purchases you are about to make. You may find, if you buy them under Mercury’s Retrograde you’ll be apt to return them, so make a list and seek-out the bargain later.

Leo: The Lion just loves to be on the stage as the newest light of the year is upon you now. As you put on a new mask for the world to see, and also take on a fresh approaches to life- these then will wish all the same to be re-evaluated. Humility allows you to gain the real insight you seek, as it lets you see through the entire forest you have reign over. Reassessing those heartfelt first impressions- and seeing how you can shine brighter is where your loyalty shines in August.

Virgo: Nothing is feels logical right now does it? There is a fresh energy emerging with the inner layers of your psyche, the unknown. Your subconscious is requesting for you to pay attention to the most hidden parts of yourself, and don’t be afraid to be of service to what you see, for a new healing wants to happen. Dreams are a remarkable tool under this Mercury Retrograde, study and review them well. Should reoccurring ones talk to you, take extra special note of them.

Libra: There is a buzz of energy in your friendships and organizations. While you have definitely been feeling your personal re-balancing acts going on lately, now is the time to go for that social invitation -especially if it is unexpected- to get out there and relate to it all. Reassessing within your groups right equally allows all of your dreams and wishes to come true later on. Remember, should friends seem like they can’t quite communicate well, just give them a little understanding.

Scorpio: Career matters and the public life are on the surface right now, and decisions need to be made on where it is all going. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all are awaiting significant changes, so if something different shows up, take it on for review- but move forward after Mercury is through not looking where he is going! While power is always around you, your take on authority may surface for some reflection, so scope out the re-organizing to do here.

Sagittarius: You’ll find fortunate aims your arrows can take towards gaining more of that philosophy you love so much Archer. Embarking on or making plans for a new adventure? You always find ways to travel, but make sure the next one places you in pursuit of something that takes your spirit to the realms of higher education. Being you love change, the alterations in plans Mercury will bring, just allow you to adapt to a new belief you didn’t consider up til now.

Capricorn: Need some financial revisions old Goat? It’s a prominent time to take a look at investments, or take a look at your shared/joint resources. Looking for more intimacy in a personal relationship? It’s a fantastic time to focus upon things on a physical level, as you may be finding yourself, not thinking about all that work to be done. Remember, under Mercury’s reflection, revise those opportunities for wealth and transformation, and act upon them later.

Aquarius: Now is not the time to be detached, but to look to yourself to see how to bring new life to all of your partnerships in life. There should be plenty of light in this area for you at present, and be on the look out for warmth to be felt here. There is plenty of friendly energy that urges your one-on-one bonds to solidify to new levels. As Mercury may resurface past relationships you haven’t though of in awhile, see what these wish to remind you of.

Pisces: Is there something that’s been intuitively telling you to start to bring improvements your routine, personal habits, or health? Of course your psychic powers are working wonderfully dear Fishes! Definite changes that deal with your ability to be of service to the world are in the works- the fresh waters you are meant to be swimming in are cleaner ones. You may start and stop over Mercury’s backwards passage, but keep with discovering the wonders of a contented new you.



in Capricorn

15 July

2:40am EDT

Grounding Emotions

We’re now in reversal mode from the depths of Winter, as we are about to take on a Full Moon in Capricorn, ideally bringing to fruition what beginnings emerged from the Solar Eclipse here upon 04 January. As we now go into reflection mode until the next New Moon in Leo, there’s plenty to gain from seeing how the years’ initiations from the Capricorn area of life have seen their slow and patient process of growth.

Moon enters Capricorn 10:14am EDT 13 July to 4:30pm EDT 15 July

The virtues of reliability, ambition and prudence are natural gifts of a Moon in Capricorn. While instincts may be sluggish, the capacity to apply diligence is more favored to shape our feelings during this passage. The collective gravitates to a practical quality -urged to focus on serious matters and be oriented towards the self- as time in the workplace can bring comfort now. Steadfast, austere and fatherly energies tend to demand more from our Lunar Lady, who ideally is fed what she naturally lacks when journeying with The Goat.

FULL Moon, 15 July, 2:40am EDT, 22 degrees Capricorn

As souls we can take this opportunity to bring forth what needs to now complete and reflect within our lives- with wisdom and responsibility marking our moves. Take the next 2 weeks to see what ultimately has occurred in this area of the life since 2011 began. Visualize a releasing force as the Moon will travel from 22 degrees Capricorn to where 07 degrees Leo energy reigns within the birth chart. This half of your Zodiac Pie is now ready for a look-see and review through 30 July.

