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Changing times are constantly cycling throughout your life. Join my mission that guides and supports people and businesses from all over the world with insight and clarity during any of them. Allow me to translate the ancient and time honored practices of Astrology, Numerology and Lexigrams into a simple, yet powerful and personal life map so that you can achieve modern day results and success.

“You already hold the keys to your success.”

“Your Name and Birthday simply unlock the door.”

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  • Inspiration & awareness connecting you to your purpose?
  • Understanding of how cycles distinctly affect timing in your life & that of your career or business?
  • Successful solutions specifically designed to achieve individual results for your money, wealth, career, relationships, mindset, learning, emotions, health, healing, personal development & future goals? I thought so! Let’s TALK!MMRxSummer2017.SharitaStar

 An Inspiring & Unique Speaker

I captivate any audience with the infinite intelligence that the subjects of Astrology, Numerology & Lexigrams provide to unlock their keys to success. Would you like your next life changing event to feature a genuine keynote speaker who provides valuable content that engages anyone to begin leading a more fulfilling, empowered & aware life? Completely inspire your audience’s peace of mind:  BOOK ME TODAY!

The Best Way to De-Stress According to Your Zodiac Sign Interview with Women’s Health Magazine

NYC Lecture on Relating Astrology to Numerology  “I learned so much. Such a dynamic speaker and engaging talk. ” ~Samantha

Timing is Everything Workshops

After watching endless frustration when cycles like Mercury Retrograde (MRx) reoccur, I developed Mastering Mercury Retrograde. This innovative program is designed to help businesses and people thrive when reassessment and reflection should be honored. My in-person workshops enlighten students with powerful awareness tools creating a shift from the typical fears and misinformation surrounding “MRx” passages. Fully prepare yourself and your business to discover and embrace the many benefits of MRx cycles. BOOK YOUR TEAM’S WORKSHOP TODAY!

A Fascinating & Intriguing Author

My break-through book, It’s All in the Name, is the first of its’ kind devoted to Lexigrams, the uncanny ability to be able to spell out the truth from within our names, titles, and words. A Platinum Ezine Expert Author, my monthly forecasts have been featured on since 2006. As a columnist for Bellesprit Magazine, my LunarOScopes and What’s Really in a Word? columns provide insightful advice for our changing times. I have also been a writer for The Achemical Heart, The Millbrook Independent, The Utica Phoenix, Peter Bedard’s Create Your Health and most recently was featured in Fitness Magazine, ‘The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign.’



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The Astrology & Numerology Wheel highlights the planetary connection between astrology and numerology, while demonstrating how they intertwine. This innovative wheel I have comprised is interactive with glyphs for each sign, planet and number. It is the planets’ influences that you channel through your experiences, and equally are interpreted in your full analysis. Each piece of the pie, links the planet as it relates to the sign and number it guides.