Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker

Increase Results, Feel Empowered & Reduce Stress

Sharita Star’s mission guides and supports people and businesses from all over the world in translating the tools of Astrology, Numerology and Lexigrams into a simple, yet powerful life map for achieving success.

“You already hold the keys to your success.”

“Your Name and Birthday simply unlock the door.”

Her one of a kind consultations allow you to receive:

  • Inspiration and awareness that aligns you with your purpose.
  • Understanding of the cycles affecting your life or business. (Yes, timing is everything!)
  • Successful solutions that work succinctly with the cycles relating to every area of life including your money, career, relationships, mindset, emotions and health.

New Podcast: Time Your Week for Success!

EmpowerScopes2014SharitaStarIncrease Results & Reduce Stress When Scheduling Your Week! Know Moon Void of CoursesReassessment, Reflection & Review Favored. Moon VOC passages specifically advises against any initiations, important meetings or even the purchase any products for long-term success. Never make a move without knowing when it is Moon Void of Course!

An Inspiring & Unique Speaker

Sharita Star captivates any audience with the Universe’s Infinite Intelligence. Through the tools of Astrology, Numerology, & Lexigrams, Sharita allows us to become in-tune with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, with the direct result of taking away immediate knowledge to lead more fulfilling and aware lives. Book a genuine speaker who will positively provide valuable content for your next event they’ll absolutely relate to and never forget!

“Beyond your own mind lies an Infinite Intelligence to which your mind can be tuned like a radio set, both sending and receiving. The energy of the entire universe can help your prayers be answered.” ~Napoleon Hill

NYC Lecture on Relating Astrology to Numerology  “I learned so much. Such a dynamic speaker and engaging talk. ” ~Samantha

What’s Really in a Name? Learn about ‘It’s All in the Name’ from Sharita Star on Vimeo.

A Fascinating & Intriguing Author

Sharita’s break-through book, It’s All in the Name, is the first of its’ kind devoted to Lexigrams, the uncanny ability to be able to spell out the truth from within our names, titles, and words. A Platinum Ezine Expert Author, her monthly forecasts have also been a part of since 2006. She is a columnist for Bellesprit Magazine, & Hey-Z-Radio, who regularly feature her Lunar-O-Scope and Word Ponder. She has also been a writer for The Achemical Heart, The Millbrook Independent, The Utica Phoenix, and Peter Bedard’s Create Your Health.

“Such impeccable work.” ~Dr. Glen Hepker