For the Collective

While we can now celebrate and see the completion of energy arrive to the Capricorn area of our lives, we are also seeing an interesting pull from Venus and Pluto who, are currently coming off an opposition from 5 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. While Pluto’s changes are ever-intense and gradual, the dynamic of the Venus-Pluto opposition that precisely occurred one week prior upon 08 July, still has a dynamic affect with Venus moving forward at 13 degrees Cancer. As our Moon and Sun wish to offer their monthly yin and yang light show, we also have a request to tie in our sense of values and harmony verses letting go and rebirthing within our lives. Rather than be the magnetic force of resistance, recognizing how Cancer and Capricorn energy can bring achievement through the experience of grounding our emotions, grants amazing security one can ultimately rely on.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Capricorn, 2011

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. If you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Remember it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you. Happy, Happy Reflecting…

ARIES: You’ve already got more energy than most in the Zodiac Dear Ram, but now your fire fuels-up the career, which certainly already has been giving you a taste of the transformations that are on your horizon here. You know what must come to an end- so don’t be impatient in letting it go. The public life is meant to get the review session after all the recent hard work here. Remember equally what is important to focus upon at home, as it brings harmony to all else.

TAURUS: It’s time for the Bull to unlock it’s stance and get onto traveling matters. Think of a place you’ve never been: now is the time to go there! Equally, you have been drawn to higher education and a renewed philosophy on some level, but you may find what you’ve been doing to achieve this will now alter along it’s path. It’s time for a worn-out belief to say bye-bye. There is such pleasantry surrounding your thoughts right now, so keep up that imagination soaring.

GEMINI: This is an intense time that encourages your innate adaptability to be utilized as now they’ll be no stopping the transformations that are unfolding. If there is a personal relationship that needs a physical spark, you’ll not resist the temptation now- unite and conquer! Not happy with your financial investments? Now is a perfect time to investigate how to best revise them. The earning power should be feeling happy, so choose wisely how to make it worth more.

CANCER: Time for some decisions to arrive to the partnerships within your life Dear Crab. There are some people you may want to get your claws out of, and some you’d like to sink them deeper into. This will be no time to hide in your shell, as the reflection you bask in now, is backed up by truly romantic feelings all around. As you sensitivity imagine how you are taking on new and balanced approaches to life, these give back all the more from those you relate to.

LEO: You thought about the whole health kick back in January didn’t you? It may have taken this long to manifest within you to finally let go of worn out habits and routines that no longer serve the King of the Forest. Cast off any laziness and dismiss what must release, as a rebirth is unfolding in this area of the life. Been enjoying those more than telling dreams as of late? Keep writing them down, as they wish to truly relate inner harmony to match that renewed outer glow.

VIRGO: Dear Virgin: Stop fussing over those details with your current creative adventure, and please don’t worry, because you are completing the project at hand! Lingering issues or matters with children come to a resolution. A love affair moves to a deeper level, or out of the picture. Don’t be shy to entertain and be bold in taking the center stage with friends and groups. There are tremendous new forces coming from your hopes dreams and wishes: embrace them.

LIBRA: The home is where you may indeed be finding your heart feeling complete, as you seek to bring your Scales into further balance by finishing a long-term task here. What has been transforming in your family life? Release is ready, and this may come through in a déjà vu experience. However these manifest themselves, a true completion is unraveling on the home front, while all that harmony over in the career and public life is the perfect match to even it out.

SCORPIO: What mental pursuit have you been awaiting to end the investigation of? Now is the time where you will see a course of study, travel plans, or communication related ventures come full circle. You are drawn to the educational realms, and wherever your mind wants to probe, you’ll find conclusions there. Be cautious of anything dealing with transportation, for there may be delays or total re-workings of your plans. Peace comes from believing in honest outcomes.

SAGITTARIUS: Right now you are wise to keep those arrows of yours on the target of how you are managing your money and all those possessions you have. It’s time to part with something, as you have reaped such reward here all year. Ambition finds you becoming more aware of living in your means, and if you are anxious to release any debt, you’ll learn there is a way to complete the mission. Core transformations you experience only make you feel more secure and at home.

CAPRICORN: The Lunar Light show is upon you Old Goat! Get ready for some of your approaches to be released, even if, you may not think they are broken and need fixing. You’re in the realms of realizing what needs to come to a completion within your first impressions about life. There is an old mask to the world you are wearing that needs to be pulled off. This gets you ultimately in alignment with how to feel ever better about those new partnerships in your life.

AQUARIUS: You may feel like detaching yourself from everything, but it will be best for you to bring some new life to your deepest inner world, as the subconscious realms will speak loud and clear to you now. Your dreams are an intense guide to help you release any fears you may have, for what you may be hiding, is not meant to be your enemy any longer. Finding innovative ways to sharpen your own inner saw, allows your physical health to reflect happily in harmony.

PISCES: Take a swim in the sea of friendships and organizations Dear Fishes, as these waters now arrive in a place for you to tread in awhile. Let go of a worn-out hope or wish. Is there more responsibility from a group you belong to that some one wants to give you? Take it on, or leave it if the water is too stagnate. Let that beauty coming from your creative nature keep on flowing strongly. Oh and definitely don’t swim away from that unexpected invitation to socialize.

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