Business Success Packages


Create a successful image |  Name Analysis & Business Branding
• Attract success and abundance to your career, public life or business.
• Recognize how the power of words & names spell out the truth through Lexigrams.
• Receive in depth analysis of personal and business names.
Personal Booklet | 120 minutes $1000

Increase Business Performance Timing is Everything Reading
• Gain perspective on the astrological retrograde cycles of the planets and how they affect your business alongside your personal numerological forecasts.
• Observe planet retrogrades as critical decision making & ultimate planning guides.
• Implement the power of lunar cycles equally affecting your chart & your business.
• Know your ideal timing to properly initiate new business projects, agreements as well as observe valued times for reflection as astrology has practiced for centuries.
• Know when to anticipate change, plan ahead and schedule accordingly for success.
1 Year View | 60min/12 Monthly Recorded Sessions $2000


Please note: Sharita will be overseas and unavailable for in-depth consultations beyond Email Sessions, 07 July to 11 August. BE SURE to book your session during May & June to have the ultimate preparedness for the Summer of Surrender, 2018!


Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde & a Triple Eclipse Season WILL BE SIMULTANEOUS in SUMMER 2018! | BOOK Your Personal Session or Workshop TODAY!

Mastering Mercury Retrograde | Personal Sessions & Workshops
• Discover where and when to focus your reflective & review energy to experience a successful Mercury Rx passage 26 July to 19 August.
• This Summer is one to be WELL PREPARED for! Not only will it be “MRx” but Mars Retrograde 26 June to 27 August & a Triple Eclipse Season 12 July to 11 August.

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