21 Days of Journal Exercises | Making the Most of MRx’s Requests

handMercury Retrograde (MRx) 19 Dec 2016 to 08 Jan 2017
A planetary cycle from above that asks us to take up in the actions of change, rest, reflection and review down here below.

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A powerful way to “have fun” with Mercury Retrograde is to work with him as he asks for a time out, not against him. With “reflection” being our key “re” action word throughout this cycle, if you do not already journal, now is the perfect time to start receiving your benefits.

1. Each morning, meditate within your own practice on the mantra with this intention:

“Whatever changes may show up in my day today, I easily embrace and accept them into my now.”

2. Take note of what you have planned for the day in your calendar planner.

3. Each evening, record how your original plans may have changed or altered.

4. As 08 January arrives, you will more than likely have very interesting evidence about the power of unexpected changes that show up under this cycle more so than any other time of the year.

5. Check in with your Sun Sign’s personal reflection requests. GRAB Your FREE MRx Forecast HERE. What specific area of life are you equally being ask to “dive deep” and return to the space of silence in retreat and get busy with reviewing here? These are excellent to take the time to journal upon within this passage.

Enjoy the Magic that Mercury Retrograde can bring you! The more you rush doing ANYTHING over the weeks ahead, the more the “tricks” find you. Mercury has a nickname in Astrology and it’s “The Trickster.” When your free will chooses to work with The Trickster you’ll be able to “play” extremely well during his “RE” game. That is where anyone can find tremendous reward as well as peace of mind in changing times!

Happy Holidays as you embrace reflection, review & retreat!
Namaste Dear Stars.

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