Forecasting Packages

RxReikiRecovery.2018Mastering Mercury Retrograde | Retrograde Reiki Recovery Readings
• Come together with not only one, but two perspectives that will allow you to move forward with clarity versus frustration after what turned out to be a most intense summer which left many people feeling more than out of alignment.
•What happens when you choose to bring yourself back into balance with Reiki, otherwise known as utilizing “Universal Life Force Energy.” alongside with your current forecast via Astrology & Numerology?

The Beauty of Embracing & Healing with Your Star Power! | Learn More Here

Book-Now-buttonSPECIAL PRICED! $225.00 for 2 Hrs & Recordings | 1 Hr Current Forecast AND 1 Hr Reiki Session

• Remember Dear Star, September is a very special time in 2018 before we prepare ourselves for the next Retrograde passages that start up once again by early October under Venus Retrograde 05 October to 16 November while the year’s last Mercury Retrograde starts 16 November! As you already well know, the energetic pulse of 2018 has been nothing more than reflective, and we must seize these limited opportunities to move forward when we absolutely can to ensure our future success.

RetroRecovery.SharitaStar2Personal Timing is Everything Planning Guides

Mastering Mercury Retrograde | Retrograde Recovery Sessions
• Discover where and when to TAKE ACTION in September after our more than intense reflective & review Summer under Mars Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season.
• This Autumn is equally one to be WELL PREPARED for! Another inner planet cycle of reflection is soon upon us under Venus Retrograde 05 October to 16 November while the year’s last Mercury Retrograde starts 16 November!



SPECIAL PRICED! | 60min/1hr Recorded Session $150


Your Year Ahead | Personal Year Forecast
• Discover where and when to focus your energy to move toward a successful year ahead.
• You’ll receive your current year and monthly numerology cycles as they connect to your astrology chart’s current transits providing a precise map to help you achieve your goals.
Personal Booklet | 60 minutes $200

Timing is Everything | Forecasting for Focus
• Take Your Personal Year Forecast to the next level. Gain perspective on the astrological retrogrades of the planets and lunar cycles and how they work directly with your personal numerology forecast.
• Implement planet retrogrades & lunar cycles for important decision making.
• Know when to anticipate change, plan ahead and schedule for success.
1 Year View | 120min $500

Mastering Your Time | Deluxe Forecasting
• A completely in depth analysis of the timing details of your personal astrology & numerology current forecast.
• You’ll receive a customized daily calendar mapping your precise course to achieve success month to month with recorded monthly sessions.
Personal Booklet | 3 month view $500 | 6 month view $800 | 12 month view $1400

Timing is Everything | Marriage Consultation
• Never choose that special date without consulting the stars!
• Discover how Astrology & Numerology specifically call for favored times for initiations- and equally when it is highly advised to not move forward.
• Know how you and your partners current cycles are moving together to schedule for a lifetime of success.
Personal Booklet | 120min $500


“Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

~Benjamin Franklin

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