Personal Success Packages


Introductory Consultation | Star Chat
• Explore a current question about your life.
• Or – get an introduction to self-knowledge through the power of the stars.
Recorded Session | 60 minutes $200 | 30 minutes $100

In depth Reading | The Personal Reading
• This package fuses the essential details of your astrological, numerological and lexigram analysis.
• Using your birth date and full name at birth, tap into your past, current timing, psyche, career, mindset, health, and optimize what’s ahead.
Personal Booklet | 120 minutes $600

In depth Reading | Star Meditations Reading
• This package connects the intimate mathematical dots of the planets in your astrological birthchart to numerology.
• Apply affirmations, divinations & reflections to allow a genuine spiritual ease to flow for your soul in all areas of your life.
Personal Booklet | 120 minutes $600

In depth Reading | Relationship Analysis
• This package answers the infamous question, “Are they right for me?” through the comparison of you & your partner’s astrology & numerology compatibility.
• Discover how to better understand your partner’s innate needs, quirks and natural tendencies, and how they directly relate to your personal energy.
Personal Booklet | 120 minutes $600

In depth Reading | Relocation/Travel Reading
• This package allows you to understand how you will experience life anywhere you may choose to journey across the globe.
• The perfect reading for planning your next vacation, major move or tap into knowing why you are drawn to certain locations.
Personal Booklet | Email for Quotes


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